God must know he is God. If he does not, then he should not be called God. He is not supreme or all-wise and so on. But God could be hallucinating that he is God.

He cannot be sure.  So we should be less sure.  We should not take orders from him as if he knows it all.

Some insane people are convinced they are divine. It is impossible for God to be 100% certain. He is certain that he exists but not that he is God. This gives us the right on earth to defy him if we sincerely think he is wrong. So in that case, why not think for yourself? Why bother with a God? Why call any being God? And why bother with religion with all the distress and fear it causes? The concept of God implies that you have a duty to obey him and that you don't have the right to think what you like. If he is God then you have to obey him without question for he knows all and you do not. Then you cannot have freedom of conscience. You are his property. You must only use your faculties as he wants you to. His rights come first.
Are we to ask a sincere person to do what God wants if he thinks God is wrong?
Religion has to say YES. It has to say God is right to be so sure that he is God even though he cannot be that sure! Faith in God is evil. It calls on you to say God tells the truth when he plainly lies.
Some say that if a person disagrees with God then God has to be doing with it. He cannot change the person's mind for they have free will. Thus they say that the person has the right of freedom of conscience for nothing can be done about it. If a policeman cannot stop a burglar from murdering does that give the burglar the right to murder? No. When even God cannot make that person's decision for them, that does not imply they have a right to make their own choice. He has the right to command implying that he has the right to be obeyed. Command implies the right to urge a person to do something or else. For example, in a career, you will be fired if you refuse to obey commands. The threat of being fired is an attempt to pressure you to obey. Commands imply the right to force - at least up to a point. If John commands you to eat your breakfast and you want to, you only seem to obey. You didn't eat the breakfast to obey him but because you wanted to. This is not real obedience. It only looks like it on the outside. Real obedience involves self-denial all the time. It condemns doing what you want to do. The concept of God implies that everybody should be unhappy.
The thought that God makes all things implies that if I go out now and murder ten people then God is the bearer of the responsibility not me. He creates the powers that tempt me. He creates the free will I use to go and murder. Correct Christian doctrine teaches that we never do evil in spite of God but because of him. The concept of God is dehumanising if you accept that any doctrine denying human responsibility is degrading. Am I to blame for the murders? Not as much as he is. Most people, when they understand, will surmise that the idea of God is degrading. If it is, and people are encouraged by religion to degrade themselves then they will take out their anger and frustrations on other people- gay people in particular.
If you feel you are letting down a wonderful God who is your father and who died on a cross for your sins and who matters more than your wife or children or parents you are acclimatising yourself to mammoth betrayal. You will find it easier to betray people then. You will reason, "Why not do this? I am used to betraying my God and thereby being ultra-bad."
People need God because they think they are unloveable and so they need a God who loves unconditionally to believe in. Unconditional love is only a comfort to the kind of person who doesn't want to earn love but who wishes to be a leech. This love appeals to the person who wants to be helped without deserving it and who doesn't care if God trusts him or her or not. Religion exploits believers.


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