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When the Catholic Church says, "I absolve you..."

Jesus when he used "I am" did he mean I am God?

Christians who assert, "I believe for its improbable"

Ideal utilitarianism - maximising the greatest virtue of greatest number

Ideas are never sacred - question them all if you think there is a need

Ideology - when ideas make addicts and become tools to oppress

Religion and science, methodology or ideology?

God is your Idol, and an Idol is always bad

Making excuses for idolatry

Idolatry of Praying to Jesus

Catholic Mass is an idolatrous sacrifice!

An easy test to show statue worshippers they are are idolaters

If Christ has not been raised then faith is in vain

Is it easy to believe in Hell?

Paul admits there is a big "IF" over Jesus

If Lourdes cures are real it does not help the Catholic faith

Consequences of saying your sins are not part of you

If you forgive the sins of any - did he mean if you have clairvoyance?

Does John Gospel say Jesus gave Church power to pardon sins?

Ignatius - no evidence for Jesus but the resurrection appearances

Ignorance of the law of the land and the moral law

Are religionists ignorant or lying?

Don't take religious liberals seriously

Religion ignores any miracle that contradicts its theology

Christians claim the Biblical right to ignore the Saturday Sabbath

Egoism and the notion, "Nobody hurts me unless I let them"

Roman Catholicism and the illegitimate child

Suggestions on how to make the Turin Shroud image

I am the image of God means I have dignity or does it?

Bible God forbids use of images in worship

Catholic Image Worship is idolatry

Bible God says, "Behold I make evil"

The Immaculate Conception

Immaculate Deception of Lourdes Vision

Wanting a daddy God is immature and toxic

Immoral moralities

Did Jesus die and rise or an impersonator?

Did Jesus die and rise or an impersonator?

The Implications of Psychological Egoism

Implicit atheism may be the strongest atheism!

Secularism is inherently implied criticism of religion


Was there an impostor at La Salette pretending to be Mary?

Impostor syndrome and faith in God

Incarnation of God as Jesus makes God evil

Incarnationism and the Eucharist - Justin

Incitement to hatred

Doctrines About God make no sense

Does prayer and magic work in contraries?

St Bernadette of Lourdes- incorrupt body or waxwork?

Photos of allegedly incorrupt bodies

Incorruptible Bodies - a Catholic Miracle?

Elective and therapeutic abortion are human rights

Afterlife is not a harmless concept

Antisemitism - why Jesus and the Christians are to blame

Atheism is simply avoiding projecting your autonomy to a God

An Atheist's Values by Richard Robinson 1964

Baptism is not about the child but about religion

Bible isn't the word of God at all its the musings & lies of man

Gleason Archer Encyclopedia of Bible Difficulties - its sophistry

Bible and its God are violent and evil

Download these books refuting religious lies

Reviews of books that expose the lies that comprise religion

When you make a claim your duty is to support it with evidence

Christians should keep their faith away from children

Cut all ties with Christianity. It is anti-truth and illogical, you don't need it

Why you must help the Church to decline

Clergy sex abuse and how the Church never helped victims

Confession to sin to priests is degrading yourself

Creation is actually an occult notion

Against cults - all religion is a cult to some degree

David Hume laid miracles/religion to rest definitively

Jesus, fraud or God? Legend?

Indecent Images

Every act is about myself - there are only self-described altruists

Baptism - a demeaning tool for equating you with a word "Catholic"

How to work out right and wrong - rule 1 keep faith out of it!

Mass/Eucharist is idolatry and riddled with immoralities

Nobody has right to spread unchecked miracle claims

Is evil more than just a poor standard of behaviour?

Put your religion to the test - it may be the best thing for you!

Religious tradition is peer pressure from the dead

God's grace is human influence pretending it is not manipulating

Religion and faith are subtle weapons and can hurt you

You must be better than God when you can speak for him

Why giving a sweet to a child is better than a day of prayer

Liberal religions want to capture your brain too

Religious faith often gives way to worse faiths

Scriptures such as the Bible are violent in language/imagery

Jesus, Moses and Joseph Smith, monarchs of the patriarchy

Live your authentic non-religious life

Love has a bad side so why should a lloving god mean a great one?

Man made religious constructs have no validity

Needs are not wants - religion and God are not needs

Religion can be underhand in how it controls you

Own yourself, don't let religious opinion try to define you

Exorcism and demons are forms of abuse and need banning

People matter as people, not as "images" of God

PDF downloads refuting the goodness of God and religion

Religion does not support your informed religious choice

Reality will always bring you down with a bump, be real

Sin contradicts "innocent until proven guilty"

If religion is true why does it need so many liars to promote it?

Understanding your right to freedom from religion

Nobody has the right to say God is right to let you suffer

Religious love has a dark side

Religion is passive aggressive role play

Is religious faith bad in the long run?

The harms of letting religion into your heart

Jesus - fraud not God?

Lies about Mary appearing at Fatima in 1917

Forgiveness from God is a cloak for condoning the bad done to you

Suggested links if you are a freethinker

Free will is a guess & excuse for blaming us for evil not God

General refutations of the believability of miracle and magic

General reasons why you should defect from Catholic Church

God does not underscore morality - he undermines it

Atheism is the only real gospel - its the truth anyway!

The four gospels are untruthful and also slanderous to Jews

Handbook of Christian Apologetics - Kreeft Pacelli - is foolish

Miracle belief directly and indirectly leads to harm

Miracle healings are nonsense and dangerous nonsense too

Hell and Purgatory - They are not real so do not fear them

Humanist is enough so what do you want God for?

Miracles indicate weak faith

Faith in God is a screen for idolatry

How a choice shows there is no God

Islam is not the true religion or a desirable faith

Is religious system or individual religious belief the problem?

Jesus rising in the light of the body not being an individual thing

Religion drove and protected the Ripper

Jesus is an overrated and bad role model - admit the truth

Evidence for Jesus being real is not up to standard

Is Jesus story based on trickery and lies?

Cruel Old Testament law is still respected/validated by Christians

Knock apparition of 1879 is dubious

Be a person of principle and leave the Church

Atheism is the true friend of LGBTQ+ rights

Links to criticism of religious truth claims

Mary did not really appear in Lourdes 1858

Love sinner, hate sin is a lie and is passive-aggressive

Marriage is obsolete and anti-woman

General objections to Catholic veneration of Mary

Do you need faith in God or religion to feel your life is worthwhile?

Medjugorje is one of the biggest ever religious tricks

Historical methods downgrade miracle claims

Mormonism is the creation of men not God

Schools are being used to exploit vulnerable minds

Summary - Baptism and Indoctrination


Paranormal is suspect and why it matters hugely

Popes have stolen their role as head of the Church

Posts and comments refuting religion

Prayer is full of silliness and passive aggressive laziness

Priests are man-made roles and have no right to claim authority

Realities of suffering and evil make God unworthy of love

Nobody could ever really predict the future

Protestantism - is it the real purified Christianity?

Is punishment valid?

Questions and answers - challenging religion

Catholic ethics is full of contradictions and lacks credibility

Discarding the Catholic version of God

Why Roman Catholicism is harmful

Catholicism is a polytheistic religion and denies it

Religion soothes the violent and encourages them

Religion is just superstitious magic feigning intelligence

Jesus is dead - he did not rise again

Sacraments - they are occult rites pretending to be godly

Praying to saints is a mistake and many saints are not saints

Science and faith/religion are incompatible

Religion is sectarianism and based on unfair thinking

Secularism is a fundamental human right that religion damages

Turin Shroud is not a contact print and is not evidence for Jesus

Idea of sin needs to be abandoned - mistake would do

Being skeptical about miracles and magic etc

Stigmata and stigmatics such as Padre Pio - not genuine

God is a myth - he is not real

Truth is what you need so have the courage to line up to it

Indulgences - indulgence in nonsense

Visions and apparitions in the Church are dubious

Why Papal Infallibility is a Hoax

If dogma infallible then justifications infallible too

McGrath on Papal Infallibility

Infallibility is useless

The Heresy of Infant Baptism

In favour of the 7 deadly sins

Did the Law of Moses know of infection head of its time?

Could it be there was always something? No creation?

The infinite weakness objection to Hell

Influence and free will

In God we Trust

Inherently discriminatory, the Church does harm

Inherently evil calls evil a brute fact

Baptism in the name of Jesus

Religion and idolatry are two sides of the one coin

Holy Inquisition

INRI - the sign on the cross

Religious criticism is necessary to expose insincere religious leaders

Is infallibility inspiration?

Instrumental egoism - the notion that self-interest pays even if amoral or non-moral

Why religion loves the intelligent design science theory

Do shroud believers think it was intended to be a negative???

Catholic sacraments may be empty rites

Intention is desire and desire involves self-interest always

Communion table excludes some people from receiving Jesus

Religion and its skill of internalising evil

The its a matter of interpretation excuse for violent scriptures

Religion manipulates your weakness for going into denial

Church and intolerance for heresy

Intrinsic good and intrinsic evil often welded together

Miracles are intrinsically improbable

Intrinsic and instrumental value

The real attraction for faith in God is how its an avenue for narcissism

Is it feeling or intuition or both that tell us if we have free will?

The idea that you only reject what you think the Church is

Protestant idea that the Church is spiritual rather than an organisation

God - equivalent to saying there is an invisible unicorn?

Baptism invites evil into the baby

Are angels and saints invoked in the Bible?

Irish Catholicism

From Irish Times on being pro-choice

Northern Ireland

The simple truth is that Jesus is not God!

Irresistible grace and Calvinism

Isacaron a demon composes prayers to Jesus' mother! Is she in Hell?

Isaiah 53 does not predict Jesus' death

Is egoism arbitrary? Why should I put myself ahead of the other person?

Is egoism true? Is it all about me deep down no matter what I do?

Andrew Sims - Is Faith Delusion?

Supernatural faith of Catholics?

Heaven is a den of asceticism and a Hell

Islamic State

Muslim or not, ISIS is a religion

Questions Islam Cannot Answer

Hell for sinners - in Islamic and Mormon thought

MUSLIM: What You Need to Know - Islamic theology

Muhammad rejects notion of binary sex or binary gender

Islam is more believable than Christianity

Is Religion Irrational? by Keith Ward

Koran does not really have the Christian Jesus but Issa

Why is the figure Issa mistaken for Jesus in the Quran?

Qur'an Issa versus Jesus - they are rivals not the same person

The hypothetical and what it says about you!

Jesus is not in the Koran

God does my good deeds, not me

It takes religion to make good people do evil

Discuss, "For honest good people to lie, that takes religion"

IVF - the ethics of In Vitro Fertilisation

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