The Bible says that love is a voluntary thing and you need free will to be able to do it.

If God exists we have free will and know it – for if we don’t know it, it is no use – so God must want us to love and have to make us know it. Even if we do not know what is right and what is wrong we can still act lovingly for we have to do something so we have to act and hope and mean it to be the right thing to do. It is sectarian nonsense to say that the denial of the existence of God implies that one believes that there is no wrong. It is wrong to assert that if God existed he would tell us what right and wrong are when most people are not adept in such matters. They are ignorant of many things. God might not have told anybody at all what right and wrong are when he lets us do such terrible things. If he should and has then how do we know that he might reveal right and wrong to us in a specific way such as through a Church, Bible or Prophet? Even if he did reveal, reason could not prove him right for his ways are strange to us. We don’t understand them.
If you believe in God you have to accuse those who reject free will of refusing to admit the truth – refusing to admit that their wrongdoing is their own fault. They would be considered to be the vilest people around for saying it. If you believe in free will and say you don’t you are condoning all the crimes ever committed by human beings by saying that they are not their own fault. If God exists then we determinists should be discriminated against and jailed. Nobody could be expected to give us a job when we have proved ourselves to be devious with our doctrine.
People come before God for God’s existence is less verifiable than theirs so determinists should not be subjected to scorn and prejudice over God. The tendency in us all to put God on the back burner shows we know this is our duty.
To destroy faith in God is self-defence for the determinist. Like Atheists are often compelled to revolt against their conscience and take an oath in court on the Bible in the name of God, so too are determinists persecuted. The promotion of belief in God is against the rights of the determinist.
The belief of a person who has a theory about human nature - and one that is as plausible as determinism in particular - takes priority over the belief of a person in God. If there is a choice, it is the determinist's belief that has to be awarded the most respect and the most freedom. Theories about people - and people must come first - are entitled to more respect and encouragement than is belief in God which is about honouring God, an entity that does not exist or may not exist.


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