The Marian Movement of Priests is a cult in modern Roman Catholicism.

It is staunchly conservative and is rabid in its devotion to the pope for it follows his directives forbidding contraception regardless of the harm this does. That’s one example.

The Movement is based on the interior locutions of Fr Don Stefano Gobbi.

The messages he “hears” in his heart are mostly from Mary. Thus his book, which has changed titles, is called Our Lady Speaks to Her Beloved Priests. The edition I am working with is titled, To the Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons.

The messages stress that nothing but the service of Mary and her interests should be of interest to you so you should avoid newspapers and TV (July 8, 1973). This implies that there should be no small talk but only talk about Mary. It is just like the Hare Krishnas only being interested in talking about Krishna. She said that we must be detached from everything so that Jesus is our only love (July 29, 1973). One must be detached even from those who serve Jesus best (February 15, 1975). This is a sick doctrine for if you help a sick person you would not be doing it for them but for Jesus.  Compassion would be the last thing on your mind.

Worse, she says she wants this all the time (February 11, 1974). This is what she would have to ask if it is right to be her slave.

The Virgin declared that she was the woman wearing the sun, with the moon under her feet, and with twelve stars making a crown on her head who was described in the Book of Revelation (November 30, 1974). This is wrong for Revelation never says that Mary is the woman or that the baby she has who will rule all nations is a real baby. The vision seems to stand for Israel for she ran into the desert – they were in the desert for forty years - and had twelve tribes – the twelve stars – and who eventually gave birth to Jesus. Mary would understand that we can’t. And especially when we cannot take it to mean her for she was barely mentioned in the Bible so how could it be somebody as unimportant as her?

In the same locution, she stated that she was the sole sign from God to the modern Church and the modern world. This rejects all visions and all miracles that do not directly relate to Mary. Visions of Jesus are declared inauthentic. But there are many events that are more acceptable as supernatural than Gobbi’s revelations. The weak testament cannot destroy the stronger one.

The Lady promises that all the needs of priests who try to be as poor as they can be will be met (January 23, 1974). What is the use in being poor if you are okay? She says that she will help us with the weaknesses God sends (August 21, 1973) which means that when God put the weaknesses into us it was a foolish sick joke.

Sweetly, she says that Jesus loves us unconditionally and then she says that she loves us as long as we are trying to grow out of our faults, “My Son Jesus does not love you for what you can do, but for yourself: He loves you just as you are. It is not your merits but only his love which draws Him strongly to you, I also, your Mother, love you just as you are: even with your defects, as long as you are always striving to correct them” (September 12, 1975). Jesus loves us without reasons and she rebels again this and only loves those who make the effort to love God. Some saint! And she said that everything Jesus does is right!

As for bad priests, we are to be kind to them without judging them for any reason or at any time for that is not our place (July 9, 1975). Obviously, this counteracts the approval of the Bible for legal and fair judging. Jesus advocated honest judgement in the Sermon on the Mount.

The spurious visions of Fatima are fully approved by the Virgin who says she was there in 1917 (October 13, 1981).

In the last decade of the twentieth century, the Lady said that the great tribulation that the Bible speaks about and which she spoke of in her apparitions will take place – then, the world will suffer more than ever before (September 18, 1988). She said that all the secrets she disclosed in her apparitions will be revealed. Some of the Third Secret of Fatima is still confidential and Fatima has to be the apparition she is thinking of for none of the other approved ones could be possible candidates. All of this, needless to say, never happened. There is not a word about anything in this being conditional on our response to her revelation. Therefore it is not. Mary could predict that evil will befall the world unless it converts but she cannot say that supreme suffering will befall it in ten years unless it converts. That is looking into a future that will not be and is impossible. Also, the world is less Catholic than ever. The Lady said that the time had come for the world to lose the true faith as she predicted at Fatima (page 755, 13/03/90). Now, at Fatima she said only in Portugal would the true faith continue so she is saying it is not conditional.

If they are conditional elsewhere they are not here.

She said that the great departure from the true faith that was foreseen in Second Thessalonians has taken place (June 11, 1988). The Lady says the time is at hand for the return of Jesus to the earth. This could encourage schism from Rome and Jesus said we would be taken by complete surprise when he comes back and what she is saying would defeat his doctrine that we must be always ready for we do not know.

The dangerous secret of La Salette was approved by Mary in the same revelation. It says Rome will become the seat of the Antichrist which is conducive to schism. Also, it is admitted even by believers in La Salette that the secret may not be the one that Mary told for Melanie was an outrageous eccentric carried away by her imagination when she told it and who gave bizarre prophecies later in life that proved false. Here is Mary saying it was the real one against the evidence that it was not.

There are allegations of Satanism and deliberate evil against masonry and the book says that the black beast and the horns in Bible prophecy refer to masonry (405, 406). Even locutions from Heaven have no right to make such statements without verification.

Gobbi is inventing the messages.

In 1994, Gobbi said on Mother Angelica Live that all the secrets of locutions and apparitions would be opened to the world by the end of the century. Gobbi was asked if the same would be true of Medjugorje and its ten secrets and he claimed that he did not know. But all secrets would include the Medjugorje ones as well if that apparition site is truly what it claims to be. And it is according to his own Virgin. A declaration from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith came later and it denied that there was anything of heavenly origin in the revelations Gobbi received. It ruled that he should even stop attributing his messages to Mary in the title of his book so the title was changed to, To Her Priests. Gobbi was lying about not knowing about Medjugorje for the Virgin told him in 1987 that she was appearing there and that in that very year the secrets she told there would be revealed. Evilly, he had this revelation struck out of his book in 1991 (see The Medjugorje Deception, pages 299-300). That was because there had come official decrees from the Church challenging the supernatural nature of Medjugorje and forbidding anybody to say the apparitions were definitely supernatural.


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