The Notion that God knows best what moral rules to make

The non-religious look at those who run religions and join them or stay in them and say God could ask them to do something harmful or some evil that is made to look good and holy.  But those involved in religion will accuse the non-religious that without God or faith in God they could do dangerous things too.

To this we say that if there is such a problem with both the religious and the non-religious then we can consider non-religious to be a default.  So in that sense religious people should get out of religion.

One side is making a false accusation.

 So does belief in God open the door to obeying evil commands on the basis that God uses evil to do good with it?  What about the fact that life's choices are always some shade of grey and so good and evil are always mixed?  That complicates it even more and shows those who say God commands them to do good are just liars for they do grey not good.  Or can you be good without belief in God?  If you can be good without belief in God that does not mean you are being good without God if there is a God!  It means God is still working in you and a God that is reasonably competent will be able to be bigger than any errors you make.  So the believers are admitting that they hold that belief in God matters not God!

Is good just good whether God agrees with it or not or is what God agrees good automatically good?  If goodness is independent of God then how does God know what is good? He could be wrong. Thus it is immoral to say his commands are always totally right and he always knows what the right thing to do is. God would have to be connected to goodness and it to him for him to know. But he cannot be for the fact remains that good is good no matter even if a God thinks it is wrong.  It is 100% even if God thinks there is a 1% chance it is wrong.  To fuse God and morality is to insult good and thus is not good.  The claim that we are wrong to ask if good is what God commands or independent of him is strange.  It is obviously right to ask.  Believers say that God's nature is goodness which means, "Goodness is not independent of God.  It is God.  Therefore he only commands good.  He does not invent good."  This makes no sense for it dismisses the questions.  It is metaphysical nonsense.  It is like saying that there is no number 1 unless there is a person who is literally 1.  There might be one person but that person is not the same as the concept of 1.

Believers want to believe in God for they think that goes with the notion that good is 100% certainly good.  But they are wrong.

The Church opposes good and puts a clever counterfeit in its place.
Many religions are lazy about figuring out right and wrong . So they just dish out laws that they said God gave for our guidance.
Is it because they feel it is hard or impossible to be sure a lot of the time what is right and wrong?

Authority then is not the answer! Go and do the work. This is the same as the next one.

Is it because they are simply lazy?

Their laziness is the kind of laziness that has no interest in the consequences for those who are misled!

Is it because they want to use God to control people and manipulate?

Their pretence at morality will be seen through in time!

Is it because they fear that God will punish them for trying to make up their own minds?

It is not a nice reflection on the believers if they need a God to motivate them and scare them into being what they call moral!

Is it because God is simply right?

Anybody that says that really means, "People disagree on what God says. I know I am right about his message!" They are not saying that God is right so much as saying that THEY are right.
Usually when people say we need to believe in God to have a morality, they mean they need God to accept a harsh and foolish morality. It is the kind of morality that refuses to protect a loving relationship between a man and woman "living in sin" and having lots of children to look after. The psychopath may have no conscience but he or she still sees on an intellectual level at least that killing people is bad. All people see what good is and religion comes along to complicate things and condemn many good things as bad and uphold many bad things as good. Religious morality is about control not people.
If people refrain from murder because they feel it is wrong they are refraining because they feel they want to. Murder being wrong is not the reason. Who cares why they refrain as long as they do? We are swayed by our feelings more than anything else. The question is, if that is so, then what are we doing attaching any importance to God or religion? They only distract us. The good we do is not because of them but because of our feelings.
The Church says that God comes first and not only that but all we do should be entirely done for his sake. So what God thinks matters and what we think does not. But real good requires a lot of discerning what good is and doing that and trusting entirely in yourself for you have to decide for yourself what is good for you and others. So God is in opposition to goodness and therefore love. It is in opposition to difference. All are called to become clones of God for he is perfection itself. The view that God has made some people to be good at nursing and others have the talent for teaching does not refute this but actually supports it for all are made weak and are called to be perfect at everything and these talents are only encouraged for when we are weak there is no other option but to zoom in on what we are good at and develop that as a prime concern. Think of it this way. People are asked what they would have on their gravestone for an epitaph. When God comes first and loving him with all your being is the supreme law it follows that the epitaph should be, “She tried to love God”, or, “He did not try to love God.” Whatever is not best is what is wrong. Such a God cannot give meaning to life except by the craftiness of the Church which deludes people to think that they need him and which corrupts their thinking and makes their emotional needs abnormal. They pervert your needs so that you pine for God. We need a world that celebrates diversity not one that tolerates it. God is in opposition to such celebration. Any version of God that is not is just a pile of inconsistency and not a real God.
The facts are these. You can’t care without doing good and you can’t do good without caring. The two go together for doing something because it is good and caring mean the same thing. We have to do good because WE see it as good and not because God or the Church tells us to do it. If we do it just because of divine or Church authority commanding it, then we are not very sure that we are doing right. We would be less sure we are doing right than we would be if we saw that the good was good and chose to do it. Therefore you do not need belief in God to justify belief in right and wrong. We are on our own on this one. No authority or God or Church has the right to tell us what to believe in right and wrong for it is up to us to listen and to judge for ourselves. Yet Jesus and the apostles and the Roman Catholic clergy claim authority to tell us what to do.
To love the rules that anybody else makes for you is to put that person’s word above the rules. You end up claiming to love goodness supremely though you don’t. You should use your own reason and let goodness speak for itself. Obeying even the rules of God is disobeying goodness. Obeying the rules that religion says are God's is worse than that! It is intending to let religion command rather than God. Love does not exist when you listen to God and not reason alone.
We believe that things like stealing and murder are wrong more easily and more strongly than we believe religious assertions that God exists or that God is a Trinity or that the Catholic Church alone has the true revelation of God. The religious beliefs are supposed to come first and we are supposed to believe and practice morality because of them. We are supposed to refrain from theft and homicide because God forbids them and not because they are wrong. We are supposed to make religious belief the strongest. We are supposed to make the religious beliefs the foundation of the other beliefs such as that stealing is wrong. This weakens or attempts to weaken our belief in the morals which is a disgrace and proves that religion should be scrapped (page 557, Reason and Belief). If you believe that theft is wrong then well and good but if you believe because God says it then you don’t see how wrong theft is for you are only interested in God forbidding it. That is what I mean by God weakening your faith in morality. Faith is often weak so religion is the enemy of safety and of morality and right and wrong. Religion is the friend of honeyed hypocrisy.


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