Summary of Argument Given by Hector Avalos:
Christianity seems to have been started by alleged visions of Jesus raised from the dead. We need to test to see if such faiths can start without real visions. Medjugorje a place of claimed visions of Mary offers a living laboratory for these reasons:

A. The alleged witnesses are still alive.
B. The Marian visions reported there have been better documented than any in history. Reports were audio-recorded and written down almost immediately after the first events. Audio-visual documentation overall is abundant.
C. A Scientific team examined the visionaries during some of the alleged apparition events. No such systematic and thorough scientific study ever been performed for prior famous Marian apparitions (e.g., at Lourdes, Fatima).
D. Millions of believers were produced within a decade.
These tests cancel out the tests by Christians which say the minimal facts about the alleged resurrection of Jesus are best explained by a real resurrection.
There were witnesses of a empty tomb and a risen Jesus who committed themselves to him forever and witnesses don't have to be alive to be listened to
The experiences of a risen Jesus were spoken of and finally written down
The sincerity of the witnesses seems to be beyond doubt and is as good a test as any
A persecuted and committed Church based on the resurrection started right away.
It is wiser to believe in these apparitions than in the resurrection for there are no witnesses alive and there is nothing that can be proven to be eyewitness testimony. The stories were written down and circulated around very few. And it took decades for them to develop and be written down. No tests were done on the Jesus witnesses of any kind. Christianity had many followers soon after the alleged resurrection but Medjugorje has millions which were gained within ten years. 
Conclusion: Medjugorje is still a false apparition site so that shows we cannot take the resurrection of Jesus seriously. 
Jesus’ Resurrection and Marian Apparitions: Medjugorje as a Living Laboratory By Dr. Hector Avalos at 4/29/2013


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