Politicians with progressive policies may lie about the pope to get the Catholics to vote their way but covering up his hate for LGBT is not the way to help anybody.


The most ridiculous lie in the media is how the pope is a reformer with liberal traits.  All popes have made changes and there are no signs of him doing anything about the growth of fundamentalist orders in the Church and the dreadfully creepy new Missal which is more medieval than the last one.

Some liberals and gay people kid themselves that the Catholic Church is changing. People in the Middle Ages whose membership of the Church enabled the Church to butcher and burn heretics told themselves the same thing. Nevertheless even if they condemned the violence their mere membership of the Church made them complicit.

The pope reaches out to "sinners" in the hope that they will change and fit the Catholic ethos or at least that they will be so soft on church violations of human rights that they will become complicit.

The Church as somebody said in a post is not to blame when some clergy abuse children. So bad individuals do not make a bad Church. Somebody else said the Church is to blame for it functions as a person - a corporation. That is an extremely good point. The Church claims to be the body of Christ - it claims to be Jesus in some sense. It claims to be one person.

It is up to Catholics to change the Church and make it less evil and to make it good. We cannot pretend that it is a good religion, when it so badly needs the people to change it.


The media is rather quiet on how Francis judged and accused transgenders of manipulating their bodies and said like Herod destroyed babies they destroy male and female creation by disfiguring it.  He insanely declared them to be like nuclear weapons!


Pink News 2016 Comment regarding the Pope interfering to stop civil partnerships in Italy on the basis that it could lead to gay marriage.

A commenter denied this makes the pope a monster.

It does make him a monster. Not giving committed gay relationships the protection and sanction of marriage is homophobia of the worst kind. And he regards Mary and Joseph as his tradition does, as married though they never had sex - that is not a marriage. And his Jesus banned divorce in a culture where female children were forced into marriage and to have sex without being ready. The pope is a fine one to say that gay marriage is not marriage when he picks and chooses what he wants to believe about marriage. And there is plenty wrong with faith in the Bible as its God told Moses to let parents have wayward children murdered by stoning. Why do people of faith, like yourself, think they have the right to say x and y and z without even checking their facts first?

I find the reason all that evil done by the Church is enabled is because the state has always given the Church a lot of power as it imagines it helps with social control. And it does in a cruel and vicious way. People who have sex outside marriage are told they must stop or go to Hell. That is music to the ears of a country that does not want to help lone parent families. But no moral person would agree with a religion keeping social order through bullying and implied threats. It is time the Church got kicked out of society.

Pope Francis promotes the extreme homophobia of denying any value in gay relationships, "as for proposals to place unions between homosexual persons on the same level as marriage, there are absolutely no grounds for considering homosexual unions to be in any way similar or even remotely analogous to God’s plan for marriage and family." To refuse to support committed same sex love is far worse than praying for gays to be cured. And Francis has done nothing but enable Vatican attempts to "cure" gay men.

Do not pick on Protestant and Islamic leaders who are homophobes and let Francis away with it. Ban Francis from entry into your country. I'd prefer the former nuts to Francis who is more subtle and craftier and thus more dangerous with the poison.


Re Pope Francis urging chastity as the answer to HIV and AIDS and not mentioning condoms in 2014

Pity somebody can't get the pope to answer the question, "Holy Father, if a couple are about to have once off sex and there is a risk of HIV, would you give them a condom? What if you knew for sure that their having sex would lead to a new infection?" No decent human being would say, "I wouldn't". The Catholic Church ultimately puts belief above people. This pope is dangerous for he is enabling such fanaticism, he is popularising the attitude that obedience to Jesus is prime even if it kills innocent people and he condemns them for nonsensical sins such as sex outside marriage.

Patheos praises Pope Francis for being more interested in the poor than in issuing condemnations of birth control
The Catholic Church is a faith and it understands faith as a coherent whole. Though the Church may stress some parts of the faith and not mention others much the fact remains that it is a whole. The style is what changes not the essence. It is thus ludicrous to insist that Francis in mentioning the poor and their rights more than birth control being a sin is doing a good thing. He is promoting the faith his way and it is a whole. He is still promoting and attracting people to the faith as a unit and thus he is still dangerous if the ban on birth control is dangerous. It would be tacit irresponsibility.




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