Divine Spirit is nonsense
Christians and Muslims take God to be the supreme perfectly good spirit that made all things.

God is used as an explanation for the existence and order in the universe. He is used to account for how the universe is kept in existence and also for how it seems to have been designed. Design requires a designer.
Let’s look closer. Matter is that which has parts. If God is matter then there is no need for him as an explanation for he would be need to be explained too. Who made him and put him together? So it is said God must be a being that has no parts but is just pure spirit. Spirit is that which is real but which has no parts. If this sounds mad don’t worry for nobody claims to understand it. So this thinking presupposes that God has no parts but is almost a kind of nothing.
There is no evidence at all for the existence of spirit. We are told that we experience spirit in the form of our own awareness and our thoughts. Sensing we exist does not mean we are spirit any more than an eye that sees must be a spirit. We think the thoughts in our head are non-material or spirit but are they? We cannot test or examine them to show they are non-physical. All we know is that we perceive thoughts but that is all we do. It tells us nothing about what they actually are. We do not experience anything of spirit. The doctrine that God is the best explanation for the universe's existence because he is spirit then only gives us a possible explanation at best not an explanation. The question is - is it really possible at all? As we cannot know if spirit even makes sense - for we cannot even understand matter never mind spirit - we have to be agnostic about spirit. The argument from a spiritual creator only leads to agnosticism not belief in God. To pretend you know more than you can in order to believe in God when there is so much suffering simply beggars belief and is a hideous thing to do. You are belittling the suffering of the innocent.

The Church says that whatever exists has to make itself or be made by something else. It says that the universe did not make itself therefore it was made by God who makes himself. But if God could make himself so could the universe. Then they say that the universe does not need to exist for it would make sense if it never existed. But it would make sense if nothing not even God existed as well. They say things in the universe cease to exist so God who cannot cease to exist must be causing everything to exist. But the things merely change forms. They do not cease to exist.

They say that God made all things out of nothing - meaning he didn't make it from anything. If God can create something out of nothing then he has infinite power for it takes infinite power to bring something out of nothing for the distance between the two is infinite. But since infinite means all power for it means power without limit – if you don’t have all power then there is a limit to your power - and God must be his own power when he has no parts it follows that everything is God for it is made of God. God cannot create which is making something out of nothing for there can’t be any more power than there is and this power is him. Creation is a ridiculous belief and all who believe in this God are closeted pantheists who declare that the lion is the man it eats. But the two have separate minds and you can’t say it is an illusion and that it is one mind for that is as absurd as saying 1 is equal to 2. It would also mean there is no God for how could a being that becomes us to suffer and do evil be a supreme being? The only choice you have then is between atheism and pantheism and atheism has to be chosen for even if it is hard to believe it is better than pantheism which is impossible to believe.

The proofs for God basically are that there must be a spirit being that makes itself or is self-existent who has made all things and the design argument. All who use these proofs are really pantheists. But even if you prove this being you have no proof that it is a person and should be worshipped.
I should take my experience that I am not the incarnation of some kind of pantheistic God as proof that there is no God.

Spirit Intelligence

Some argue that only a perfect God can make the perfect things that exist in the universe. Even the most perfect art-form on earth is imperfect. We just don’t see the imperfections. The fact that it cannot last forever is an imperfection. There is nothing perfect in the universe to imply a perfect God or perfect anything.
You would need to prove God first before you could say he was the designer so the proof from design is dishonest.

You can believe in an intelligent spirit being that controls all things and still be an Atheist for this being is more like a clever machine than a God. Religion claims that the maker must be perfect for he made many perfect things and has infinite power and intelligence. But he can be perfect without being morally perfect. When it does what we think is morally wrong the act is perfect in the same way a perfect art form can look incomplete and still be perfect for it was perfect as it was intended. If we are the same being as that being, as in the theory of pantheism, then we will live forever. Religion says that if the being makes us conscious persons then it must be a conscious person because being perfect it cannot make anything better than itself. But it is perfect the way it is. The way it is, is perfect for it. The personal God they believe in makes stones and that certainly does not mean that God must be just a stone himself. These considerations prove that if such a being can be proved it is not a personal God or entitled to worship and that a personal and living God can never be proved.



Spirit cannot be shown to make sense at all.  You may say your life and consciousness and thoughts are not like material things.  But that does not mean they are spirits.  A creature that is a blue colour may not look like the pig it is but it may still be a pig.  Spirit is just an idea nothing more.  God might tell you it exists.  But philosophy or experience can do nothing to show it is real.


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