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Facebook comments givenomoneytocatholicchurch

Givenomoney2catholicchurch posts on religion on facebook

My critical facebook comments on the pope

Different factions in a bad religion

Religion gives opinion while science offers facts

Miracle factuality or significance - what matters?

Failed solutions to Bible contradictions by the famous Haley

Bible salvation is by faith alone

By faith alone book shows how Protestantism is right that faith alone saves

Epistle of James does not deny salvation by faith alone

Is faith a work by which we earn salvation?

Faith in God is man's way of condoning divine evil by worsening it

Faith as a cover for condoning divine evil

How faith in God can fuel depression

Pascal was right, religious faith does evil best

Faith doesn't need to be turned religious

FAITHEISM - reclaiming my right to answer only to me

Mother Teresa forced religion on the dying

Can LGBT be actively LGBT and also a good Catholic?

Notion of faith being a grace has bad implications

If God breathes faith in you why do you still err with it?

The dangerous marriage between placebo and faith healing

Faith in evil spirits - how people can like it

Faith in Faith

Faith in miracles is just faith in men

All faith is ultimately faith in yourself alone!

Faith in religion is not a virtue, though it says it is

Faith is not feeling and should be more mature than that!

How faith kills LGBT people in todays world

When faith is just lazy and an excuse to avoid learning

Religion unifies faith & love to bias towards miracle belief

Religious faith is an unnecessary evil

Placebo of Christian faith

Is religious faith a private affair?

How faith in God amplifies the projection of evil unto others

Religious faith unlike other faith demands bias

Respecting religious belief and Catholicism

Jesus formulated faith in a bigoted way, he made thought-crimes

No faith unity - therefore a Church is just a social construct

Jerry Coyne, Faith versus Fact

How religious faith invites you to violence

Not all Catholics are really Catholic

Padre Pio's fake attempts to hide stigmata

Catholic fake sorrow for sin

Moral Neutrality - and evil falls short of good theodicy

Lourdes fails tests for really being the work of God

False Prophecy Book of Mormon

False prophecies of the miraculous medal visions

All the Bible Prophets Were Fakes

A theory will tell you how to disprove it - Popper and falsification

Bible fanatically forbids all lies

The ally of the fanatic is worse or as bad

Sacrament of the Sick is fanatical nonsense

Concerns about religious fanaticism

When religious dogma is put before people

Fanaticism in First Christians


Fatalism and God go together - inevitably

Fathers are no help in showing Jesus existed

The bungled commission that authenticated Fatima

The lies about the 1917 visions of Mary at Fatima

Heresies and lies in the revelations of Fatima

Thanks to Lucia, Fatima became a legend

Fatima predicted at seance?

Martindale's data on Fatima refutes the authenticity of the visions

Fantasist Faustina - her Divine Mercy devotion

About fear

Is the fear of death a hint that there is a Hell?

Taking away fear drives religious terrorist activity

Christian faith is stubborn fearful arrogance

Does feeling free mean we are free?

Feeling free is not an argument for free will if God exists

Can psychology say we have free will for we feel free?

Prayer is feeling good about doing nothing

The feeling of being loved by God is your real God not God

Feel that life is meaningful

Feel love for God only

Minucius Felix attacks the crucifixion of Jesus

Could women witness to the empty tomb and risen Jesus?

Rational Feminism - granting true equality to women

Feuerbach's The Essence of Christianity

Jesus says that few will be saved and go to eternal bliss

Jesus tells a parable to try and derange people who fear Hell

The New Testament Documents by FF Bruce

Female Genital Mutilation

Fields of Blood by Karen Armstrong

Fighting Words: The Origins Of Religious Violence by Professor Hector Avalos

Fighting Words, Avalos, on Islam

Jesus uses the fig tree as a lesson for us

Final choice - the reason why Hell is eternal?

How did Smith find the Golden Plates?

Is the universe fine-tuned by God?

Finetuned universe? Thus is there a God?

Finite past and cause

The insane doctrine that selfishness is the tormenting hellfire

Jesus the firstborn

The first Muslim - how it rules out Jesus as a special prophet

First Vision Joseph Smith

My flesh is food indeed - Jesus is not referring to the Mass

When Jesus said the flesh is useless for giving life

Flew and Christianity

There is a God, Flew's book reviewed

A philosopher shows that God is just a guess

Flew - Falsification Principle

Changing moral principles when it suits - can morality be fluid?

Food Taboos in Religion

Hate speech alert, "Fool says in his heart that there's no God"

Baptism is open to being forced on babies & intellectually different

Do we choose our beliefs or not?

Religion and forced conversion - what it really thinks!

Does God force damnation on people?

Baptism and forced "membership" of the Church

God should have a force-field around us

Forcing religious people to do same sex weddings

Is being forced by God to repent any good?

Why religious freedom is no excuse for denying recognition to a same sex marriage

Forcing people to hear the gospel versus forced conversion

Miracles wreck attempts to find the supernatural explanation

Some New Testament books are forgeries

Really forgiving - what is it?

The dark side of forgiveness

Forgiveness is for the evil person's sake only

Forgiving enemy for God's sake

Is it your place to forgive what was done to others

Antisemitist Christianity forgives evil Hitler for his antisemitism

Forgiveness is incoherent

When to forgive is to judge


Forgiveness and gratitude are co-dependent

Is loving sinner hating sin just describing forgiveness of sinners?

Forgiveness is pro-atheism

Christianity says forgiving is not natural

Do I have to forgive attacks on others not just on me?

Forgiveness is often confused with healing of the past

God belief has me virtually forgive things I have no right to

Forgive but yet punish

Absurdity of forgiving yourself

List of reasons why belief in a forgiving God is evil

Forgotten sins

Forgotten sins - a source of spiritual terror?

Formal Defection from Religion and the Law

The formal proof that God is disproved by evil

Popes Formosus and Stephen VII - archenemies!

Forgiving for the sake of the enemy

Fortune telling - atheists and the Church are right to oppose it

Foundation errors expose Jesus story as false

Jesus calls Herod a fox - makes a racist slur

People who were religious frauds were canonised

Is a miracle a freak law of nature?

Free will is not freedom from control if there is a God so its useless

Review Fr Pat Collin's Freedom from Evil Spirits

Compatibilists think free will is just freedom from compulsion

Freedom of speech

Free will argument refutes, not defends, God

Dangerous doctrine of free will

Free will and altruism are a dangerous marriage

Can have free will but be unable to sin!

Reason can work without having free will

Free Will - a Harmful Doctrine

The free will argument for God puts cart before horse

God's free will is crucial to creation doctrine

Free Will Defence and Population

Free will and desire

Free Will Disproved

Free will and the insane

Free will accuses you of creating evil - its a slander

Free will, what does it really mean?

Free will is not a gift from God

Free will is an untrue doctrine and lacks support

The nasty doctrine free will is only about good v evil

Why believe in free will?

My posts on Building a Bridge to LGBT man Fr James Martin

Mary is not appearing at Medjugorje

From my Discus - my comments on religion

Fruits argument and life-changing grace from God

The good fruits argument for Medjugorje

Baptise in name of Father Son and Spirit ???

Fundamentalism of John Paul II

The Truth about Fundamentalism

Don't assume the fundamentalist definition is clear

Secularism is a fundamental human right

Why a Humanist Funeral?

Islam and the future of tolerance

Free will and altruism and egoism

Free will because of God implies miracles not needed

Free will and Christian belief

God wants us to use our free will to suffer with others in compassion

Free will is not supported by consciousness

What is the free will defence?

Free Will Defence is evil for it blames

Free will and the denial that evil is a real thing or choice

Free Will Defence is a Flop

Not true that free will defence motivates good works

There is no point in believing in free will

Doctrine that evil is not real denies that we have free will

Free will - is love voluntary?

Free will and the doctrine of an evil nature

Some experts on the myth of free will

God should trick you to think you have free will

Two understandings of free will as power to choose good

What is free will?

Do we have partial free will?

Free will - is it a miracle?

Is free will a joy or a necessary evil?

Free will and our options!

Free will if it exists is about power not morality as such

Should we believe in free will for pragmatic reasons?

Psychology Supports Opposition to Free Will

Argument for free will from desire for revenge

Is free will about spiritual stuff only?

Top theologians show Christian teaching on free will is nonsense

Free will and trusting God

If virtue is in the mind then is free will a myth?

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