Do not take your image of your lovability from the idea of God

Do not take your image of yourself as loveable from the idea of God. You would be using the idea as a crutch to help yourself see yourself as lovable. But why not just see it? If you need a crutch you are striving for artificial sight! So you cannot see you are lovable from the alleged love God has for you. You have to simply just see it. Self-esteem is my work and nobody else's. It is not even God's.

Your use of the crutch means you love nobody else either.

I must believe I am lovable. Self-esteem is seeing that even if nobody else does. I need to do good and I need to love. Then my eyes will be opened to let me see how lovable I am. I do good to make myself aware that I am good. I must recognise that there is good and good intent in all that I do even if it it is what people call evil.

We do not need a God of unconditional love for that is an entity that is saying, "I don't care if you are lovable or not. I love you." What use is that? If you are not lovable then such love is deceitful. It would mean God feels a deep appreciation for what is vile or may be vile! Again the point is, we must abandon the idea of God and the worship of God to find our self-worth.

In love we ask for a lot. We ask to be loved should our faces break out permanently with acne pustules the size of dinner plates and should we smell like a sewer. We ask to be loved if we were in a permanent vegetative state. We ask to be loved even if we were never born or never existed.

To ask that of a God or anybody is to declare, "I am worth nothing unless I am valued by God or others." It is a dangerous form of self-hatred. It may not look like self-hatred and the person suffering from this affliction may seem happy and confident. But it is self-hatred. It is parasitic. It is throwing away the safety that comes from appreciating yourself to make your good self-image depend on what another thinks of you. It is embracing danger.

Christians say God loves you with the greatest love possible. There is only one person who can love you that much. That person is yourself. The Christians are insulting the love you have and can have for yourself. If you agree with them, you are creating a negative affirmation.

You can't love your child if your child never existed in any sense. But you would still love yourself if you never existed. This sounds like nonsense. But we are talking about feelings of love. So ask yourself if you would still love yourself if you never existed and you would feel the love.

All revelations that say different from our soul-enhancing insights must be rejected as dangerous and false.


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