Religion is a hijacker. It steals the best in other philosophies and then claims that the principles are part of itself and always have been. The Catholic Church says that all good comes from God alone so any good in the world is from his true Church though which he works in the world.
The idea that the person is the most important thing in the world which implies that capital punishment is wrong has been hijacked by many religionists though their Bibles tell them that gays and adulterers should be cruelly killed and that Jesus took our penalty of capital punishment on himself so that we would be able to rise from the dead.
The Catholic Church claims that it despises sectarianism but then it advocates it against unbaptised babies. It goes as far as to say they are not children of God. It is when if you imagine the Church saying that only white children are called to baptism and black are not and attempts to baptise them will be invalid that you see how vicious its teaching is.
They know that the Genesis stories of the flood and the fall cannot be true so they say the authors never intended them to be taken literally. But that is dishonest when the texts never even say that they are non-literal but present the tales in such a way that we can be sure that the author did mean them literally. God is not going to promise never to kill the human race again by flooding unless it means by a worldwide flood.  People have always drowned in floods.  The text is clear that he made that promise.  Then the religionists have the gall to say there are no errors in the Bible for it is God’s word. Religious theft must be exposed. Religion puts its best foot forward to delude the sheep. Any money donated to religion should be returned to the benefactors. All goodness comes from the philosophy that is now called Atheism. There is too much disagreement between religions for it to be just a difference of opinion. Most of the disagreements are really just unwillingness to admit when the other side is right. From this it follows that most religion is a con and we should keep away from it.

When most people cannot give good reasons for their faith then it follows that any reasons they have are not good enough and they must know it. They must feel uneasy when they think about the reasons. The Protestant who says that he is convinced that Lutheranism is right must realise that the Catholic can be convinced about Catholicism or the Mormon about Mormonism if he can be that convinced. It is certain that with all the religious differences in the world it is pure arrogance to claim that Jesus was infallible or to be part of the true Church.

The majority of people have barely any faith and they can behave themselves reasonably well. Religion is a threat to belief in right and wrong for it is more interested in authority than in ethics. For example, for a Catholic the papal condemnation of contraception settles the matter. Contraception is wrong even if it saves lives. The doctrine that two wrongs don’t make a right is contradicted by God slaying Jesus for our sins and countless other doctrines. Those whose faith in right and wrong is weak because of religion usually behave kind of well too. - who says we need religion for the safety of our moral standards? The point is that we don’t really need religion. The clergy trick us to make us think we do.
The strongest moral standards are reserved to those who know what right and wrong are. You cannot be really a good person if you only follow your rules because you like them or because somebody said they were right. That is irresponsibility even when the consequences are not harmful. Religion certainly encourages that! Bibles and popes and Churches often dictate what is right and wrong and that their authority shouldn’t be questioned.

We offer joy. The joy offered by Christianity and Islam is a false joy for it is not grounded in wisdom and reality and consistent thinking. For example, would it make sense to be joyful in the gospel according to twelve men we know next to nothing about and not in the testimony of three witnesses with a contrary gospel who we can vouch for? Such joy is unhealthy. It’s a psychiatric sickness and if you are going to accept it then accept the joy that a thief gets from stealing. Joy is meant to be caused by reality so any joy that is not is a sickness. The joy we offer is the authentic joy of truth. To take the side of joy is to take part in our movement at least in spirit.

Concern for the ultimate and important truths is not a religious attitude. To admit you do not know it all and must keep searching and examining what you are told is to admit that Jesus himself and the word of God may have to be left behind and discarded if new light on them comes up and the light says this has to be done. So you do not know if your honesty or love for truth is going to keep you in religion or not. So it is not a religious activity.

If it is true that humanity feels a need to serve God then atheists are God’s best friends for if he is good we are the ones that are open-minded about what good is. To be good would be to serve God even if you don’t believe in God. We reject the idols that most people have as substitutes for God.


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