The Christian Church claims it is rational to believe that Jesus Christ though a true man was also truly God. The worship that is due to God is due to Jesus. Most scholars and researchers in the world disagree with Christianity in this thing. Who is right?
In Hick's The Metaphor of God Incarnate the Christian view that Jesus was both fully God and fully man, two separate natures in one person, is recognised for the absurdity it is. The suggestion that Jesus as man limited his perception as God by distracting himself from it in order to behave as a man fails for the only way it could be done is if Jesus ceases to be God for God cannot distract himself (page 68). The suggestion smacks of pretending.

Another idea was that the mind of God the Son is like a computer program and the mind of Jesus is like another program distinct from and contained in the other (page 50). But this is only concerned with the cognitive and thinking elements and we need more than that. What about the will and emotions and so on? It still does not leave Jesus on his own to make decisions which is necessary for him to be fully man. Jesus as man might have come close to sinning and Jesus as God would have stopped this sin so Jesus as man was not wilfully sinless and so was not fully man for free will is supposed to be a component of human nature (page 56, The Metaphor of God Incarnate). But some say in response that we are free human beings even when we only think we are free. But that is absurd and makes God responsible for our sins for he never programmed us to be good. Anybody could be God incarnate if the idea is acceptable.

Another suggestion is that Jesus had two selves, the God self and the man self and the God self was not present in Jesus’ brain (page 60). This too still insists despite itself that Jesus was not a real human because he could not sin. And obviously it is unintelligible to say that the God self stayed out of Jesus’ brain which splits him into two persons. Where God was situated bears no relevance. The problem is what makes God and Jesus, in his humanity, one person.

God is consciousness so if Jesus was God he had to have all God’s consciousness. The reason I am me and not you is because we have separate powers to be aware of what is happening around us. It is agreed by Hick that the idea of Jesus being God and not being aware of it is incoherent (page 68).

Hick rejects the absurd view that God had to forgo his omnipotence and omniscience in order to become the man Jesus. That would be God ceasing to be God (page 73). Then Jesus would be fully man but he would not be fully God for Jesus if he were God could not give up these gifts and would still have them even if he stopped using them.

Hick rejects the idea that Jesus was as much man as he was God as incoherent.

To believe in Jesus being God isn’t a rational belief and it is full of contradictions.

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