Jesus referred to the Genesis material as he did the rest of the Old Testament as being simply true.  today's liberals thinking about their careers paper over that. 

So to the story of the first man Adam in the story.  He has been made and has no mate.  The animals prove unsuitable.  The message here is that if you love your pet as much as yourself and find pets enough there is something wrong with you.

The Bible God says that it is not good for man as represented by Adam to be alone in Genesis 2:18 as in having no sexual mate and a mate to bond with as if the two were becoming one.

The Church says it is good for gays to be alone.

Some think that though the Bible God made Eve for man to solve this problem it does not prove that it has to be a woman for Adam was made heterosexual. But the context of where God said the man should not be alone tells us that God brought many animals for man to be helpmates and none were suitable. Evidently, God is unintelligent and not all-knowing or all-powerful for he has to use trial and error.

Anyway, the fact that God thought an animal would be a more suitable helpmate than a man shows that God is plainly homophobic.

Finally God made Eve from the man’s ribs and the man said, “At last this is bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh”. The man meant that the only suitable helpmate for him would have to be made of the same flesh as he was made of – God evidently agreed when he made Eve from the man. Homosexuals might jump for joy at this point but the story is still anti-gay. Since your partner has to be made from your flesh in some sense it would follow that a man’s partner should be another man but Genesis, God and the first man rejected this and said that the partner should be of the same flesh but of the opposite sex.

If Genesis agreed with homosexuality its logic would actually forbid heterosexual relations which it evidently does not. The logic in Genesis is this, the helpmate needs to be made from man to be his mate so that the helpmate is like him but the helpmate is not to be another man which is out of the question though men are similar to each other in so far as they are men.

Because the woman was taken from the man, men and their wives become one body according to Genesis 2:24. This refers to sexual union in marriage. It implies that man yearns for union with woman because she is made up of what is missing in him. It is as if he cannot be whole without the woman. If so, then homosexuals are grossly perverted and sick. It must be a wilful perversion and if it is not acting on it certainly is. Like the eternal sin Jesus mentioned the homosexual must be so committed to her or his sin that conversion will never happen – it can in principle but it won’t happen. Some say that the habit of sin must have led to homosexuality so there can be no being gay as in orientation without excessive sin.

The Bible never allowed gay weddings or even imagined they could be possible which shows that the Genesis story is anti-gay. To deny gays marriage is to say the intimacy of marriage which God holds up as an ideal is not for them and if they are not allowed that self-sacrificing intimate marital love then they cannot be permitted to have relationships full stop. If you can give away a carrot and a nice orange and you refuse to give the orange then you are saying it is wrong to give the carrot away too.

Jesus said thinking of this chapter in Genesis that God made them male and female which is why a man leaves his parents and becomes one body with his wife (Mark 10). This is really saying that the female is what the male needs and is physically different to enable sex or union to take place which is why he leaves his parents to become one with his wife. Jesus is saying that a man needs a woman not another man. Homosexuality then must be a deliberate perversion. Men are refusing to love women in defiance of God. That is what he is saying.
In reply to this some will say that Jesus means that a man only needs a woman if he has received the call from God to get married. But Jesus said it is because people are made male and female that they are drawn to one another and discover their vocation to get married. He would have believed that men can do things that destroy God’s plan for them. A man can be called to marriage by God and let God down and end up single. Jesus would have believed that a man can need a woman and not be called to marriage but be called to give that need up. Since Jesus says men need women there is no doubt that he means men whether called to marriage or not. There can be no doubt that he was saying that men who need men and women who need women are depraved sinners.

If homosexuality is wrong and it is not good for man to be alone then it follows that homosexuals are to be blamed and punished by the Church for their orientation for it must be their own fault.  If it is not good for the man to be alone as in having no wife then it is not good for the man to have a partner of the same sex.

Eve is made from Adam so she is his clone but God sex-changed that clone.  Adam and Eve are  incestuous.

Not only does the story root homophobia in one of Christianity and Jesus' core religious texts it diffuses it through the whole Christian system for Adam and Eve supposedly sinned and made Jesus necessary.  It there underneath it all.


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