Give Religion No Money...and remember the CHURCH HAS NO RIGHT TO TAKE OUR MONEY

People see violence and scheming over money to be understandable. They think violence and scheming over religion is mad. Thus they show that they do not regard religion as worth taking seriously or as seriously as money.  Even the Church seems to think violence over money is understandable.


Money is not far from the minds of some religions! 

God in Deuteronomy 15:6 promises Israel it will be able to lend money to other nations. Believers say that the Bible only condemns trying to take advantage of the poor by charging them inappropriate interest.  It does not condemn the taking of interest as such.

The Church has made it a commandment for Catholics to contribute to the support of the Church and for its role in spiritually helping you and providing salvation for you. The commandment says, "Contribute to the support of your pastors." There is more concern for giving money to bishops and priests than there is for charity. People too often forget the Church as a Church is not a charity.
Your money helps to ensure the Church gets the world and the state's attention. By paying money to the Church you give it the means and power to fight human rights. You finance its voice and its publications and its spokesmen. The Church uses the power you give it to halt rights that conflict with its doctrine such as contraception. It uses it to create a climate of persecution and discrimination when it can. You are helping the dedicated Catholics to light the fire and to damn innocent and impressionable people in that fire.
Catholics might disagree with the Catholic faith and consider it a supporter and enabler of grave evil. Yet they may give money to their parish. The reason is usually dissonance. They feel detached from the evil of the Church when they get involved in their nice little parish. This is because the parish may engage in social betterment and not explicitly endorse the evil parts of the faith. But that is cherry-picking and it is dishonest. The parish does not explicitly endorse the evil doctrines such as contraception being wrong even to save a life. But by affiliating with Roman Catholicism and the Vatican it endorses them silently as it were - by implication. Its silence and laxity is down to timidity and hypocrisy. It is not down to opposition to the evil endorsed by the Church and Vatican and Pope. It is still endorsing Catholic evil in principle. It is timidity and hypocrisy that stops it brazenly and clearly endorsing the evil principles. Nobody should tell themselves that by giving money and getting involved in the parish that they are not part of the problem - they are not part of the evil of Catholicism. They have no excuse for there are forms of Christianity that are saner and more humane.
It is not a person's bad actions that are the problem but the beliefs enabling the actions. If the beliefs had being right and wholesome the actions would not have happened. Do not enable the Church - many of its beliefs are bad and dangerous.
There is a bigger incentive for Catholics to give money to the Church than there is in other forms of religion for the priests and bishops provide the rituals, the sacraments, that bring people to God and forgive their sins and prepare them for everlasting life in Heaven.
The Church is not entitled to collect money from the people without providing incontestable proof that its sacraments really do make people better people and that this cannot be explained naturally. No effort it made to collect that proof or evidence. Most people who receive the sacraments end up as apostates in one form or another. Religion is unable to verify its claims about the sacraments reducing human evil supernaturally.
Religion must not be allowed to take advantage of our children. It is theft to take money off people conditioned to believe they owe it to you for you are doing the work of God.
It is theft to hold the pan out for money without being able to prove that your product is value for money. This is accepted for you don’t have the right to sell aspirin without your product being checked to make sure it has aspirin and a sufficient amount in it.
Religion is not entitled to any favours any more than a man selling invisible miracle paint that brings good luck and has people buying empty tins that allegedly contain this paint is entitled to do what he is doing.
If God comes first then his Church should come before any family or organisation on earth. Therefore when you are willing your money and you don’t give it to the Church it’s a sin. The Church dares not teach this for fear of the secular backlash.
Catholics who have a high level of knowledge of the faith know fine well that it is false. The apparent holiness and sacrifices of the people and their sincerity and cheerfulness can NEVER be an argument that their faith is the truth and from God – it is irrelevant. I think people thinking it is an argument might be why they give money to help fund religion.
The Church will not return the money it has taken from the people for defrauding them. What if the Church does not intend to fraud today, even though it was set up in the past by fraudsters? The Church is still duty bound to return the money. The money is asked for and taken on the basis that the Church is the true faith.
Priests all over the world ask for a Christmas Gift of cash from members of their congregations. Bishops and leading diocesan priests have taken this money while being guilty of fraud or child-sex abuse. They do not use it to help make amends. They have covered up the crimes of other clergy. They have even been known to burn the paperwork that points the finger at paedophile priests. They should admit their crimes to the people in detail and then look for money or take money.
Prayer is said to be important for it builds a relationship with God. The essence of prayer is God, thy will be done. In other words, "God, I consent to your will so do what you will and let what you will not me be done." Or simply ,"I surrender to you God." Anything else is magic - even if it is made to look like prayer. Magic denies that God is perfect in power and wisdom. To say God can be influenced is to deny that God is perfect. Influence implies helping another being to agree with you. When prayer is submission and trust in the divine will, the Catholic Church should not be taking donations for Masses and to say prayers for people. Nobody can pray for anybody else. They can only seem to.
The Bible warns that prayer without trust is offensive to God in the epistle of James. The Catholic style of prayer prevents the joy of genuine trust in God that is promised in the Bible. And the Church makes sure the mistrust is deliberate for it does teach that prayer should ultimately say one thing, "Thy Will is Perfect O God and let it be done." Mary said a similar prayer, "I am the Lord's handmaiden and let it be done to me as he wills." Their devotion to her based on making prayers to her on account of her alleged influence with God would be like a poisoned apple.
The doctrine of justification means that you can be a terrible sinner but if you repent you get justified by Jesus. You really become justified or declared in the right or innocent by God. It says that justification changes you into a good person but that your goodness is not the reason you get into Heaven to enjoy eternal life with God. The Roman Church opposes this doctrine of justification by faith alone.
The Roman Church says you are justified before God by obeying the commandments such as the one to honour your father and mother and to pay your dues to the Church. That is indirectly paying for your salvation!
Only religion will ask you to spend thousands on a building that is only occupied one hour a week while the hospitals get rid of beds over lack of funds.
The pope finds only a few clerics fit to be bishops. Most priests are lax about doctrine. They have betrayed their calling. Even by Catholic standards, they should be paid nothing. They are paid to promote the faith and they prefer to promote their own Protestant version.
Manipulating a person is inconsistent with loving them.
The Church manipulates people in several ways.
It lays down dogmatically what is best for people and adheres to all that despite contrary evidence. It does not listen to the people. The Church lies that it loves science. It does not. It ignores anything science discovers that does not fit its doctrine. The Church has not responded to the scientific fact that Adam and Eve are myths.
Nobody really knows what is best for another person. Each and every one has to decide and work on that for themselves. Therapists for example do not help others. They give others the tools to help themselves.
Christianity is not a humanitarian religion. It teaches that all our activities must be done primarily and only for God. Their good works should not attract us for they do not intend them for us. They teach that the good we do and the love we give are all about Jesus.

"Jesus Christ --- commands us to love one another that is, all persons without exception - for his sake." See the Catechism of Christian Doctrine.
We must not let the good results of their good deeds blind us to what they really are as persons: manipulators.
The Church hides a lot of foolish doctrines to get money and allegiance from the people. Catholicism is like Mormonism is that respect. If you get a plenary indulgence for a soul in Purgatory, he will get into Heaven right away though he is supposedly in Purgatory to weed out his attachment to sin. If God is going to ignore his need for purification then it is mere cruelty to have him in Purgatory in the first place. And the Church says getting masses said for the dead helps. So you pay the priest money for masses to get friends out of unnecessary suffering in Purgatory. That is a scam all right!
The Church hides doctrines people won't like. Nobody is told that their beloved wife is now in Heaven and the family relationship does not exist there. She is now the same to you as some stranger in a rainforest in South America.


As it is a man-made religion the Church has no right to your money for that money is not asked for on the basis that it does x or y or z but on the basis that it really is God's Church and God agrees with it and wants you to pay for its upkeep and promotion.  A man-made religion should be deserted for there is no right to promote one's human ideas as if they were divine.  One thing is for sure, if you won't leave the Church officially then at least do not give it money for that money will be used to gain undeserved influence and to spread religious misinformation. The Church does not claim to be a charity but a mission and the charity work only serves the evangelism. Also, there are estimates that a large pile of money donated to the Church does not really go where you think it is going.
Take the money you have ready for the collection plate and take it to the nearest children's hospital.


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