God Makes Desire Evil and deliberate attempts to desire a sin!

Somebody said that winning is not everything but wanting to win is.  That gives us a very deep and true lesson.  Those who try hard and do not win and say winning is not everything are called unselfish.  But they are selfish for it is the desire to win and to try that makes them winners in the sense that they won fulfillment in trying not in winning.  The fulfilment of the desire was what it was about for them so it was about themselves.  It is said to be selfish to want to win instead of being happy with whatever happens but if you win the desire to win that must be selfish too.  If God is about being virtuous and not thinking of yourself but spending time sacrificing for others instead then clearly desire is a sin when deliberately excited.


Many people sense that to be spiritual is to avoid letting feelings have any role in motivating you to turn to God. But there is always some feeling that partly causes you to act. They regard this as regrettable but unavoidable.
When you do anything because you want to, that is selfish. People say that I can help others because of a desire and not to satisfy that desire and that is unselfish. But I could ignore the desire so when I tolerate it is clear that I am trying to gratify myself. It makes it easier to do what I think I should do because it makes it more pleasant for me.
 “The will is a kind of desire because it is wanting something to happen. This proves that desire cannot be evil. Yet the fools say that God wants us to forgo all desire. If he doesn’t then we must cease to will anything even to be selfless towards him.”
God would want us to will what he wills. People say he hates evil but has to allow it for he has no choice when he wants to make us good and evil is part of the process. This argument could be applied to the will. He hates it and only tolerates it so that we might sacrifice ourselves because we cannot sacrifice without it.
Sacrifice is impossible if we only choose what we want therefore there is no love in the Christian sense and no God.
If God is desired then we prefer the desire for God to God so it is impossible to really love God. God implies that desire is evil and can be eradicated.
Love is sacrifice according to Jesus. You cannot sacrifice for yourself but only for others. His teaching that you must love your neighbour as yourself really means love your neighbour as if he were yourself but not yourself.
Sacrifice is not sacrifice if you want to do it. There is no such thing as doing what you don't want to do. You want to do it under the circumstances thus sacrifice is impossible. Thus every desire we have must be a sin. As you cannot sacrifice for God, the nearest you can get to it is by choosing to be a slave and giving up your freedom once and for all.
When God infers that love is sacrifice it follows that it is a sin to have sex for pleasure. You should have it just for making a child. Some would say the baby is more valuable than pleasure for the baby is a special gift from God so you should forget the pleasure and think only of the baby.
Belief in God should be discouraged as it makes desire a sin unless desire really cannot be avoided.

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