GOD CAN SAVE ALL FROM HELL so why won't he?

Christianity and Islam teach that at death, if we are estranged from God, we will go to Hell to suffer forever and once we go there it is impossible for us to leave.

If a person sincerely does not believe in God, that person cannot deserve everlasting punishing.

The person who thinks there is no may be no God can still do good and please him. If good, God is pleased by the love of those who are ignorant of his existence. So, it is no objection to argue that if God hid himself he would be preventing himself from being loved. Those who voice the objection know fine well that God hides himself from many so who do they think they are trying to hoodwink?

The person can be either an Atheist or an Agnostic.

You cannot help what you believe. Belief is caused by your thoughts. You have one thought every moment in which you are not aware of anything else. The next thought comes even though you did not summon it.

God can stop a person deserving everlasting damnation by changing their belief. Belief influences what you do. If a person makes immoral choices it is because of their beliefs.

God manipulates our beliefs all the time but he won’t do it the right way so he really does send people into Hell and Christians should not be blaming the damned. God prolongs the sin of the damned by arranging their fall. The doctrine of Hell teaches that God is a partner in the sins that happen there.

If nobody dies in sin and God needs to damn people forever for a reason what would he do? He has no reason to damn anybody – the Bible even says his original plan was that all people be right with him but Adam thwarted it. His saying that sin should not happen accentuates this.

Either God is a sadist in putting people in everlasting Hell by refusing to alter their beliefs or in putting them there no matter what they believe or do even though sincerity should not be punished.

God does not need to damn anybody because he did not even need to make us. He would not be God if he needed to make us for he would not even be perfect. So, if damnation is necessary it is not because of him but it somehow benefits the saints. Then he could make the saints believe there is a Hell though there is not and save everybody.

The nature of belief implies that God is evil if he sentences anybody to eternal life in Hades.

It is an error to say that the Devil reigns in Hell for the Devil is not in Hell but is in Heaven and he occupies its throne.


The godly must admit that their God tricks us all the time. In the desert you will see a mirage of an oasis or town. He does not shake you out of your errors when you make them. Purpose or not he is still deceiving you.

The Christians say that everlasting punishing exists for a purpose. That purpose is sometimes said to give the person the right to be away from God forever if the person dies estranged from him or because it shows how bad sin is or for some reason we cannot understand. The second one is certainly false for you couldn’t be in Hell only you knew how bad sin is and the saints would not know good and God if they did not realise how terrible sin was. You would or could have innocent people being sent to Hell if it were needed for a purpose.

And the choice argument is wrong and is malevolent for the right to change our minds comes first.

So, if everlasting punishment exists for a mysterious purpose it is not for God’s benefit for he cannot benefit from Hell if he wants all to love him and what is right. That is why the souls that go there are described as lost. An all-powerful God would not need Hell so it is something in the created beings in Heaven that makes it necessary. It must have something to do with helping the saints. The Church has to agree with that for despite the absurdity of sanctified beings needing to see us in Hell. The Church must hold that this option is the best of a bad lot.

So, God should put the souls in Hell in a place where they can choose him and from which they will be taken to a secret Heaven as soon as they do instead of Hell. He can then create the illusion of these people being in Hell and nobody will be the wiser.

Could it be that God only said that he will put people in eternal punishment but has no intention of doing so?

Why tell people on earth that lie for we don’t need to have the doctrine and should not be influenced by the fear of it anyway? We are told to do good because it is good and not because pain will afflict us as a result of evil. And fear is useless and fear is the root of all evil. The fear of Hell can result in religious bigotry. Why would God slander himself to us?

Religion says the the saints may need to believe in Hell. But even so we do not. There would be no point in making a real Hell if the saints cannot be sure if it is real or not and they cannot be. Therefore the suggestion that it is fake seems more plausible. If God revealed Hell he revealed it because it exists and for nothing else.

So if Hell exists then God is evil. We have no control over our beliefs but God has this control over them so if Hell is real the saints would not be able to doubt it but they can. And if Hell is unreal, God would have no need to create the illusion but just program their beliefs and get whatever benefit it creates that way.

If Hell is unreal God is evil. If Hell is real he would be even more evil.


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