If unbelievers are sceptical about miracles believers in God should be more sceptical

Miracles are events like magic. Religion says God does them. God makes all things out of nothing so he can do them. Making things out of nothing is a miracle.

Miracle believers like the though that some power greater than evil can change nature and make prophets speak his message and raise the dead and do immediate and complete healings.

Most believers in religions of miracles are not sceptical enough. Sceptical as in looking for and weighing the evidence is a virtue.

And if there is a creator God who does miracles we have to be more sceptical about miracles not less. A God of truth will be a God who gives you the gift of evidence and wants to save you from men who imagine their word is the word of God. That demands a very high standard of investigation. And as religion is full of the blind leading the blind you have to do the work yourself and assess it yourself and avoid hearsay. Most philosophers who say miracles might happen do say that you need to see them yourself and have them carefully assessed by experts before believing. The reason is that if God is trying to say something through a miracle and God comes first then utmost caution must be exercised. And you don't want to encourage people who crave wonders and excitement and who merely foment and enable superstition and credulity. Another reason is that if a miracle does not call for a minute and cautious examination before it can be believed then nothing does. This outlook calls for scepticism towards the gospel miracles for they are based too much on hearsay and there is no evidence that anybody mentioned in the gospels as a witness to Jesus' miracles knew what was written about them.


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