Stephen Hawking denied that the universe needed a God or a supernatural creator.

While believers harp about, "God is the answer to why there is something when there might not be anything", what really convinces them is not this abstract argument but the alleged fine-tuning.  One unimaginably small difference in the way the universe organised itself would mean life could not appear.  I wonder how accurate that is when we cannot create life anyway and have no idea how it started.

Anyway Hawking says that the universe seems to be fine-tuned and designed. He states that this "design" is entirely natural and there is no need to surmise that there must be a designer God because there is an infinity of universes. This view says that there are so many universes that by pure chance one would appear designed though it is not. This is the concept of the multiverse.  All possible worlds exist in this concept.  In one world, Donald Trump marries Madonna.  In another Jesus Christ rises from the dead claiming to be trans or gay.  Actually I will correct that.  If resurrection cannot happen it cannot happen in any world.

The multiverse cannot be verified. Physics can only show that it is possibly true. The theory of the multiverse states that there are 10500 universes which explains seeming design in this universe. This is based on the notion that if there are enough universes chances are one will come out all organised but just by chance. The theory makes out that the seeming design we see is a coincidence.

Christians say that instead of developing the multiverse theory it is better to suppose that there is a designer God who made this universe and there is no need to assume that any other universe exists. They think the multiverse is too complicated and it's better to stick to simpler theories. But this ignores the fact that nobody can prove it is really possible for the supernatural to exist. In other words, nobody can prove it is possible for the God with magic powers to exist. God cannot be proven to be coherent. The multiverse theory makes sense logically and mathematically. Choose the theory with the less magic in it.

Max Tegmark author of Our Mathematical Universe: My Quest for the Ultimate Nature of Reality Tegmark, (New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2014) says that the multiverse model solves some terrible problems in the Big Bang Theory and helps science predict phenomena. For him, the number of events is countless so it stands to reason that unlikely things have to happen sometime. The sheer luck that leads to you and be being here and alive proves that! For him, the you that exists in another universe is not you but just a person very like you. Thus the idea that there may be several mes may be wrong. But not all thinkers suppose that it is wrong. The objection is that the usefulness of the multiverse cannot beat verification and testing. True but that is problem not an objection. It seems the multiverse model contradicts probability for it means in the parallel universe by pure chance the history played out exactly is it did here but there may have only been a minor difference that does not even register Perhaps a grain of sand a millimeter away from where it is in ours.

The Christians say the multiverse does not rule out the possibility that there is a God (page 49, God and Stephen Hawking). It does not rule out there being a tooth fairy either. It is a theory about how randomness works - it is not related to God at all.  And why can't they just say designer?  God is too loaded.

The multiverse would mean that all is ultimately non-moral.  It makes no difference if I save Annie's life in this world for that makes sure that in another world I will not save her.  It makes morality impractical.  And morality itself says that if it cannot be done it is no good.  There is a rule that you cannot be morally obligated to do what you cannot do.

Scholars in the Church have claimed that if there are multiple universes then some could be paradise and we could go there or they could be an eternal Hell.  But the multiple universes if they exist just exist so you can still end up in a Hell universe despite doing nothing wrong.

Their speculation violates how the multiverse is not about magical worlds but all possible worlds.  If magic and the supernatural are real then we end up with a subject that is not only unfathomable but even more unfathomable.

Hawking stated that we have no direct perception of anything in the universe.

The book God and Stephen Hawking states that when we look at a tree we see an image of it fed to our brains. Our senses do not give us direct perception or knowledge (page 61). It says we use memory and reason in addition to the sense perceptions to be able to tell that what we sense is there. What the book does not tell us is that if miracles happen and if God exists then the supernatural exists then all this is undermined.

Suppose you see a tree. If we accept that nature will not change we can assume that the tree we see is not a vision or a miracle image but is there. But once we start thinking nature can be overridden by the supernatural we feel less sure and mentally become less sure.

Belief in the supernatural increases our scepticism. It is a pity we have to have a level of scepticism at all - and so to embrace belief in the supernatural turns it from a pity into a disgrace.

I would remind Hawking that what he says is right but we know what a jigsaw with nearly half the pieces missing is depicting so all is not lost.  We do not need religion coming along trying to fill in missing pieces with magic.  That only attacks our perception which is threatened enough as it is.

The perception thing helps us get closer to accepting the multiverse.  The multiverse is based on how much we do not know.

Page 65 speaks of the subjective element in science and states that the independent observer who is free from all prejudices and preconceived ideas does not exist.

So whatever we believe, that belief is not based solely on evidence. We believe and accept things partly because we are biased and want them to be true. It follows then that to believe that a good God inflicts suffering on people is evil. The more better off you are the worse it is. The belief merits revulsion.

With science though, again we still see enough of a jigsaw.

The aggression that nature has towards our perception is real and does not indicate a loving creator God. 

John Lennox complains that Hawking says miracles don't happen yet he believes in the multiverse theory which alleges that there are universe in which anything can happen including water transmuting into wine (God and Stephen Hawking, page 92, 93).

He does not. There could be another universe just slightly different from this one. Perhaps there is an infinitesimally small difference in time and neither universe can be told apart. The multiverse idea does not require that we think there is such a thing as a universe where water can turn into wine.


Multiverse ideas range from the notion that there are whole universes almost the same as the one that we are in to notions that this universe is connected to multiverse bubbles that support it.  The other universes are very basic and uninteresting.  This is based on the idea that a universe can just be a small pile of rubble or energy.


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