Most Catholics, including Pope Francis, in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo magazine atrocity, where Islamists murdered journalists in France for insulting Islam, stated that the attacks were not wholly unexpected and were not wholly unprovoked. They say that the magazine insulted the religious beliefs of others and that this was intolerant hate speech and that you do not have the right to deride and belittle the religious beliefs of others. They say that those who defended the magazine did so in the name of freedom of speech and democracy but that they are hypocrites for they deny a right to verbally abuse another's race, family or sexuality. They call for more stringent blasphemy laws.

So they would have the magazine shut down by the civil authorities for blasphemy while nothing is done about those who are ready to kill whoever insults their beliefs? They do not consider it blasphemous to adore a murderous God.

So they imply the French journalists who were murdered were not wholly innocent and partly deserved and asked for what they got. Even if the Catholics believe the murders were wrong they are still saying the journalists fully asked for it. So do the Catholics mean it when the blame lies partly with the journalists? Not if they asked for it! To say that they asked to any degree to be murdered shows the true colours of the Catholics. And if Catholics are asked to stop working against Islam by teaching Catholicism, they won't be saying, "It wasn't entirely unprovoked" when Catholic teachers lie dead at the feet of the terrorists.

So they try to make out that insulting somebody's religion is in the same league as insulting their race or family or sexuality? But practicing religion is a choice. It is not the same thing. And religion is belief. Belief is not on the same level as race or family or sexuality. Belief should not be protected but people should. There is a difference.

So they say that there is a slight excuse for murdering you when you blaspheme religious beliefs. That is sick considering that no belief is that important. The lowest of the low makes a slight or any other kind of excuse when somebody is killed for blaspheming because religious beliefs are merely guesses and assumptions. A religious belief is not in the same league as a belief that antibiotics help you get better from bacterial illnesses or any other kind of well established belief. Because there is no reality check, you have Mormons saying God is a man, Catholics saying he is a Spirit and Muslims saying he is a psycho and Hindus saying that nothing about God can be known so we have to make do with symbols and idols. No decent person would silence another for challenging or ridiculing a religious belief even if they would if the person was saying 2 and 2 were 5 or asserting something else that is clearly untrue.

So they deny that there is no excuse for somebody being so dedicated to their beliefs that they would kill those who lampoon or debunk them.

Some feel that blaspheming Islam or Muhammad is irresponsible as it can result in some Muslims baying for blood and actually killing the blasphemers. But sadly, if we suspect people are addicted to God or Islam or faith or any religion, we cannot know how dangerous this is unless someone will provoke them. We have to know. If a religion is essentially fanatical but does no harm for it feels no need to, that is only fine until it does need to!

It is islamaphobic to assume that x or y or z will stir up Muslim aggression.  It means a lot of objections to anti-Muslim hate are in fact based on fear and that fear spreads.  In short, those who speak up for Muslims are in fact between the lines telling people to be scared of them.

What is the real motive for non-Muslims to try and inflame tensions?  What was Francis doing?  He was thinking of those who insult his own religion.  It bothers him that Catholics don't get as censorious as Muslims when their faith is maligned or mocked.  Francis can be understood as using passive-aggressive to keep the fires of Islamaphobia burning.  His saying that offending Islamic beliefs is on the level of insulting somebody because of their race makes that plain.  It makes it plain that he wants his own religion protected from any ridicule it deserves and is using respect for Islam as a cover.


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