Saying God makes no mistakes is made to seem as if it affirms somebody having an elective abortion or a gender change.

But if you really validate the person and their choice what are you bringing God into it for?  Who are you trying to fool?  And is it not the case that your argument is thin for people who clearly project their preferences unto God are common?  It is not really about God for them.

There are doctrines related to God, that go with the idea, that God has given one the life in the womb and that the gender you have at birth is his intention.  The doctrine that God is about fulfilment and so does not make parts as such but wholes comes to mind.  It defies the rights of those who know there are body parts that they should not have.  Just because a part is healthy and functional does not rule out the mind knowing it is a birth defect or an error by God or nature.

Let us talk about Junk DNA.  It is an interesting discovery. Studies show that we have much DNA that we could do without. The DNA strands that we don’t use or need could be parasites that just copy themselves but do nothing else.  God does make mistakes if he exists.  Who cares?

And the "God does not make mistakes" argument is inherently self-defeating and self-eliminating for it can go the other way as well.  It can go any way.  If a person feels like hitting somebody you can say, "God does not make mistakes and is inspiring you.  It is not wrong for he has a mysterious plan".

It is like, "Abortion is right" and "Abortion is wrong."  You get nowhere with them for they are just assertions and we need evidence and facts to decide between them.  If there is nothing then we have to be neutral.  To be neutral on things like this means that you are saying that if nobody helps with abortion or gender confirmation that is fine.  Such a stance is abhorrent.

An argument that goes either way like “God does not make mistakes” is a statement of taste and preference not an argument. It is no better than, “Spain is more beautiful than France” against “France is more beautiful than Spain.” It goes without saying one of these that you know you cannot ask the other to agree with you.  They are worded like arguments but they are not.

God then is the last thing that should be thought about when it comes to reproductive justice and trans healthcare.

There is more.  There is the fact is that a person can make mistakes.  And the person does not have the right to say exactly what God is doing or isn't doing in their life.  You don't have the right to speak for Henry VIII so you know you cannot really have the right to decide what is in God's mind.

Trans say their sex assigned at birth does not line up with their authentic self.  Others say that they are creating a new self and calling it real when it is not.  If you are shown by all tests to be a boy then to say your authentic self is a girl is to say the universe has tried to lie to you.  God has tried to lie to you.

Saying God does not make mistakes then sounds forced and it is so fake and sickly sweet that it is more likely to make the listeners see you as one who thinks abortion and trans healthcare are morally undesirable and providing them is possibly evil.

Look at this.

1 The person who continues an unwanted pregnancy saying God organised the new life in the womb may be mistaken.

2 The person who ends it saying God gave the gift of the abortion doctor may be mistaken.

Both persons cannot be right.

Look at this.

1  The person who continues with an unwanted gender saying God gave them their sexed body that that will always be the sex written on the chromosomes may be mistaken.

2  The person who has hormones and gender confirmation surgery it saying God gave the gift of the gender transition healthcare may be mistaken.

Both persons cannot be right.

And just to make it clear, an argument that is so easily turned on itself is not an argument at all.  It only makes argument sounds but is useless. Not only can somebody else turn it around it can turn itself around.  "God does not make mistakes" can be used to invalidate and validate trans and in itself it does neither.  If it is the case that "God does not make mistakes" and you do then to be on the safe side deny people the right to abortion and gender confirmation.

Abortion care and trans care can go wrong if those who protect their choices and help them start to have doubts. And the patient can be damaged terribly during a difficult time.  "God does not make mistakes" risks a brutal cruel crisis of doubt hitting the person.  Not everybody who exercises their bodily autonomy does it easily and parroting about God shows you are not listening.

"God does not make mistakes" fails to protect trans from those who say he puts nobody in the wrong body, the wrong existence, the wrong sex.  They clearly think he did make a mistake.  Unless they are scared of him, they need to admit it.

People including some trans say that having gender dysphoria does not mean your healthy body parts are really birth defects and that it redefines what a birth defect means.  God definitely lied by giving organs that are defects but not in any scientifically testable way.  They show up as healthy parts in all tests.

A person assigned a gender at birth who identifies as another one or none raises the question of what identifies even means. Only the person's experience can tell them who they are.  This contradicts the God nonsense that we cannot be that individualistic and must function as a person with a community not a person beside a community.  "Love your neighbour as yourself" is bad for some.

It is said that God knows what he is doing when he starts off life in the womb so elective abortion is against his will.

To immunise against the harm done by these wise God ideas we must start saying that no revelation from God whether it comes from him or people is more valid than your own experience. God or not you know best. There is no greater hero than the one who betters themselves despite an inept God or a purposeless universe.

Reject the notion that a reward from God will make you glad if you risk misery and death by not going for your body autonomy rights.

Body autonomy as if no God or anybody has a say is a right. Nobody must be allowed any rights over your body but you.

You cannot expect persons who have abortions or gender changes to feel safe when they notice how you say "God does not make mistakes" and then turn around and say for example, "I believe in euthanasia yes.  But only God should pick the time to do it.  Let God take care of it.  I believe in euthanasia but not in people sending the terminally ill on their way.  Only God sees the bigger picture." Be coherent.  Be consistent.


Many believe they were meant to be male but accidentally born female.  Many believe they were meant to be female but were accidentally made male.  Others believe they got a sexed body but were meant to be neither male or female.

An argument that eliminates itself implies that its opposite is as likely to be true. In a sense it even suggests its opposite should be considered. For example with transgender, the pro-trans and the anti-trans both say, "God does not make mistakes". The argument is only giving an opinion. It is an insult to people's lives and suffering to use them as fodder for your opinions. Get evidence and let it do the talking. It's not about you. Opinion is about you wanting to open your mouth. That is the simple truth.

Making it about God's opinion does not work.  "God does not make mistakes" is your opinion about God.  If God told you that or you think he did then that may be his opinion.   It does not matter who has the opinion.  An opinion is an opinion.  If you say you are about God's opinion not your own, it is you making God's opinion yours so it is back to your opinion again.  A God who tells you to have such and such an opinion is a bigot for by definition an opinion is not serious or good enough to warrant such interference.  It is none of his business.

When a person considering gender affirmation, divorce, abortion, no matter what it is, thin affirmation does not substitute for support.  Make it firm and keep it firm.


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