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Catholicism's Fraudulent Miracles

The appearances of the Virgin Mary Medjugorje are nonsense

How religions of lies are really just occult nonsense

Lying Jesus of John's Gospel

Proof that Jesus' 12 apostles were liars

Christian hypocrisy about lies

The Lusk Letter and Jack the Ripper

How good are Luke's miracle stories about Jesus?

Jesus preaches hell torment in Luke 16

Luke 13 shows Jesus' hate

Will anybody turn evil in a bad situation - is Hitler in all of us?

Lucifer is Jesus?

Lucia made up tales about her alleged visions

Lucia of Fatima was a liar

Love sinner, hate sin - why?

Is hating the sin the strongest or loving the sinner?

Love sinner hate sin - will attack your rights at the polling station

Love the sinner hate the sin - is it merely against physical violence?

Love sinner, hate sin - in light of free will

Torment of loving sinner and hating sin

If loving sinner hating sin is possible its difficult

Switching from love to hate isn't loving sinner, hating sin

Love sinner hate sin and slippery slope

Sin to see through love sinner and hate sin

People cherry pick what sinners to love or hate

Love the sinner and hate the sin attacks secular people

Love the sinner and hate sins is against scholarship

Love Sinner Hate Sin: What Christians REALLY Believe

Love sinner and hate sin is for psychopaths

Psychology exposes "love sinner and hate sin" fraud

Need proof to love sinner and accuse them of sin

What does love sinner hate sin mean?

Love sinner hate sin therefore love yourself least

Inventing sins to persecute sinners

Relationship between indifference and love sinner and hate sin

Love sinner, hate sin - in light of mortal hell-deserving sin

Fake Humility of love sinner hate sin

Hating good intentions and love the sinner hate the sin

Love is not the opposite of hate but a form of hate itself

Fear leads to violence - it is not hate that is the problem

Love sinner, hate sin - not for man but God

Love sinner, hate sin and feelings

Hell makes hating sin far worse

Not sin to hate when forced - says the Church

The love sinner hate sin delusion

Church lies that it believes in loving sinners hating sins

Is it consequences of sin you are to hate not the sinner?

Conflicts about love make love sinner hate sin a mess

Condoning evil - love sinner hate sin

Christians and Love the Sinner and hate the sin

Love sinner, hate sin - you never know when hated

Ingredient of sin is stupidity, exposes love sinner hate sin as lie

Love the sinner and hate the sin is arsenic

Angry at the sinner not the sin

Jesus made lower than the angels? Was he God?

The honouring the saint is honouring God argument refuted

Loving God alone is evil

Unconditional love, like God its another universal lie

Ann Lovett, victim of the Catholic system

What is wrong with love neighbour as oneself?

Hate Sin means Hate Sinner

Love sinner morally

Love the sinner and hate the sin

How loving the sinner can blind you to your sins

Does love of of enemies apply to loving Satan?

Christian love is patronising and a violation

No depth in "love one another"

Loving the free will of others

Love thy Neighbour as thyself - vague

Love thy Neighbour as thyself - smokescreen

Love thy Neighbour more than Thyself!

Does love your neighbour as yourself define altruism?

Why religion saying love is voluntary is problematic

Love and happiness for the humanist

Christianity advocates essentially fanatical piety

Burden of having to love God mostly or totally

Fanatical extremism of loving God alone

Love damned and hate their damning sin

Love has a bad side- its overhyped

Love neighbour as thyself - self-love forbidden

To love everybody results in loving nobody

Can you love a complete sinner?

Lourdes is an example of the dangerous power of faith placebo

Lourdes - the miracles of healing are dubious

Holy Lies about Lourdes

Lot and Genesis - how homosexuality is the worst sin

Flying Virgin Mary and her flying house of Loreto

Our Father/Lord's Prayer is offensive

Exorcist Lopez Sedano

Logic and the Church

What is logical positivism?

Logical positivism undermines religious faith


Logical proof from evil that God is impossible

Living without the Church

Living together does not ruin the marriage

Nun spurns Mother Teresa

Live in the Power of Now!

Is the little horn of the Bible the Papal Antichrist?

A Mustard seed of faith ...

The need for litigation against the Church

Was Mary a literal virgin? Its not clear

The fires of Hell are literal fires

The gospels were closed books for the people were illiterate

Don't stay in a religion with evil doctrine

List of Christian Hypocrisies

List of Bible books is not finalised

The bishops who exposed the Turin Shroud as fake

The claim that you have to believe in Hell if you believe in free will

A Mormon apologist argues that Book of Mormon has textual evidence that it is ancient

Protestant doctrine that Jesus did not die for all sinners but some

Limited atonement - the notion that Jesus did not die for all

Limbo as a Catholic doctrine

Unbaptised babies banned from Heaven

Liking a person is self-interest

Bad religious leader is not all to blame- so are his followers by default

God lifting a stone that cannot be lifted

Grace and the purpose of life

Life Offering Revelations

Total absurdity cannot exist

Life is worth living for atheists and for all

Is the Bible scientific when it says life is in the blood?

Necessary evil is just everywhere

Lies about the complimentary nature of science and religion

Lies and guesses are used to prop up the credibility of miracles

Venial sin doctrine is hypocrisy

Lie that the universe and nature were intelligently designed

John the Baptist did not pave way for Jesus

Liberty - freedom must be maximised

Liberal Catholics need to get out of the Church

Liberal religion facilitates nastiness towards atheists too

Hitler and his liberal Christianity liquidated the Jews in WW2

A liberal Catholic is just a liberal not a Catholic

Why"Resurrection happened for we are not liars" isn't an argument

Did the early followers of Jesus simply lie that he rose from the dead?

Liar, Lunatic or Lord of all?

Why lgbt who does not identify as Catholic should tick no religion

When LGBT supports the Church

Census, LGBT and Religion

The Ripper Letter concerning Joseph Levy

The book of Leviticus on homosexuality

Flying saints and levitation

Letter of Clement of Alexandria on Secret Gospel of Mark

My Freethinking Letters

Letter on Prayer - published 2003

The letter of Jude advocates hate

Let children make their own faith decisions!

Believe what you want - absurd advice!

What is wrong with the notion of "lesser of two evils"?

The universe is becoming un-"designed"!!!

Pope Leo XIII on how heresy makes you a non-Catholic

Professor Lennox's lies in the service of Christianity

The Gerasenes Demoniac - Legion, Mark 5

Legends about Jesus' mother

Was the Resurrection a Legend?

The doctrine of a mystery God leads to dogmatic legalism

If I've no natural explanation for a miracle then must I leave it alone?

Leaving judgement to God

Get out of false religion

Learning from past shows a religion's evil potential

Can we learn anything from miracles?

The leap of faith

When is a leap in the dark rational?

Lead us not into temptation

Overview of the violent commands of the Jewish Law

Moses' Law is made for all nations and peoples

The law and religious incitement to hate

Books saying the Torah's moral law is still relevant for Christians

The law of Moses

Hawking said the law of gravity made the universe

Anti-religion stance of the law of attraction

Law of Attraction

The brutal law of the Old Testament and the so-called gospel

Is getting caught the only bad thing about law-breaking?

Error about law of averages behind all magical thinking

The relationship between law and morality

Fr Laurentin - catalyst of the Medjugorje fraud

Fr Laurentin who promoted Medjugorje was a liar

The stigmata of Louise Lateau

The words of Jesus at Last Supper refute the Mass

Last Supper didn't turn bread and wine into Jesus for first time

Paul Pearsall, The Last Self-Help Book You Will Ever Need

The Secrets of Our Lady of La Salette

Was Constance Lamerliere the La Salette Virgin?

From a Pilgrimage to LaSalette

Mary's Fraudulent Appearance at La Salette

Religiously lax religious terrorists

Lapide a Jew gives light on Jesus' alleged resurrection

The Lanciano Legend - there is no history behind alleged miracle

Eucharistic Miracle of Lanciano - the rotting remains of Jesus?

The Eucharist Miracle Deception Lanciano

Science without religion is lame????? Really?????

Labels as a distraction from the person's humanity

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