God hides and then does miracles to show us his presence - how logical!

Science sees a universe that does not look like it needs a God to make and sustain it. If God hides, then miracles must be hoaxes or untrue. Why hide and then do miracles? Miracle claims are accusing God of being a ridiculous entity. Science certainly shows that God, if he exists, has no right to expect us to believe. It is unfair and manipulative and bigoted of religion to make it a requirement for us to believe miracles.

Christians say we damaged ourselves by cutting off from God and thus we have damaged cognitive powers and our reason is impaired.  If that is true then God has to work hard to be shown to be real.  We know by gut instinct that we do not see God and the problem is not our rational cognitive powers.

Top theologian William Lane Craig said, "Whether God gives a booming testimony or writes in the sky, it doesn't necessarily guarantee that people will come into relationship with him; it might even have the opposite effect."  In fact if the Christian doctrine that God is supreme and nothing is his equal is true then when God's love is presence there is no point in fearing sin or demons or their power.  He is bigger than sin and has conquered it so he can conquer problems with our fear of being ruled as well.  That would be easier.  If there were booming testimonies and signs in the sky Craig would not be arguing the way he is.  He is only rationalising after the event.  If people are that easily put off nothing he does is going to win them.  Craig's argument is not a vote of confidence.


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