Jesus advocated calling God Abba or Daddy. This is to convey familiarity with God. He thus denied the rubbish that you see in liberal "Christianity" that God is a vague higher power or mere symbol. He denied that God is that vague or unknowable and thus he fashioned God in a binary and misogynistic way. If God is hard to connect to as a non-gendered being then giving him the male word Daddy is not going to help. Granny, Uncle, all these nouns would be as good as each other.    If God is vague in some ways then relationship wise he is far from it.  Liberal "Christianity" is about making religion about good feelings while being free of the hard work it takes to have a good relationship with a God.

Real love means that you and the other who you love and who loves you become dependent on each other.  This does not happen with God's love for you.  You are being asked to be dependent on him.  God is not really your Daddy.  If you were a baby it would be different but you are not.  It is impossible to say what a loving relationship with God is, but Jesus begs to differ.

God being daddy would hark back to how the first book of the Bible says God made them, Adam and Eve, male and female in his image.  The word Adam means Man and the word Eve means mother.  Man and woman reflect God and God's pronouns are HE and HIM.  God is not said to have made them male and female in his and her image.

Why can't you use male pronouns mainly?  Why does he never use female pronouns at all in his Bible?  Even when he says he is like a mother or like a chicken looking after its chicks, this language can be used of some men.  Why is occasional use of female pronouns not allowed?

When Jesus said he wanted to gather Jerusalem's people like a hen gathers its chicks why did he say that and not say like a mother gathers her children?  It is to distance himself from female pronouns by using animal imagery.  The hen works by instinct and the mother works by love so refusing the maternal image says a lot. 

In Isaiah 66:13 God says he will comfort just like a mother comforts her child.  He still does not call himself a mother though and he calls himself water and fire elsewhere.

With pronouns, they are the words others use about you whether you like it or not.  But in the Bible God is telling you what to use.  He is not letting it be your choice or your perception.  The implication is that he decides what gender and sex you are as well as he makes you so it is his right.  If you are trans he denies you have the right to decide your gender.

The Bible when it gives God male pronouns and has Jesus affirming this even more than the Old Testament does, is saying that gender is sex. In the gospel of John we have this man Jesus saying that if you had really known him you would know his father, God, also. Even the Holy Spirit the counselor is given male pronouns. Gender is another word for biological sex. This implies that gender norms in the Old Testament are still the norms now and will be forever.  It is part of what the Bible means by saying God and Jesus are the same yesterday, today and forever.

In 1 Corinthians, why does Paul say that men are the image of God and leave women out? Some say the subject was men so he was not leaving women out. The Church seemed to regard males as a picture or symbol of God. They were not wearing the billboard but were the billboard. The Church says that God has aspects that would remind you of femaleness and aspects associated with males. While women and men both give life to the baby and God gives life, this is more like the male way where the life is started off and looked after by the male at a sort of distance.  God is believed not to be part of creation but outside it.  He creates like a male.  The Church says he cannot create any other way but by bringing something from nothing.  So it is not his choice.  Male describes him best.

In Mormonism, God is flatly declared to be a resurrected man of flesh and bone who lives on a star.  This is extreme patriarchal misogynist doctrine.

Christianity is not far behind.

Jesus is said to be God and as Jesus said he is the perfect and reliable image of God it implies that if the rest of us are God's image we may not be a very good picture of God.

Doctrines like that add to the problem of God having male pronouns and asking for them.  They say even if he is not male or female then look at him through male glasses.  See him as male.



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