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What if God is hallucinating that he is God or can give us orders?

Hammer of witches

Some weak arguments for afterlife from Handbook of Christian Apologetics

Bible - myth or history?

Handbooks chart on the resurrection of Jesus is deliberately oversimplified

Handbook Christian Apologetics on Risen Jesus as Hallucination

Handbook of Christian Apologetics on Happiness, its bizarre!

Handbook of Christian Apologetics - Hell's endless punishment

Afterlife in Handbook of Christian Apologetics

Hate sin love sinner proves evil refutes God


Handbook of Christian Apologetics: God as good & letting evil happen

The origin of the Handbook of Christian Apologetics

Handbook of Christian Apologetics on Hell as punishment

Handbook of Christian Apologetics - Christians & other religions

Resurrection - Handbook of Christian Apologetics

Handbook of Christian Apologetics - a review

Salvation - Handbook of Christian Apologetics

Selflessness as a principle turns choosing happiness into sin

Happiness is not happiness if it needs sacrifice

How to be happy!

FAITHEISM - reclaiming my only true power: owning myself

Happiness and the Problem of Evil

Happiness as side-effect of doing good

Hard rationalism

Hare Krishna ISKCON

Harmful beliefs

Harmonising gospel accounts is airbrushing contradictions

Harry Cox gives light on the Ripper murders

You need to know the truth about hate

To hate the harm done is not the same as hating sin

Hate your own sin first before you love sinner and hate the sin?

Love the person but hate the harm they do?

Why do we have to hate the sin? Can't God just forgive to save us the trouble?

Bishop Huonder used violent texts to condemn gay lovemaking

Hating big sins

Is altruism hateful and against egoists?

Hating relatively harmless sins is deranged

Jesus wants you to hate your parents if they are against him

Do not hate your sin!

Hating sin is too burdensome and leads to violence

Hating sin is the first step to hating sinner

Hatred and religion

Fr. Hauke responds to criticism from Medjugorje supporters

Comedian Refers to Communion as Haunted Bread

Stephen Hawking lays the god of the gaps habit to rest

Stephen Hawking and Miracles

Hawking was falsely accused of punching philosophically above his weight

Headcovering - when earliest Christians oppressed women in Church

Avoid healers! Their magical beliefs are arsenic

Why claiming healing powers is pride

A study in the healing miracles of Matthew's gospel

Healthy spirituality?

Heather Woods Stigmata

Heaven creates moral problems that show it is nonsense

Its unethical to preach Heaven as a gift from God

Heaven - Handbook of Christian Apologetics Refuted

Heaven and Hell, the lies that we have all absorbed

No real benefit in believing in afterlife

Does John 6 talk about a Heavenly Eucharist only?

Stone at tomb easy to move?

Hebrews 11 treats faith as more important than facts

Hebrews denies Jesus can be verified

Hebrews in Bible refutes priests and masses as unChristian

Hebrews letter refutes the sacrifice of the mass as a sin

Avalos has found Medjugorje challenges the resurrection evidence

Hegesippus and the evidence for Jesus

Evil doctrine of everlasting punishment in Hell

Hell and Mercy

Belief in Hell does harm actually and potentially

Everlasting Punishment in Hell - a blessing?!

Christian teaching on Hell is in the Bible

Why is the eternal Hell doctrine almost a staple in the religious menu?

Is Hell unlocked meaning the damned won't leave?

The hell doctrine forces people to hate

Everlasting Punishment - is free will removed by God?

Hell gives Christians meaning in life!

Eternal punishment and mourning

Doctrine of everlasting torment leads to persecuting

God cannot risk damning even if he can

Catholicism makes saints of bad people

Hell is a doctrine that enforces hate

Jesus's dungeon of horrors in Hell!

Those in Heaven enjoy the suffering of those in Hell

How Hell Belief makes you Uncaring

Hell is a useless doctrine except for religious bullies

Henry Morris and Creation Science

End hereditary religion - let people make their own choices

Heresy - sin of putting your "truth" before God's revealed truth

Heresy and Medjugorje

Heresy is parasitic on the religion's truth claim

God has no struggles so God cannot relate to you as a hero

King Herod has Jesus risen before Jesus rose!

Hick on the absurdity of Jesus being both God and Man

God hides and then does miracles - how odd!

Expressing faith in a higher power is harmful

Open Letter to Bishop Boyce Raphoe Diocese

The doctored testimony of Patrick Hill at Knock 1879

Hinduism - another human religion

It could have been Jesus' shroud!

How useful to historians are the gospels?

History of Bible literalism

History shows the papacy is just a political/religious invention

Hitchens Blair - Is religion a force for good?

Hitler - How Jesus and Christianity made him executioner

Was Jesus' burial a hoax?

Theo Hobson, his unfair view of atheist values in his God Created Humanism

Is the Catholic Church holy? It says it is!

Holy Innocents

Sacrament of Masturbation!

Holy See just got statehood it didn't deserve, then it played along

The superstition that holy souls in Purgatory are helpless

Why the Holy Spirit notion is so offensive

Holy Spirit is not God

Is unworthy communion homicide?

The homosexual who is active in the Catholic Church

Thinking about homophobia

Pope Francis, homophobic pope and trans hater

Give gays & str8s equality

Bible God blesses anti-gay hate

Pope Honorius - arch-heretic and proof that the pope is not infallible

Honour - does what I am honoured for matter only?

Honouring bad scriptures is using words as violence

Bible God commands murder but is the murder honour killing?

Honor thy father and thy mother - the commandment of God

Hoping "evil" people drop dead so that others will be spared

Hope Endures exposes Mother Teresa

Hope is dross compared to optimism

Weil versus the hateful God of power

Religion - a hospital for sinners?

Letterkenny General Hospital - Chapel Closure

Hostile Request to be released from RC Church

How are beliefs respected?

How dare you insult suffering and evil in order to have a faith!

How did Jesus rise from the dead?

Howe's testimonials that Mormonism was a hoax by a fake prophet

How does free will work and function?

How good is the good God draws from evil, or that just comes from it?

Is Paul's text evidencing the resurrection of Jesus much good?

How sincere is respect for the beliefs of others?

Why something not nothing? Should it be a "how"?

Humanae Vitae, the teaching that killed millions of women

If we are God's children then we are equal to God!

Why it is dangerous to think faith in man's word is faith in God

Secular Humanism

Secular Humanism Criticised

Ethics for the humanist

Some principles for Humanists

Reasoning for humanism

My thoughts on human rights

Hume A Very Short Guide by A J Ayer

David Hume and God

David Hume comments on the miracles of the Bible

David Hume on Cause & Effect

Did Hume confuse frequent occurrences with evidence?

David Hume and induction

Thoughts on morality and David Hume

Hume says we cannot show morality is rational

Hume's fork - logic and observation are your only tools but go off on their own

You cannot derive an ought from an is

Hume's theorem - against belief in miracles

A table showing how Hume was right to protest miracle belief

Religious people fake humility

Hume and moral subjectivism

Hungarian Codex - does it depict the Shroud of Turin?

Hypnopompic hallucinations and the risen Jesus tale


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