Progressive "Christianity" bleats endlessly about people being made by God in his image and likeness.  So does traditional Christianity.  The progressives talk as if nobody is the image of God but black people and LGBT simply because it is a media obsession and they follow the fashions and hide it as devotion to Jesus.  The Bible teaches that God made Adam and Eve in HIS image.  HIS.  Why not, "God made Adam and Even in the image of God."  No he had to get a pronoun in.  This is a hint that a female is only the image of God when she is paired with a man.  The two together are just part of a male social construct.  The man is her head as Genesis tells us so the man is really the only partner in the marriage. 

It is ironic how Progressive Christianity with all its whining against Islamaphobia falls down that very well.  The Qur'an not only fails to affirm man and woman are in the image of God but FLATLY DENIES IT!

From The Universe Next Door, page 248-9

The unequaled greatness of Allah becomes the linchpin of all further considerations of his nature. Anything that could conceivably be construed as detracting from his greatness must be considered to be false, or even offensive. The worst sin in Islam is shirk, which is commonly translated as “idolatry,” but literally means “association” and thus implies far more than the common understanding of idolatry, such as worshiping statues of deities. Shirk means to conjoin Allah with any of his creatures, to ascribe a partner to him, or to understand him to possess limitations that are characteristic of his creatures but not of him.


Not only does this prohibition rule out notions such as an incarnation or any direct revelation of God himself in any humanly apprehensible form, but it also means that whatever attributes God has revealed about himself cannot be measured by human standards. For example, Allah is just, but if we come up with a definition of justice and then think that, therefore, we can understand what it means for Allah to be just, we are overstepping the bounds of what is allowable. Similarly, Allah is merciful, gracious and forgiving, but knowing these truths about Allah does not give us any warrant for drawing implications concerning how he should be expected to act toward any specific person. Allah is not unknowable, but it would be presumptuous for us to infer from his attributes specifically how he would manifest them in any particular cases.  An integral part of any theism is that God is both transcendent (beyond the world) and immanent (present and active within the world). In the case of Islamic theism, God’s transcendence far outweighs his immanence. Any notion of a possible relationship with Allah must respect this boundary.  God and a human person can never meet on the same plane. In the (perhaps slightly overstated) words of Isam’il Ragi al Faruqi, Islam is transcendentalist. It repudiates all forms of immanentism. It holds that reality is of two generic kinds—transcendent and spatiotemporal, creator and creature, value and fact—which are metaphysically, ontologically unlike as different from each other. These two realms of being constitute different objects of two modes of human knowledge, namely, the a priori and the empirical. Consciousness of this duality of being is as old as man; but it has never been absolutely free of confusion, absolutely clear of itself, as in Islam. . . . Islam takes its distinguishing mark among the world religions precisely by insisting on an absolute metaphysical separation of transcendent from the spatiotemporal.

My comment on that is that the Bible proclaims Jesus as the revelation of God and says that is what he is about so the Bible is totally and at its very core contradicted by the Qur'an.  There is a fundamental difference between the Muslim Issa the figure taken to be Jesus and the Bible Jesus.  You cannot look at man or woman as God's image and say, "I see something of God in them.  I learn what God is like from them".  Those who say that you need the image of God doctrine in order to understand respect for all people are silent in the face of Islam.  They keep quiet then about their doctrine that killing others for their race or sexuality is a sin for it's an attack on the image of God.  Hypocrites.  Let them dare to accuse Islam of removing a reason why murder is wrong.  Some would say it is THE reason.

The Qur'an denies that you are the image of God in any literal or mythological or poetic sense.  It warns this is a huge sin.  Whoever subscribes to the image stuff does not know or respect Allah.


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