Religion looks at a world where you struggle to be happy and it decides explains how a good God can let evil happen and remain good.  When you ask if a God allowing evil to happen or one that will not stomach it and gives us only blessings is better you get no answer.  It is a case of them being like the people who collected a number of books and then started to say that God wrote them.  They didn't ask God first.  They didn't decide that God did write books and go and get ones that showed clear evidence that he did.  They are using your suffering and mine. Suffering persons are worth more than that.

Believers in God advocate sacrifice. Why is sacrifice good? They say it intends another to be happy.  If you end up happy too that is a good side-effect.

Why should you want another person to be happy and not you? If virtuous, the other person cannot be happy about what you have done for them in so far as it is your sacrifice for that would be selfish so sacrifice has to bring pain to the one it benefits. This is a travesty of right and wrong.
If sacrifice is for your own good then it is not sacrifice. The pain is necessary for future enjoyment and is a part of it. It is like saying that having a beer and enjoying it is sacrifice because you know this pleasure will be taken from you some day and you cannot enjoy it all the time.
If sacrifice is for you both then it is evil. It is not sacrifice in so far as it is for you and it mocks right and wrong by indicating that you should expect the other person to thrive at your expense.
If the sacrifice is just good because it is directed towards creating happiness then it follows that the sacrifice was regrettably necessary and it was a pity it had to be necessary. If so sacrifice should be avoided if possible. It should never be honoured.  You can be a good person without ever sacrificing. This is what believers in the argument are saying. So it follows that God shouldn’t require sacrifice of us and is evil for doing so. Yet believers in God say God needs evil for a good purpose which necessarily implies a need for sacrifice!
If the sacrifice is good for its own sake and the happiness has no bearing on the issue then pain is good, pleasure is bad and happiness is diabolical. That is what the believers must teach.
If happiness is the goal, we or you or the other person, should be happy instantly for a goal by definition is best reached immediately. We see then that if we teach that God should have created the world the way it is, in which sacrifice is needed, then we teach that the purpose of suffering is not to increase happiness but to decrease it. So God cannot be good if he requires sacrifice and has made a world that needs it when he might have made one that does not and gives happiness on a plate.

Religion says that good as a result of evil is better than good that did not come from evil. There cannot be a God then for his goodness was just given to him and did not come as a result of facing evil.

What if good as a result of evil is just as good as good that did not come from evil? Then it follows that there cannot be a God for it would make more sense for him to make sure that only good that does not come from evil exists.

If good as a result of evil is less good than good that comes from evil then it follows that there is no God for evil exists.

The last word is, if God has the right to comment on why x suffers people do not.  That people do and he is silent shows that evil in fact does refute the love of God.  Suffering to be happy is not sacrifice but suffering to be happy.  Calling it sacrifice is refusing to admit that it is a disgrace somebody should have to do that.  If sacrifice for the sake of happiness is commendable then it is clear that the happiness should just be there and there should be no need for the sacrifice.


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