Belief in God blasphemes the dignity of humanity. What about that for blasphemy? The believer when faced with somebody who is enduring the worst life can offer has some routes to take. He can say, "Evil is not a thing or a power. It is just good falling short of what it should be. God is not entitled to give us any more good than he gives." That implies that the suffering should be praised and compassion is bad. It also suggests that instead of being horrified about the evil, we should be focusing on the good in it. He can say that suffering is somehow good or worthwhile and indeed must be when God allows it to happen and makes the forces that cause us such pain. This implies that the person either deserves to suffer, needs to be hurt so that other people may grow spiritually by helping him, or both. It calls evil good. Even if you say that we have free will and God lets us do evil that does no good at all, you are still saying the evil should have been permitted to happen. It happened for the good purpose of respecting free will. If a mother let a criminal hurt her child to respect his free will we would condemn her. We would say she was evil for putting the will of the criminal before her own and the will of the child to be cared for. It seems she could only be justified for a real good purpose that made the suffering worthwhile so that takes us back to the idea that God allows evil to produce a greater good. Why should my will to harm be put before the will of the victim to be safe? Again it can only be justified if God has a plan for my evil and is sure he can put it into effect.

A person who fails to doubt God or deny God's existence when he or she sees terrible suffering is a person who is refusing to let the horror destroy what he or she believes. To say, "Your suffering is not as bad as it looks because there is a God or may be one and we want it to stop" shows less compassion than, "If there is no God then your suffering is totally abhorrent and useless and we want it to stop." Compassion starts by acknowledging how much the person is suffering or how bad it is. The unbeliever in God who thinks there is only this life, is being far more sacrificial than a believer who believes God has a plan and evil will turn to good that makes his allowing it to happen more worthwhile. The unbeliever admits how evil it is and fights it despite not expecting a reward.

Without belief in God, there is no condoning even to the slightest degree. With belief in God there has to be some condoning. An evil person assumes a murderer had justification for what they did. Christians assume the same about their God so God is an evil dangerous filthy belief. Christians should suffer the extremes of sacrifice for others if they want to have the right to condone, to any level, suffering.

How can Christians stoop so low as to adopt belief in an all-powerful and all-good God in the face of suffering? They like to feel safe and chosen or at least chosen. They are being insensitive to the suffering that others face to obtain that comfort for themselves. They are arrogantly thinking they are better than the victims for they are okay or that God considers them more precious and won't hurt them or at least hurt them very much. They think the good things they have are part of God's plan while others have to suffer as part of the plan. There is something disgusting about that attitude.


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