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The sick porn of the Bible influenced Jack the Ripper

Religion drove Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper - there is a suspect who rises above all others

Jacob Levy as Jack the Ripper?

James, blood brother of Jesus?

Josephus cannot be shown to have heard of Jesus

St Januarius

Was Jesus debunked by sceptics of his day?


Jehovah's Witnesses, The Watchtower Society

Jensen - authority of scripture

Jeremiah the Prophet

Jesus - died an old man!!

Jesus lived in ancient times

Jesus and prayer

Jesus anti-religion

Jesus was an apparition not a man

Jesus is a weapon not a role model

Was Jesus really baptised in the Jordan?

Jesus' best miracle causes problems for his resurrection

Jesus was a bigot for affirming his scriptures

How Jesus blessed and commanded and protected child sex abuse/child rape

The Jesus Code by Grant Jeffrey

Jesus ran a cult - an abusing religious group

Jesus did not say stoning the adulteress was immoral

Jesus denied he was good

Jesus does not care about diagnosing possession

The irritating argument that Jesus never mentioned homosexuality

Jesus did not start the Eucharist, its a Church invention

Jesus was an evil divine command theorist

Insane and Fanatical Love for God is commanded by Jesus

Jesus was a fake exorcist

Jesus Christ was a False Prophet

Jesus forgives sins against God or does he?

Jesus failed his own good fruits from thorns argument

Did Jesus get out of the tomb for he was buried alive?

Jesus' deluded ideas about gratitude to God

The Jesus Hate Crime, a child of another race is called a dog

Jesus hates sin as does his Bible

Jesus hates those who are unsaved

Jesus hates you!!!!

Was Jesus a Homosexual? Yes!

Did Jesus use hypnosis?

Christians worship Jesus like a false god

Jesus is pro-imprudence

Did Jesus go to Hell for our sins?

The Jesus Inquest by Charles Foster

The doctrine that Jesus is the Torah, the evil Jewish law

Catholics, "Jesus is the pope, & 'popes' through the pope"

Jesus Was a Liar

Jesus and his lying doctrines

Jesus untruthful about his main claim: to be Christ

Are Jesus Miracles Credible?

Jesus was a terrible thinker as a moralist

Motives in the light of altruism egoism and Jesus

Jesus Mysteries - Freke and Gandy: Jesus was a pagan god

Jesus - an apparition or mystical force?

Why does Paul never distinguish Jesus from a myth?

Was Jesus prophesied by the Old Testament God? No!

The dying and living again Messiah could have been any number of people

Did Jesus offer himself on cross to Satan?

Jesus is the only way to God doctrine

Jesus and pleasure, the startling truth

Jesus predicted apostasy in Christianity

Jesus was in league with evil spirits - the true Prince of Evil

Was Jesus the Prophet predicted by Moses?

Jesus was pro-Torah as vicious as it was

Was Jesus rescued from the tomb? Was he buried alive?

So the "Pacifist" Jesus riots in the Temple and hits people???!!!

Jesus teaches salvation by faith alone

Jesus said that only the Bible is God's word

Jesus made self-respect and self-love a sin

Jesus was a slanderer and today would be found guilty of libel

Jesus slandered the Jews

Jesus the Spirit Guide?

Jesus tempts to sin

Jesus - the false God of Catholicism

Jesus Christ was a Jew

Is Jesus God the Judge or Not?

Jesus should be discarded for he was a racist

Jesus condemned even understandable biblebased traditions

Jesus abused the "word of God"

Jesus battles with religious charlatans

Jesus versus ecumenism

Jesus preaches hate

Jesus was not a pacifist

Church uses Jesus as a weapon against his own Jewish religion

Why did Jesus have to die?

Jesus left no writings at all!

Christians Kept Jewish Feasts

It is not true the Law of God in the Bible, Torah, no longer applies

Gospels slander Jews as Christ killers

Jews were falsely accused of nailing Jesus to the cross

JIHAD In Islam is about battles not wars

John 6 has nothing to do with last supper

Jesus never purposely contradicted the Law of Moses

Christian Hypocrisy regarding Jo

John's gospel does not really start off calling Jesus God

John 20:31 refutes transubstantiation and the mass

The real foundation of Catholicism is a fanciful interpretation of John 3:5

John Gospel denies bread & wine turn into Jesus

John 6 Verse 52 does not support Catholic Mass

John 6 jumbled up?

Adulterous woman in John 8, doesn't show love matters not law

John the Baptist witness against Jesus

St John Bosco - fake saint and bigot

John Curry, Knock vision is suspect

John Gospel does not literally make Jesus out to be God

Durkin, is his testimony to Knock vision any good?

How impressive are Jesus' miracles in the Gospel of John?

Case for John's Gospel alone being inspired of God

John the Baptist fits the Messiah prophecies better than Jesus

John shocks us with revelations about his mate Jesus

John the Baptist - the Real Messiah

Water baptism is not taught in John 3

The author of John in tradition

Miracle preservation of Pope John XXIII? Obviously its wax!

Archeology, Joseph and Jericho are Bible lies or myths

Joseph Smith was not getting messages from God

Why Josephus did not write a testament about Jesus

Flavius Josephus - his any of his Jesus material genuine?

Jewish Antiquities 20 and Jesus' existence

James - what did Josephus mean by calling him Jesus' brother?

Jesus' contemporary historian as good as denies his existence

Josephus refuted the reliability of our four gospels

Josephus never testified to Jesus

Is the James of Josephus writings Jesus' real brother?

Josephus' material on John is problematic, like the Jesus data

Josephus didnt know of Jesus

Josephus recorded apparitions in implicit denial of the Jesus ones

What Jesus is referred to in Josephus?

The Josiah Effect

The joy of atheism

Letting person die - John Paul 2 in 1980

On Strobel's The Case for Christ

Judas Iscariot Rehabilitated

Only real Christian is the Jewish Christian - Christians are few

Judging and being judgemental and God

Judge sin not sinner hypocrisy

Judging a person who commits suicide

Judging and why we don't like being judged

Judy Campbell, her account of Knock vision

Jungian thought shows how God is an idol

Miracle is just another name for magic

Retribution is revenge in disguise

The Christian doctrine of justification

Catholic understanding of justification or being righteous in God's sight

Can Punishment be justified?

Justify secularism

Justin Martyr did not really know of gospels

Justin Martyr and the Memoirs of the Apostles

The stupidity of Justin Martyr annuls his case for Jesus

The Just War Theory and Religion

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