Religion says that no matter how much you suffer if you believe in God then you will never endure it alone.  If there is a God and you do not believe then you are still not really alone and you just think you are. This calls you stupid but otherwise harmless.  God should be bigger than your errors and support and heal you as much if you are an atheist or a religionist.  So why is religion insisting you need faith and belief?  Belief is made too big of a deal.  Why? Because belief in God is instilled in you by religion not for you but for itself.  It is using you and incredibly does not have the respect for God it says it does.  Faith remarkably is based on a subconscious lack of faith in God's competency.  People go along with religion for they tend to reach for a mask for they think the brutal merciless, reality, the truth, can go away enough if they lie to themselves enough.  It is trying to use belief to shield yourself from feeling alone but suffering does not care what you want or can stand so that shield is a bad one.  It will be a higher power over you when it enters your life.

Religion cannot give genuine psychological healing never mind any other kind!  It is not healing on any level.  The believer may think that religious intervention has given them more psychological wellbeing but are they sure it was religion?  Are they sure it is going to last?  Are they sure that it will not dump a disappointment on you that is so terrible you will never get over it?

Healers use doctors alongside spiritual therapy.  They tell you not to use their treatments as an alternative to medicine.  But the law forces them to tell you that.  Anyway, many of their clients will tell you differently.  Healers will not turn a person away who says, "I think you do more for me than the hospital so I'm not going back."  And if the person thinks they are better off with the healer why would they want to go back?  The healer wants people to think that way and that is the danger.  They blame the patient when it goes all wrong.

One advantage for healers when healers and doctors working with the patient is that the patient is more likely to think the cure is down to the healer rather than the doctor.  If the healer does not work at all the patient will not notice and the effects of medicine will be unnoticed and unappreciated. 

Healers may permit you to go to the doctor so that they can take the credit. 

The healer advising you or permitting you is them treating the doctor as an equal.  Who gave them the authority to permit and advise?  Healers if there were no doctors would not be wishing there were.  They would need a lorry to get the cash to the bank.

People are ashamed to be seen as healers and miracle workers for they know that these claims imply that they are special people and are superior and more valuable than others. So what they do is indulge in some mischievous misuse of language and claim that some force working through them does these things and not them and that the force is not making them better than anybody else. This is nonsense. If some force supplies healing energy and you use that energy you are a healer just as much as the other force is. A doctor may get his medicines from a drug company but that does not mean that the drug company and not him is what is helping people. The healers and miracle workers would be far better and admit the truth about what they do. Their attempt to steal the label of humility makes them worse not better, sneakier and not more decent – chances are that when they are like that they are exploiting statistics and faking and exaggerating their powers too! There has to be something special about a person before they will be chosen as they put it. For God to choose somebody at random would be as bizarre as him doing miracles at random which would be beneath his dignity.

Jesus told a man he cured to repent otherwise something worse could happen to him was clearly accusing him not of necessarily bringing new evil on himself but risking it. Jesus did say that sickness was not necessarily a judgement but he clearly said it might be. In this, Jesus was typical of healers.  Too many make the person they "help" afraid so if the person thinks he or she got better anyway and it was not the healer they will be afraid to say so just in case.

It has been noticed that in cultures that promote healers and miracle workers such as Nigeria that nobody cures a well-known person who the doctors and everybody else knows is sick. The same problem exists with Jesus.  This problem means healers have reasons to be embarrassed and careful how they flaunt their abilities to.

We conclude that anybody who claims to be a miracle worker of any kind, healer, psychic or saint, that person is claiming to be a superior human being and is wholly opposed to our notions of equality. Such claims have to be forbidden. The devout Catholic will prefer Padre Pio or Jesus Christ to some ordinary person. If there is a choice between Pio/Jesus or an ordinary person being phased out of existence they will choose Pio/Jesus. To choose a person just because they have preternatural powers is purest unjust discrimination.


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