Joy of Self Giving: We are unselfish beings OR ARE WE?

We are all givers.
The person who goes to college with a view to getting a good job is giving.
The mother who stays at home to look after her family is giving.
The man who robs a bank is giving.
The person society calls selfish, sacrifices decency and the esteem of those he lives among to keep things for himself when he could be sharing.
Everybody is a giver. Good acts are correct acts of self-giving for when you give what you have you are really giving you. The acts many call evil are incorrect acts of self-giving. They choose the wrong kind of giving.
See this and it will be easier to progress from acts that are incorrect to acts that are correct forms of self-giving. Givers are not selfish. All are givers. Selfish people do not exist.
Do not say the giver gives one way but he takes another. All giving has an element of taking. The taking is not what is intended but the giving.
Self-giving can be dangerous. But it doesn't have to be. Here is an example of dangerous self-giving. The bank robber does more self-giving than many parents who sacrifice for their children. The bank robber risks more. Suppose we were really selfish by nature. Then the truly selfish person would not rob a bank but might look after a child to satisfy the desire to care for the child. Self-giving as a philosophy can produce more harm than selfishness. That is why it is dangerous to advocate self-giving apart from the self-esteem promoting philosophy we represent. That is why it is important to see yourself as a gift to give. See yourself as self-made. Not even God made you what you are. The Crown of Majesty and honour belongs to you. It was made to fit your head. Wear it!
Give and you shall receive.


COMMENT: If all this giving is based on how you think that giving brings good things to you or at least self-approval then it is just another form of taking.  The teaching of Jesus that it is more blessed to give than to receive is silly.  What about the person taking from you?  If it is bad for your soul to receive all the time, then what about his soul?


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