The Church forbids contraception and legally campaigns to stop it.  It says contraception is an intolerable grave sin.  This interference with civil legislation has left people having unsafe sex and getting seriously ill and dying.  When the Church does not campaign, it is because other principles have got in the way.  It does not mean that in principle the Church will try to persuade the state to outlaw contraception.

The Church says you must let God plan your family.  This makes sense if there is a God and a Catholic God at that.  But the doctrine is dangerous if there isn't.  If there is a God, you are not to blame if pregnancy results and great misery happens because of it for it was God’s decision to send the baby.  It stops you taking responsibility for the harm you have done.

Almost beyond belief, the Church permits natural birth control!  This is confining sex to the period of the month in which the woman is most unlikely to conceive.  If family planning is up to God then it doesn’t matter if you use the safe period in which conception is less likely or not. 

Natural family planning leads to the same contraceptive mentality that the Church condemns contraception for: the feeling that a baby is a burden and not a gift from God and its conception is to be avoided. 

The Church's dangerous teaching is riddled with hypocrisy and therefore cruelty.


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