The Glories of Mary shows how the devotion to Mary in Catholicism masks its paganism

The Catholic Church says Mary is nothing without God and to venerate her is to venerate only God who is in her and who has made her what she is.

Yet it prays to her as if she were God.

The bolded bits sound like making a pact with a non-divine being and the Bible says such agreements can only be made to the devil pretending to be a good angel.

St. Alphonsus Liguori, The Glories of Mary:

· Oh Mary, I have the certain hope of being saved through thee (page 290).

· To thee, then, oh Mary, I present myself today, miserable as I am, and to thee I give myself entirely (page 474).

· Accept me, oh Mary, for thy own, and attend to my salvation, as I am thine own (page 38).

· Oh Mary, if I put my confidence in thee I shall be saved; if I am under thy protection I have nothing to fear, for to by thy servant is to have the secure armor of salvation (page 328).

· (Prostrated himself): Oh my queen, be my advocated with thy Son, who I dare not approach (page 153).

· Oh mother of mercy, extend thy hand to raise a poor fallen creature who implores thy mercy. Oh Mary, defend thou me, or tell me to who I shall have recourse, and who can protect me better than thou? (page 224).

· To thy hands I consign my soul, it was lost, but thou must save it. I always thank the Lord that he give me this great confidence in thee, which, notwithstanding my unworthiness, I believe will secure my salvation (page 239).

· Thou are (my soul’s) ladder and way to paradise. Wilt thou obtain for me the grace of pardon and eternal rest? (page 317).

· Save me, my hope, save me from hell; but first from sin, which alone can condemn me to hell (page 768).

· Thou, next to Jesus must be my comfort in that dreadful moment (of death). Entreat thy Son that in his goodness He will grant the favour to die clasping thy feet (page 22).

· Do not leave me until thou seest me actually safe in heaven, blessing thee, and singing thy mercies through all eternity (page 333).


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