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God sends babies that die to Hell to be punished forever?

Abortion - the baby has no choice!

What city is meant by Babylon?

Retribution is backdoor revenge

Bad arguments for bread and wine changing at Mass

Making a bad confession

Bad evidence for Jesus tale

By their fruits you will know them

Can you let a bad person define a religion?

Bad refutations of bread and wine turning into Jesus physically

Is all religion bad religion?

The baffling support religion gets even from critics

Bahai faith is false

Bahai faith refuted by Francis Beckwith

Book on the Bahai faith - why it makes us sceptical about this religion

Bahaullah a false prophet

Jewish tradition about Balaam - is he Jesus?

When faced with magic claims, here is how to detect baloney

Religion and the banality of evil

Ban the clergy and pastors from counselling

Should Catholics and Christians bar gays from their b & bs?

Ban exorcism - make it illegal

Virgin of the Poor "appears" at Banneux

Banning violence does not absolve religion of the blame

If you must, baptise the baby yourself

Baptise to be safe?

The cynical act of baptising babies

Baptising babies is pompous

Annulment of Roman Catholic baptism

Baptism doesn't save

The baptismal character

Baptismal vows are lies to God and everybody else

Baptism is a big deal

Baptism of blood and baptism of desire

Baptism - a promise to brainwash your baby

Baptism is conscription

Baptism is an attempt to give pretend Church membership to a baby

Baptism is trying to force God to act on the baby

Baptism does NOTHING for the soul

Infant baptism has consequences so it should be abolished

Baptism by Immersion

Baptismal formula insulting

Baptism is not welcoming a baby

Baptism killed babies

Baptism as a precaution against the baby going to limbo

What does the New Testament mean by baptised?

You cannot choose Catholicism for your baby at baptism

Water is not the sole meaning of baptism in the Bible

Sacrament of baptism is an occult ceremony pretending to be holy

When it looks like baptism has an occult effect on child

What baptism of the dead says about baby baptism

Baptism promises are just perjury

Baptism is not said in Bible to be needed to get into Heaven

Baptism and the tension it has with doctrine of inherent ungodliness

Baptism is a useless spiritual vaccine

Baptism - the source of nominal religion and sectarian labelling

Barabbas and Jesus

Epistle of Barnabas denies gospels as reliable

How did Mary conceive by the Holy Spirit?

Karl Barth and the Bible's Inspiration

Bartimaeus miracle, what it shows about Jesus

The Book of Baruch

What is a basic belief? When evidence is not everything.

ASSESSING: Bayes theorem may allow for the return of Jesus to life?

Birth Control - A Sin?

Roman Catholic Jesus is the beast of Revelation

Our Lady of Beauraing, Golden Heart, Belgium

Is suffering ever good for our virtue and our skills?

Begone Satan! An account of a Catholic demon possession

Miracles - do you have to beg the question to believe?

Something being good is not enough for religion

Belgian Miracle

Is belief an accident of birth?

Belief and enrollment make you a religion's member

Belief disproves God!

Belief in God forces you to hate sinners

Belief formation

David Hume and the Superstition of Miracles

Other's belief in miracles is not evidence for miracles

Belief in miracles is not belief but opinion

Why Care what Others Believe

Is it true that people only believe what they want?

If you don't believe in God could you believe just anything?

Reason is a tool, a method, not a belief

The atheist has the most mature approach to suffering

Insisting on believing what you want about yourself

Miracles are anti-dignity for human nature needs defaults respected

Religious groups have infighting unlike secular groups

Critique: My religion belongs to me"

Be not Afraid

Ben Stada and Jesus

God is too risky to comfort the bereaved with

Bernadette of Lourdes, Therese Taylor

Best Arguments that Jesus' Resurrection is plausible

Best Anti-Miracle Belief Arguments

Best evidences the Church can give for faith - refuted

Best Possible World

Excellent rebuttal to miracle beliefs

Archbishop Pio Bello Ricardo approves visions of Betania

Had Joseph no ancestors except in Bethlehem?

You are your truth so be true to truth

Is it good or bad or neutral that God has made us?

Martha and Mary and Jesus - the better portion

Be better than prayer! You can be and often are!

Being aware of bias and stopping your bias from blinding you

The Bible, briefly shown to have neither decency or plausibility

The Bible corrupts its own text and so is not God's word

The Bible and Abortion

The Bible God demands human sacrifice

The Bible versus transgender people

The Bible and the atonement of Christ for sinners

The Bible blames God for Hell

The Bible and the charisms and pentecostalism

The Bible Code by Michael Drosnin

Did the Catholic Church give us the Bible?

Bible God commands murder of the innocent

The Bible and contraception, does it forbid it?

Bible commands rabid hate of sin

The Bible God does not agree with himself - contradictions in scripture

Does the Bible teach science? Yes! It thinks it does!

Bible evidence that the pope is not the successor of Peter

Bible God cannot make up his mind about himself

Bible teaches that God does more than just let evil happen

Holy War and the Bible

Bible's God of Hate

How the Bible sees genocide as mass sacrifice to God

The End of Biblical Studies by Avalos shows why its a fraud

Bible denies any Church is really infallible

Bible God warns against religious labels

Bible against LGBT+

Bible literalism - a recent phenomenon?

Bible sees miracles round every corner

The Bible, and by extension faith, was & is a murder weapon

Bible only doctrine of Protestantism is foolishness

Protestantism has problem with bible only doctrine

The Bible on opinion

How the Bible caused terrible racism in the Holy Land

Bible Promotes Rape

THE RAELIAN MOVEMENT, its misuse of the Bible

The Immaculate Conception of Mary is Anti-scriptural

Bible rejects creation, it has a maker God not a Creator

Bible requires death penalty for gays

Bible only is Christianity

Bible Denies Miracles are signs

Unceasing punishment in Hell is in the Bible

Bible Teaches Total Depravity

Science Bible's Mortal Enemy

Bible bans women ministers

The Bigger the Commitment asked the Bigger the Evidence Needed

The bigger the miracle the bigger the evidence fallacy

Catholics say Jesus had no blood brothers, they lie

Is biological sex what determines your gender?

Biology and fundamentalism

Biology and randomness

Was Jesus bipolar?

The Birds being Silent at Medjugorje

Christianity The Twisted Attitudes towards birth

Artificial birth control - a huge sin in Catholiicsm

Is there anything loving about the birth control ban in religion?

Christianity says your baptism anniversary is the birthday that counts

Bishops warn of disobedience of following visions of Medjugorje

Hitchens and Tony Blair on evil violent scriptures

Religion blames all humanists in some way for the evil done by a few

A creator God has to be to blame for what we choose

Blame and responsibility

Religion blames the patient when its quack cures fail

Roman Catholicism and blaming the baby for Adam's sin

When leaders get blamed for a religion being evil

No place for blasphemy laws in a modern society

Jesus said there is no mercy for those who blaspheme the Holy Spirit

The blasphemy of the Catholic Mass

The secular state cannot protect religious ideas with blasphemy laws

Thoughts on blasphemy laws

The blasphemy of "solving" problem of evil

Christian Irreverence to the Eucharist

Parable of the blind men and the elephant

Blocks to the total love of God

Is there blood on the Shroud of Turin? Is it Jesus'?

Fake "Baptism" of blood and desire

Bloodline of the Holy Grail

A blood test on the Turin Shroud

Blood transfusions sinful?

Bodhisattva - the Buddhist version of saviour

Scholars on the non-bodily resurrection of Christ

St Bridget of Sweden

Peter Boghossian on religious faith as a deadly virus

Jesus' bogus golden rule

Jesus was a bogus messiah

Book of Mormon is from man not God

Book of Mormon is a fake abridgement

Book of Mormon lacks credibility

Book of Mormon delivers evil teachings

Book of Mormon is Fiction

Book of Mormon infallibly translated by God???

Book of Mormon language

Book of Mormon - plaigerism?

Accounts of Translation of Book of Mormon

A booklet arguing against Jesus living before he was born

Joseph Smith - the Book of Abraham

Smith's discarded scripture, Book of Commandments refutes his prophethood

Amazon Atheist BookList

Books on the Book of Mormon witnesses

The book War and the Gospel

Why Suffering? A silly Christian book

God belief makes evil worse

Borderline personality disorder and God

The link between boredom and religious extremism

Born of water in John 3, does it refer to baptism in water?

Atheism as innate,born that way

Born to Believe - Newberg and Waldman

Luke stole from the writings of Josephus

Miracles: Sceptics & believers must concur what solid evidence is needed

Bottom line, religion is at best a baby step to violence and hate

Canon Bourke's letter on Knock visions is revealing

Boxing and violent sports and religion

Breaking faith exposes "saints" by John Cornwell

Brigid Trench, her Knock vision testimony was doctored

God as creator is impossible

Brief refutations of Catholicism

Adele Brisse - Our Lady of Good Help

PROBLEM: Prayers/spells will pass tests if standards lowered enough

Brute fact and God

Is God a brute fact? If so could anything be?

Buddhism and the selfish notion of the afterlife

Why Buddha was no saint

Buddhism versus Catholicism

Buddhism is too pessimistic to be called a faith

Fundamental contradictions between Catholics & Buddhists

Buddhist Teaching

Does Buddhism sort of justify suicide?

Did Paul say we no longer know Jesus the man?

The Burden of Proof and the claim your faith is supernatural

Burden of proof is on you if you claim to be rational

Burden of proof is on believer in God more than the atheist

God -you need burdens of proof not burden

Miracles & the Burden of Showing they are Persuasive

Jesus' burial cloth would not have passed to the disciples

The Burial Cloths of Christ, Catholic Truth Society

The burial of Jesus is hearsay even if you go by the gospels

Would Jesus have been buried in Nazareth?

The Bible is as Evil as Mein Kampf

Lessons from the baby in the burning house

Catholic promotion of God is about power and control - theirs

Miracles impossible by definition?

Religion and the bystander effect

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