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Myths about atheism!

The Myth of Persecution by Candida Moss

Church harmed me!


Theorising about evil having an answer if there is a God is cruel

Evil to just assume somebody should suffer if there is a God

Suffering cannot be given a purpose by God

Mystery of God letting evil happen - gives insights into psychology

Mystery doctrines in religion are inherently disrespectful to you

Mutation - cause of paranormal belief except belief in a good God

The hypocrisy of the Muslim faith

Can a Muslim attend Christian baptism and Mass?

Defenders of Muslim faith are attempting to defend the absurd

Muslim by Hank Hanegraaff shows Islam has social dangers

Famine victims - murdered by negligence?

Who really killed John the Baptist?

Muncaster on the alleged Bible code

Muhammad was not a true prophet of any God never mind Allah

Muhammad was not predicted in the Bible

An objection to Hawking and his devotion to m-theory

Mrs Hugh Flatley at Knock, her suspect vision

Mourning is better than forgiveness

Motive and how it relates to altruism etc

Motivational self-deception

Religion motivates crime

St Mother Teresa - False Saint

Mother of Abominations

Most people might be civil but they are not good

Most Catholic doctrine is from Tradition not the Bible

Jesus makes out most people will be damned in Hell forever

God does stupid magic trick style miracles for Moses

Moses' law still overrides civil law

The Moses story lacks credibility

Moses, False Prophet

Moses - gave evil lawbooks and lied they came from God

Mortal sin, the terrifying notion that you can shut God out

Mortal Questions by Thomas Nagel - the implicit atheism

Mormons and unforgiveable sins

Mormonism is occult

Mormonism - a False Religion

Book of Mormon is Man-Made

Evidence for the Mormon Faith being from God

Mormonism is a hoax which shows Christianity could be too

The New Mormon Challenge book challenges the Mormon "God"

Is Mormonism distorting the doctrine of creation?

The New Mormon Challenge - review

Mormon baptism - void and harmful in Catholic eyes

Booklet makes mistake of saying historicity of Book of Mormon has support

Archaeology and Science Against Book of Mormon

The Koran and Book of Mormon condemn Christian baptism

Frank Morison and "Who moved the stone?"

Evaluation: "Pray for more important things than a headache to go away"

Is it really more blessed to give than to receive?

Moral subjectivism

More than one source of morality?

God is a self-projection - you project your own moral ideals to him

The surprising truth about morals and their opposition to Gods

Being moral and being rational - can they be reconciled?

Review: Morality: An Introduction to Ethics by Bernard Williams

Morality - ought to be fair, loving, etc

If you would be better than God if possible only then are you good!

NEUTRAL: Some deeds/attitudes actually as bad as they are good

John Loftus and Jesus was a Moral Monster

Morality justifies itself - it is self-justified

Morality - euphemism for necessary evil

Is morality if real simply about a real relationship with God?

Morality Gap by Lutzer a review

Morality is communication, "You ought not to do this" or is it?

Morality as hate for injustice and cruelty

Is Morality a Person: God?

Is morality like language? Is that proof it is not just an invention?

How is the moral side of our nature put into us?

Moral fictionalism and God

Moral Conundrums to think about

Morality in the light of circular reasoning, is it a circle?

Moral Case for Abortion Ann Furedi

Jesus was a threatening moral bully - "repent or else"

What's so terrible about morality based on authority?

Moral argument only points to God but does not prove?

Moral arguments for God forget that morality is not main thing

Moral Argument for God: nonsense

Moral Argument for Faith is Nonsense

Moral argument for an explicit and clear God?

Moral argument for God suffers from the "if" question

Moral agency and the notion that evil is unreal as in a lack

Moral standard ad infinitum or has to stop somewhere?

Are moral values "real" or abstract?

Moral Absolutism Refuted

G E Moore on ethics

Moonies - Unification Church

The attempt to sue the Mormon Prophet for fraud

Monotheism - having only one God - is bad news

Investigating monism: notion that separateness is false and all is one

Monica Besra - how the Vatican used her to fake a miracle

Money can buy happiness if you go about it correctly

Truth about modern bibles

Modern antipopes

Moderate religion is boring and that encourages extremism

Moderate religion is bad

Did Jesus have a mock crucifixion?

A line removed from Mark to hide Jesus' homosexuality?

Religion and mixed marriage

Feeling free is not sensing free will. A feeling is not a sense.

When God lost his own word - the Book of Mormon!

Answering those who say that Jesus was no misogynist

Miracles are not necessary!!!

Miracles - is it evidence or testimony that is insufficient?

When some miracles are true for me & others true for u

Miracles ruin trust in others

Miracles are a pandoras box

Miracles and secularism

Miracles if they call us sinners that is hate speech

Miracles and pantheism

Miracles make you make the miracle the centrepoint

Miracle - a necessary evil?

Miracles make us sin more not less

Impact of miracles & hallucinations on evidence

Miracles and the notion that evil is misplaced good

Evidence or Logic in the face of miracles

Miracles endorse suffering

Miracle Images - they are tricks

Can miracles verify miracles?

On testimonies to miracles, how useful are they?

Miracles versus the God who judges

Miracles have to be uncommon

Miracles surprisingly challenge Catholic "truth"

Miracles Put You Off God

None of God's business what we believe especially about miracles

Were Jesus' miracles myths?

Miracles teach lies

Miracles do not happen

Miracle and Hallucination

Miracles - hide scripture contradictions

Miracles are weaponised by the Church as an excuse for division

We are egoists therefore miracles are false

Incredibly, miracles and belief in them supports atheism!

CS Lewis - his book on Miracles reviewed

Why I can't tell if I see miracles

Miracles cannot give real grounds for a real faith

Miracle beliefs come from a sense of God being stupid

Miracles are ridiculous - all of them!

It's Fraud for Religion to use miracles as signs and evidence for God

Miracles and trusting in God

Miracles and the claim that God has mysterious ways!

Miracles and proof for God

Miracles and Free Will

Does context determine if an event is a miracle or not?

Do miracles point to aliens?

Miracles refuted by parapsychology

Religion sees natural law and order as miraculous

The miracle is faith

People believe in their interpretation of miracles not miracles

Miracle is unnacceptable to the true historian

Miracle of hating sin not sinner

Miracles cannot be falsified - why that matters

Miracles and evil is non-thing idea

There are religious conspiracles surrounding miracles

Miracle believers are potential bigots and bigots

Belief in Miracles downgrades human dignity

Basic refutations of miracles

People only assume that an event is a miracle

Reading signs and wonders into coincidences

Miracles evidence too hard to assess - its not for the layperson

Do Miraculous Claims need Miraculous Evidence?

Miracles faith and hope

Miracles and Minor Details

Discuss, Just because my motive is mine doesn't mean its always about me

Mind over matter?

A Christian critique of Situation Ethics

The millennium in the Bible

Militant atheism is compassion

Middlesex Street and the Ripper?

Michael Tooley refuted God

Did Micah predict the birthplace of Jesus?

Me too! How saying this can ruin listening

Meaning in life is down to your methods

Methodological naturalism

Disingenuity around the problem of religion and violence

Messiah means zealot - Jesus was a terrorist

Was Jesus the Messiah?

Hope belongs to atheism - how to be atheistic and hopeful

Merit and Catholic doctrine

Christian book on theology degrades atheists and their views

McGrath - Mere Theology

Is suffering at the mercy of chance really that bad?

Mercy and justice - do they conflict?

The mercenary side of you is your God

Catholic lying - mental reservation

Is religion a mental illness?

Men saved without baptism

When Joseph Smith "revealed" there were men on the moon

Did the men in white rob Jesus' tomb?

Medjugorje Spirituality has a bad side - keep away!

Menance of miracles or menace of believing in them

Lucia's memoirs show her lies

Memes for slider advocating atheism

Melchizidek and Jesus - their priesthood

Religion has to make the biggest problem of evil of all

Meessen and the miracle of the sun Fatima 1917

Medjugorje opposes the rights of Church leaders

Medjugorje - A Hoax?

The Medjugorje story by Hector Avalos

The ecstasies of Medjugorje during "visions"

Medjugorje - Science proves Nothing

Medjugorje - neither truly Catholic or supernatural

Ivan the false prophet of Medjugorje

The disobedience of the vision of Medjugorje

The Medjugorje Deception by E Michael Jones

Is Mary at Medjugorje like the Jesus vision story?

Eye-openers from the first Medjugorje accounts

Jesus being mediator with God makes God nasty

Media refutes Pio

Mechanistic universe cannot be avoided with miracle claims

God using us as means not as ends - why that is bad

It is the "meanings" of life not the "meaning"

How getting rid of responsibility gives the religious meaning?

Do people mean "meaning of evil" when they say "meaning of life?"

Miracle - Word means nothing

Is looking for meaning in life all future-orientated?

Mc Loughlin her suspect testimony to Knock vision

McGrath on miracles being seen as violation of nature

PJ McGrath's excellent but sceptical study of the Jesus miracles

Walter McCrone says Turin Shroud is a painting

Herbert McCabe O P, A Critique of his moral teachings

Herbert McCabe O P, A Critique of his God doctrine

Herbert McCabe O P, A Critique of his creator doctrine

Herbert McCabe O P, A Critique

Miracles need maximal investigation to be believed

Maximally Great Being is God?

Matthew Gospel Commands Keeping the Jewish Law

Matthew 23 - When Jesus engages in hate speech

Who forged Matthew's gospel?

Matter is all there is - spirit is a figment of the imagination

Maths and the notion that evil is incomplete good

Maths and science go together, they override religious hearsay

Materialism is not the opposite of spiritual

The Vindictive Side of the Catholic Mass

The Mass and reason

Catholic mass is a novelty, early Christians didn't believe in it

Massless - how nature shows "spirit" is physical

Catholic mass is Islamaphobic

Catholic Mass and Pope are docetic in a sense

The Spiritual Barrier - the Mass has to be spiritually ineffective

Masses for notorious killers such as Alan Hawe

Mass is anti-semitist and racist against Jews

Does Catholicism think substance of communion vanishes and is replaced by Jesus?

Mary's role in the massacre of the innocents

The Holy Mass is to blame for access to children by paedo priests

Mass is against Christianity

Why the Virgin Mary would not be a mass goer

Mary and Joseph's fake marriage

Mary in the Qur'an is not the biblical Mary

Mary invalidates Catholic baptism

Mary Jesus' ma did evil things - she wasn't sinless!

Bible evidence of Mary, Jesus' mother, being an evil spirit

Mary Beirne, her suspect testimony to Knock vision

Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus, a critical look

Marxism - another persecuting religion

Christians Martyrs were suicides and human sacrifices

Why Christianity is martyrdom glorifying and dangerous

Martin Luther King, his problematic "wisdom"

French mystic Marthe Robin - a trickster looking for attention?

Same sex marriage referendum

Marriage vows cannot really be meant

Marriage versus freedom

The sacrament of marriage is a scandal

Marriage - none of the states business

Catholic marriage law refutes Church membership by baptism

Marriage - an implicit judgement on sex out of marriage

Marriage is a crime against women

Marriage is a very bad idea because...

Marriage the mature understanding

Mark Vernon - God the Big Questions

Who forged Mark's gospel?

Mark gospel endings are fake

The mark of baptism - its opposition to equality

Mark 16:8, it is not the abrupt ending it seems to be

Catholics - their faith makes a demi-god of Mary or a god

The Santo miracle & Fatima's saints-to-be

Are the Mary Apparitions Fake?

Margaret Beirne, a useful witness at Knock? No.

Marco the painter painted the fake miracle picture of Guadalupe

Marcion is evidence that early Christianity was a cauldron of myth

Many Worlds Interpretation - Science

Many venial sins make a mortal sin

Why some try to make out Jesus' two big commands disagree

Refuting the excuse, "He was a man of his time"

Catholicism manipulates its members


Christian hypocrisy about money

Prophecies of Malachy and Columbkille

Making the Turin Shroud

Keller's Making Sense of God on love, it makes anything but sense

Making Sense of God and Happiness by Keller

Making sense of God by Keller, is God needed to be good?

Review: Making Sense of God by Timothy Keller

Making money from miracles

God making good not evil doesn't get him off the hook for evil

How to make reason attractive

Mahabharata - a critique by an expert

Magical thinking is the secret force behind ALL religion

Why would you want to believe in

Occult doctrine that magic has to work with and within nature

Magic is not verified by Quantum Physics

The doctrine that magic is a form of love

Jack the Magical Ripper? The occult connection?

Did Jesus really have a magic risen body?

Smiths magic glasses were not reliable enough to translate Book of Mormon

Magic is superstition and harmful in the way uselessness is harmful

Doctrine of creation is magic, its super-occult!

The magic bleach - the cure-all

Is magic an ethical or good activity?

Maggie Beirne, her suspect testimony to Knock vision

MAGDALENE - did her Jesus lie mushroom all over the globe?

Sinister doctrine that we are made in image of God

Mackie on Free Will, the philospher speaks

Mackie - insights from his "Ethics Inventing Right and Wrong"

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