Christian doctrine - if you die rejecting God you will never get a second chance but will be in Hell forever. God will raise your body to be tormented.
Handbook of Christian Apologetics Says
The Handbook says (page 271) that it is foolish to wonder how God and the saints can be happy when people are suffering in Hell forever because this happiness happens so it can be done. God is happy and the saints are happy despite the sufferers in Hell.
Reason replies:

The "despite" shows that the happiness is manufactured and not real.
The answer on page 271 is a cop out. It is a despicable cop-out as well because it is like saying to somebody, “I am going to extract a tooth from you now without an anaesthetic and you will still be happy despite the agony”. It is not an answer to say that the impossible is possible because it happens. If the happiness of heaven disproves Hell these men are refusing to admit it and see it. It is like saying it is a sin to provide drunk men with drink and that somehow it was not a sin for Jesus to have done this at Cana for it happened therefore it is possible. The copout answer is callous when one considers how serious hell is. The doctrine is evil for it forces us into this evil and vindictive copout.  It is evil to believe in Christian doctrine.
The handbook says that happiness is not a feeling but is the state of being well permanently. So it follows that the more you are loved the happier you are even if that love does you no obvious good. The existence of the damned who hate the saints then is opposition to their happiness and welfare. If they are happy about that then it is absurd to say they are really happy.
Christianity says that you are here to obey God and not to be happy. If you are happy then good but it is not why you are here. It points out that if there is a choice between happiness and obedience then choose obedience. So why do we care if Heaven is happy or not? How can we be sure?
At least they admit God does not really care.


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