The view that evil gives way to good is one thing.  But the claim that you need evil for good to be in any way real and important is another.  Many who talk about evil having a good purpose in the hands of God mean that pure good is impossible and you need evil.  They don't have the honesty to say they would not worship a God who does not have a bad side, a Jesus who wouldn't murder a child, a God that is against Satan totally and so on.

The Netflix horror movie the Incantation is built around the premise that there is a deity who curses people on the basis that there is no good without evil.  So it does evil to allow good to happen.  If you get cursed then you have to dilute the danger by sharing your curse with others. A prayer is used to make that happen.  I wonder is that what all god worshippers secretly do?  At least this movie from Thailand is honest then, if so.  Christianity definitely does gain a lot of power and influence by playing on people's fear that real good cannot happen and you need evil to produce a real good.  They think good needs a challenge from evil to be really good.

Jesus slipped into that thinking when he said that there will be more joy over one sinner repenting than 99 righteous people entering salvation.  Heroism here is identified with falling into sin and falling out of it and not with the hard work of being good every minute of the day.

The good deeds done by those in the Church definitely do arise out of the attitude we see in the Incantation.

But the attitude is evil itself. Religion says there is no love without hate.  That is as good as saying that hate has its valuable and necessary side.  Few believe faiths that claim to love sinners and hate sins.  No wonder.


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