Patrick H Gormley


Why Quantum Mechanics Is Not So Weird After All

Paul Quincey in Skeptical Inquirer, Quantum isn't weird

The Queen said the Holy See helped bring peace to Ireland!

Queen of Heaven? The Catholic doctrine of Mary

The Quest for Miracles is the Quest for Propaganda

Question what you believe for it is the only way to be sure you are free

Summary of why its unreasonable/harmful to be open to miracles

Quietism - and Catholic prayer

Quirinius Census Controversy

A quote on the theology of evil

Experts say creation is just a magic doctrine ie nonsense

QUOTES: Is religious faith a private affair?

From Deceit by Robert Trivers

The Qur'an denies its Messiah was crucified

Case for the Qur'an or Koran alone being Islam's authority

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