The Law of Moses gives a lot of bloodthirsty laws.  It gives them in the name of God.  These killings were codified in Moses time we are told.  But Genesis 9:6 has God commanding after the flood that if anybody kills a man he is to be killed in return for man is made in the image of God. So capital punishment was in force before the Law was set up.  This makes capital punishment a rather timeless law.

If the Law of Moses has been abrogated the rule to kill murderers is still in force for it is independent of the Law. It is because God has made man in his own image that murder is so serious so the implication is murderers have to be slain because of the insult they offered God by marring his image. That is what the Genesis text argues.  Nothing can abrogate that reason.

The capital punishment law is presented as a moral law as in if you kill God's image you need to be put to death.  The Moses Law clearly commands that the state should not be secular but religious and make the Bible part of its constitution. God cannot command killing for murdering his image unless it is legal and it can only be legal to execute murderers for that reason when the state is just the arm of the Church. The Bible never ever says that any other reason is enough to execute a murderer. Since marring the image of God is the reason for capital punishment it follows that idolaters and homosexuals and the other practitioners of sins that were capital crimes under the Law of Moses are marring the image of God as well. For example, to be an idolater would be like trying to cease being the image of God and would be as nasty as murder.

 Homosexuals because they are made in the image of God as men would be sinning grievously by fusing two images of God together sexually when God made woman for his image to have sex with. So by this logic we see that the reason the capital laws were made was because certain sins were believed to attack and desecrate the divine image and the price for these sins was death. This shows the laws cannot be abrogated and the Bible clearly shows that they never have been.

When people say the evil rules of the Old Testament are just rules we can scrap for they are just rules they are lying.  They are not just rules for they say that killing certain sinners purges the evil from the midst of the people and that if you violate God's image by killing somebody you pay for it with your own death.  That is giving reasons to kill.  We all affirm today that nobody has the right to give people reasons to do such things.  The Churches are providing reasons when they provide Bibles.


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