The more "educated" believers think that God is non-physical - that is, he is spirit.
The danger with the idea of spirit is that we think of God as a gas that is not made up of atoms or parts. But then this gas would just consist of one part. It is its part. This part does not consist of any other parts. Do you see the implication of all that? A God without parts is no more existing than a square circle. He is a something that is a nothing.
People feel they want nothing that is something and omnipotent and looking after them to exist. That is, their belief in spirit and God is not belief at all but a feeling that they hypocritically disguise as a belief.
The Catholic Church says that in Heaven, we have a vision of God. We see him in all his beauty for he is beauty. This vision is eternal and gives us eternal happiness and fulfilment.
If God is spirit then there is nothing to see.
God may give us a beautiful vision but this beauty is cosmetic. We see the beauty but not him. We cannot really see him as he is in himself for he is virtually nothing. And I'd go as far as to agree with the atheists that he is nothing.
The Bible speaks of people seeing God but he is seen as a vision or a representation and not as he really is. Jesus said the blessed will see God but we do not know if he meant this literally as seeing God tends to be symbolic as God is invisible by nature. The First Epistle of John says we will be like God for we will see him as he is. This is the only place where we might perceive a literal meaning. But how can seeing something make you similar to it? God is defined by some as an activity - and you are thought to "see" him when he does things. If you see God in what he does and if he is good then it follows you can become like him for you are exposed to the good influence.
The Roman Catholic goal is what they call the Beatific Vision. You see God literally in Heaven. You experience him within a mutual relationship. The Church says that the doctrine of the Jehovah's Witnesses and some others that you can enjoy living forever on earth which will be turned into a paradise is a doctrine of "the beatific vision of the earth not God."
The Church says that God is all-attractive and that we cannot be happy unless we see him. The soul that is unfit to see God wants him and suffers because it cannot have him.
In religion, the only beliefs that should be allowed are beliefs that even if wrong do no real harm. For a religion to insist that we need God implies that the religion is trying to induce this need in people. That is cruel for most of us do not feel the need. Also, it is very cruel to urge people to have an insatiable and violent need for God. Religion is cruel in principle if not in practice. It tends to court social acceptance which leaves it paying little heed to the nasty principles except when it suits.
If we experience a need for God, then God put that need in us. That is cruel. How could such a God be beautiful?
God is a witch. He does magic like making a universe where there was nothing before. Belief in God is a form of occultism. Better to believe that there are real witches on earth riding broomsticks than to believe in a witch of Godlike proportions! Would be less silly. Such superstition does not endear the atheist to God.
The Catholic God is supposed to be good and therefore attractive. But what is attractive about a being that is perfect and cannot change so as to sin? He is not good by choice. He’s a machine made of spirit while Catholics see themselves as free agents. What is attractive about a Jesus who felt temptation but who was not really tempted because the temptations had no hope of working for he was too holy and virtuous and couldn’t sin? How could you feel comforted in time of trouble by the thought that God suffered through becoming man in Jesus Christ and dying on the cross? How could you believe that God understands your mistakes and be comforted by that? It is not understanding alone that you want. You want the person to both understand and remember that they went through something like your trouble. It is primarily the emotional empathy that you want. But God does not have feelings. We only say that God is angry or compassionate because he acts these ways not because he has feelings. It’s sort of metaphorical. When the God concept is explored with an open mind it is undeniable that the feelings of believers have been manipulated by their Catholic parents, Catholic teachers and the clergy for they are feelings they should not be having for they make no sense in the God context. To condone the ways of an irrelevant God, such as when he lets innocent babies suffer horribly, is total insanity.


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