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Romans 10 hints that Jesus is non-historical

Raelian Claims Assessed

Raelian Movement, The Latest Message

Correspondence with a Raelian

Raising children properly

Review of Randi's Prize - alleges sceptics shouldn't dismiss paranormal

Rape and abortion

Raphoe Diocese - clerical sex abuse covered up

Rationalisation is hypocritical fake reasoning

The Church shames itself in 2001

Catholics base their faith not on the Bible miracles but the unbiblical ones

RC Church manipulates by not telling the whole truth

Catholic Church has double-standard when assessing miracles

Catholicism makes a travesty of ethics and morality

Catholicism practices idolatry

What the Church says about the time there were two rival popes

Real self and false self

The real Krishna, the truth about a god man

Was Jesus buried in the first place?

question of why something not nothing, why or how?

Real respect for one's opinion

In Defence of Reason

Is it reasonable to believe in miracles ever? Mostly or Rarely?

Is logical ability proof that we have free will?

Do you need to believe in God to believe in reason?

Respect & thinking carefully (reason) are two sides of one coin

Is Calvinist theology sensible and coherent?

Book Review: The Reason for God

Reasons for suicide

Anthony Kenny philosopher rebuts atheism or thinks he does!

Reconciliation and forgiveness

Attempts to work out what Josephus may have penned about Jesus

Can you really reconstruct the New Testament from the fathers?

When holy books record evil things are they celebrating them?

Has God helped converted alcoholics?

Christian doctrine of redemption is a bare-faced lie

Abortion referendum 2018 to appeal eighth amendment

Mass - the Catholic gas station

When people say their religion will change for the better

To refute Ian Wilson is to refute the Shroud of Turin

Vittorio Micheli Lourdes Cure, lie of the regenerated hip

Catholics do not recognise register office weddings

Ethics is based on regulation

The Catholic mass is based on an error called reification

Reincarnation better gospel than resurrection

Reincarnation is a false hope

A relationship with God?

Is thinking about moral probabilities the same as relativism?

Is truth relative?

When religion feeds relativist tyranny

Moral relativism exaggerates moral disagreements in humankind

RELATIVISM - is it behind same sex marriage?

Many religious leaders are moral relativists who manipulate you

Science and religion conflict on free will

Why the religious crutch is bad and risky

Religious cognitive dissonance

Religion getting exemptions under the law

Religion hates a woman's right to choose for it hates women

Religious faith is abusive to evidence

Religion is parasitic on politics and embraces its machinations

Religion is based on rationalising not reasoning

Religion - is it a force for good or evil?

Religion ignores absurd miracles

Religion abusing its own is enough to condemn it

Religion helps fuel civil wars

Religion hides its true feelings of hate

Using a religious crutch is bad

Defining religion - what is religion?

Religion is always fundamentalist

Do you wonder if religion is bad for people?

Religious faith is the enemy of tolerance

Religion Hurts, Why religions do harm as well as good by John Bowker

Religion Hurts by John Bowker on Islamic violence

Religion is ineffectual against abortion

Religion is anti-democracy

Religion is basically hidden moral relativism

Catholic religion is not for you but itself

Religion is politics and rides on the back of political corruption

Religion equals rudeness and needs to be told what it is!

Religion and treason - its potential and often real treason

Is religion a mental condition if not disorder?

Religious Mystery is Dangerous

Religion - is it natural to be religious?

Is religion a necessary evil?

Religion is obscurantist

Religion opposes freedom of thought!

Religion does not admit how pro-persecution it is

Religion subtly schemes to make people violent

Religion as solidarity, that is how it does evil

Different religions on John 3

Religion soothes your nasty harmful side

Religion starts wars

Make religion pay taxes

Religion is an unsafe space for trans children

Religious opinions always seek to ruin freedom of speech

Why the idea of god's grace leads to discrimination or should

Religious education should not be indoctrination

Why Religious Faith is Insincere

Religious gratitude means affirming evil

Many hate LGBT rights on religious grounds, admit it

Religious homophobia kills, Bible neglect of LGBT kills

Believers would kill to protect their religious identity

Religious indoctrination of children is evil

To be religious is to be prejudiced

The religious label and the trouble it brings

Religious liberalism - faith for the sceptic

VATICAN 2, On Religious Liberty

Sims useless approach to religious mania

Religion and the delight its ego gets from you affirming its nonsense

The danger of religion

Religious morality is not very useful or beneficial

Religious opinion - that is what religion harms people for

Religious privilege, examples of the inequalities it causes

An expert speaks on the Bible faith and psychology

Religion takes away your reality check and that is violence

The religious scepticism of Hume is valid and commonsense

Religious science? An oxymoron?

Self-deception is the nourishment of religion

Religious spin - how to hide the toxic side of faith

A look at religion from website

Religious tyrants play on your "need" for God

Religious wars listed

Religious privilege - special treatment

Religion and its subtle warmongering

Religion against the doctrine of creation from nothing

Many feel that religion is inherently violent. Is it?

If judging is bad then religion makes it worse

Pathetic stupidity of saying religion is just good and about good

Politics and the religious label


Be reluctant to believe in miracles

Is good more valuable if you battle yourself to do it?

Why you should ask the record of your parish to remove you?

Religious education is not suited for children

Renounce the authority and services of your Catholic priest!

Renting your flat to gay couple

Miracles and repeatability

Reply to Paranormal Debunkers

Roman Catholicism and contraception

Christian hypocrisy regarding re

Reserved sins

Respect for life

Respecting God - it is self-disrespect

Respecting beliefs

Respect thy neighbour - its not love thy neighbour

Response to miracle claims


The Resurrection: A Critical Inquiry by Michael J Alter

The early Christian view that the general resurrection was past

Resurrection Fact or Fantasy?

Is resurrection a good doctrine?

Daydreaming Jesus back from the dead?

Is resurrection of Jesus a good doctrine?

The resurrection of Jesus was a ruse

The resurrection of Jesus is mere speculation not a belief

The necromancy surrounding the raising of Jesus Christ

Resurrection v reincarnation


The argument that Jesus' corpse would have turned up

Revelation 6 and Christian apostasy

Book of Revelation predicts Christianity will fall away

Revelation from God demotivates truth-seeking

Was the resurrection history or revelation?

Is revenge wrong?

When Christians revere the stoning texts of the Bible

Review: Gleason Archer's lying Encyclopedia Bible Difficulties

Review of The Everlasting Check: Hume on Miracles - George

Review of infallible by Hans Kung

Review of Berg's Six Ways of Atheism

Revise the Christian canon of scripture?

Rewards are not about free will directly

Rewards as a means of exploitation

Rewards punishments do not justify belief in free will

Sixtus V, the Infallible Pope who re-wrote Bible

Richard Dawkins - a secular fundamentalist?

A writer tries to deny that Luke 16 teaches you can go to Hell

Morality - questions of right and wrong

There is more to right and wrong than mere choice?

Right to defect from your religion is a fundamental one

The Righteous Mind by J Haidt - Review

Haidt's The Righteous Mind book, thoughts on morality

Religion in Haidt's The Righteous Mind

Is religious freedom a right or privilege?

Is the Bible right therefore inspired?

Right to have baptism certificate shredded or amended

Declaring the right to leave the Catholic Church

Only troublemakers say, "I have a right to my opinion end of discussion"

Rihanna and Tesco - the lessons

Jack the Ripper - butcher?

What kind of man was the Ripper?

The identification of Jack the Ripper

Ripper letters

The Ripper's manual was the Bible!

Coincidences and Turin Shroud

Jack the Ripper suspects

Victims of Jack the Ripper

Jesus is still dead so he is not present in the Mass

Peck - Road Less Travelled

Religion uses God to rob you of moral agency and authority

On this rock I will build my Church

Jesus - creation of a fake role model

Roman Catholicism is a deception

Lies of the Roman Catholic Church

When the Church turns romance into a sort of sin

Roman but Not Catholic: What Remains at Stake

Roman not Catholic refutes the pope

Paul shows that the gospels tell lies - see Romans 13

Paul affirms that if Moses' law is law of land then obey it

Romans 7 teaches nothing good in man

Rome added its own notions to Jesus' gospel

Rome Rule in Ireland led to a sectarian bloodbath

If we had all the answers would there be no room for faith?

Gabriel Amorth "exorcises" Rosa

Rosa Mystica - apparitions

The Rosary - a late Catholic gimmick

Resurrection of Jesus comes from a social and religious context lacking credibility

Royal baptism, the bad example for the people

The Bible is used to condone Roy Moore alleged molestation of girls

The best rules for the most happiness - rule utilitarianism

A Catholic critique of Christian Science Religion

Bertrand Russell as critic of religion

Rethinking some of the errors in Why I am not a Christian

Bertrand Russell shows we should not take Jesus seriously

Religious belief makes only a fake reconciliation with science

Fatima, Lucia and the Consecration of Russia

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