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Catholic sabbath-breaking and hypocrisy

What is a sacrament?

Catholic sacraments are occult rites

The horrors of sacramental marriage

Sacramentals - Catholic white magic

Roman Catholicism and the Sacrament of Matrimony

Priests and their sacraments block Jesus out

Sacraments are surplus nonsense

The atheist and the sacred

Sacred Heart of Jesus

Christianity is Chauvinistic

Is sacrifice real? Do we really do it?

Mass is not the Sacrifice of Calvary

How going to saints bypasses and insults God

The Saint-Medard miracles that nobody wants to believe in

Saint worship is necromancy - occult dealing with the dead

Saints prayers for us are not rewarded! Demeaning!

Saints don't care about people damned in Hell

Saints party in Heaven while knowing the damned languish

Are the saints other mediators with God?

Catholic saints are new pagan gods

Saints are pagan gods if they can see all the secrets in the universe

Veneration of the saints is unbiblical

Salvator Mundi - proof that Leonardo behind shroud image?

If we all came from Adam and Eve would we be the same ethnicity?

Same-sex Marriage

BOOK REVIEW Samir on Islam 111 Questions

Roman Catholicism - we call on you to leave it

The Samson tale refutes Bible reliability

Our Lady of San Damiano - Mama Rosa

There is no evidence at all for sanity

Sartre and existentialism

Satan the Devil

Satanism - a silly cult

Jesus the Black Magician

Satan's occult powers

Colossians 2 & the Jewish Sabbath

Saturday is the Real Sabbath

Savita Hallappanavar - murdered by faith

Saying "Go to Hell" to someone

The problem of knowledge

Why miracles lead to sceptics being called harmful

Miracle believers have only ad hominem attacks for critics

Virtue of Scepticism

Atheist scholar on the Hume case versus miracles

Scholars on John 8 - did Jesus sanction murdering women?

Against the religious school ethos - conversion by osmosis

ISRAEL SCHWARTZ - Ripper witness?

Science and Bible Interpretation

Miracles in the Light of Science

Is Science and Health inspired scripture? Christian Science

Religion and science cannot really be true friends

Science is the anti-faith

Science contradicts God by saying that he may hypothetically false

Can Bible ethics support science and does science need them?

Should Bible be interpreted to fit science?

When religion says science is as evil as itself

Do science and Bible conflict over free will?

Science and secularism go together

Science and miracles, why science rejects the possibility

Can science say miracles might happen?

Science Speaks by Peter Stoner is error-ridden

Does science refute free will?

Wait and see attitude to science is just a repudiation of science

Scientific proof that there was a Jesus?

Scientific resurrection?

Is Scientism not science the problem where religion is concerned?

Church of Scientology

Science and the meaning of life

The seal of confession

Secularism ignores religious festivals and symbols

Jesus the Second Adam?

Christianity and its downgrading of many marriages

Is there a second chance to make peace with God?

Secularism helps restrain religious extremism

Was the real location of Jesus' tomb lost forever for it was a secret?

Secret evil

Mark's Secret Gospel is an embarrassment for Christians

On the hidden and secret gospel of Mark

The Secret of Our Lady of LaSalette

Notion of secret miracles is deadly

Secrets of the Dead

What is a sect and how many different kinds of sect are there?

Religious advertising on state television must cease

Secularism and confidentiality

Data Protection and Secularism

How can a secularist understand religion?

The family and secularism

Secularism & free will, learning to keep supernatural out of it

Guidelines for secularism

Secularisation - we must all advance it

Divide Church and State from each other

Difficulties exist with secularism but it is the best policy

What secularism sees you as

Secularism and medical matters

Moral values for the secularist

Is secularism directly and indirectly neutral regarding religion?

Secularism and oaths

Secular parents and their child

Secular education

Secular sex

Is secularism at war with religion?

Prayers in state bodies and state schools

Sedevacantism - denying that the Catholic pope is real pope

The implicit atheism of the Sedona Method

Jesus sowed the seeds of the Inquisition

We all have faith, so what do we need miracles for?

Being in a religion and opposing or ignoring its required doctrine is wrong

Apparitions in the Catholic Church try to authenticate themselves!

Self-compassion, the foundational value

Confidence, how well do you trust yourself?

Making from nothing and self-creation

Religious self-deception must be rife

Self-deception - the toxic power of lying to yourself

Self-deception is insincere - there has to be a gut instinct

Silent antisemitism, nobody tries to understand how Jesus endangered Jews

The self-esteem gospel is lies, Jesus did not affirm self-love

Is self-esteem selfish?

Self-evident truth and reason

The Selfless Gene Charles Foster

Self-gratitude - be grateful to yourself first and foremost

Selfharm can cause religious "faith"

Self-image - source of happiness

Selfish magic, the reason why magic is anti-social

Paradox of selfishness

Why it is selfish to say God uses suffering to train us

When the worship of God is just selfish

Can you love yourself and hate your sins?

Jesus and the misunderstanding that he called for self-love


Open Letter to Seminarians

Atheists sense mystery too

Being sensible with miracle claims

When Catholicism endorses separation between spouses

Jesus Resurrection story came from black magic book?

September 11th 2001 and religion

Sequence theory of how prayer works

St Seraphim

Serenity asking "to accept the things I cannot change"

Why is apostasy such a serious sin in Christianity?

Moral argument for God

Setting the Sermon on the Mount against Jewish law is wrong

Jesus' teaching - it is rational and healthy? NO!

People serve God-belief not God

Seven Deadly Sins

The seven hills that the Great Whore is enthroned on

Seventh day Adventism - a dubious denomination

There is no need for sex to be limited to marriage

Being a proper ally for Transgender People

Christianity against the right to sex education

Sin of Sexual Fantasy

Sex outside Marriage is not a Sin

Catholic doctrine makes sex outside of marriage to be sacrilege

Sex Priests Sexual Abuse Catholicism

Atheists on sexuality and marriage

Sharing the experience! Don't hide liberating power of atheism

Sharing in the evil of religious faith and the harm it does

Fulton J Sheen advocates intolerance of sin

The fanaticism of saying its all for God and all about God

Christianity does not truly believe in giving all love to God

The Shepherd of Hermas

Pope Joan: The She-Pope?

People do good because they are

Shiprah and Push - pack of lies

Brief Gospel According to Atheism

Scrap the word should

Should children be exposed to Christianity?

Why sincere religion will not pay taxes

Prayer is seeking a result, a show, and why that is terrible

Christian hyper-defender McDowell debunks shroud of Turin

Turin Shroud is not a Miracle

Turin Shroud - could only today's science make one?

Shroud makes out Jesus was buried alive!

Turin shroud image too strong and muscled to be Jesus

Why Turin Shroud could be a painting

Turin Shroud if true means resurrection of Jesus is untrue

The most famous relic ever, the Turin Shroud

Model for the Turin Image was standing on the cloth

The outrageous claim that there is writing on the Turin Shroud

Wounds depicted on Shroud contradict the gospels

Shun confession to a priest

Evil is a side effect? What if it is? What does it mean for God?

Was Jesus fatally wounded in the side?


Jesus story was unknown in earliest Church

No real pope was known in the church for centuries

Many religions just engage in silent, not obvious, terrorism

Silly Messages of Medjugorje

Apparition of Siluva

The teachings of Silvanus and the Gospels

Miracles - shot to death by the silver bullet?

Simon Magus rivalled Jesus - and unlike him had independent testimony

Simon Magus the inspiration behind the Jesus myth?

A mental health authority says faith is good for mental problems!

Unrighteousness or sin is a condition

Sin as crime

Bias towards sin contradicts doctrine of divine plan

Jesus' authorised spokesmen, "Sincerity not enough for Heaven"

You can sincerely do great evil

Bible teaches that sincerity isn't enough

Dancing is a sin!

Doctrine of sin demeans us!

Sin is the greatest evil? The RC Church says yes!

Jesus in the light of the notion that sin works like a viral infection

Jesus - relationship between his miracles and sinlessness

The "sin" of masturbation

Sin and the meaning of life

The sin doctrine hardwires people to hate others

Don't be disrespected by being called a sinner!

Jesus Christ was not Sinless!

Sinners can't give sacraments

Hate Sin means Hate Sinner - its personal

The Blood of Jesus does not forgive sin

Sinners should receive communion

What you do is none of God's concern!

Danger of belief that its a sin to omit doing what needs doing

Its even a sin to love yourself!

Christian sin of sexual pleasure

Christian teaching on sin is vicious

Maybe sin does not oppose God's ways so much as reinterpret them?

Religion is a placebo for human evil

What about the ethics/desirability of God forcing repentance on sinners?

Are all sins equally bad before God?

Sin to love somebody entirely

Sin to make sinners happy?

God makes the unconditional love of man a sin

Sin is a vindictive concept

Sirach is a false scripture

Situation ethics abuses the Bible to make its case

Situation ethics

Six Ways of Atheism

Size does not make a religion probably true

Skepticism in Photos

Thoughts on slander

To accuse a doubter of sin or possible sin is slander

Slavery in God's word - the Bible!

The 1906 discovery of a Josephus text on Jesus etc

How useful are slippery slope arguments?

Joseph Smith boasts that he is better than Jesus

Christian Hypocrisy on Smoking & Alcohol

Being banned from receiving communion

The Bible is often snuff porn

The sobriety argument for Gospel reliability

Morality and Socrates and Aquinas

A religion is a social construct so leave it if you choose

Was early Christianity a socially-deviant movement and thus plausible?

Sodom Gomorrah - the sin of gay sex?

The sin of sodomy or homosexuality and the Bible hate for gays

The doctrine that even if our will is programmed we are still free

Experts on the solar miracle of Fatima

Did the miracle of the sun really happen?

Fatima Solar Miracle fails tests for genuine goodness and holiness

Solar miracle at Fatima or solar phenomenon?

Solar miracle at Fatima and the photos

A Testimony about Fatima Miracle of the Sun

The foundations for praying to Jesus in tradition are not solid

What If I just Believe in My Own Free Will?

Solomon the Myth

Somatoparaphrenia - its behind the notion that you are a spiritual soul

Saying "Somebody else will" as an excuse for hurting others

Some God arguments refuted

Some harms that prayer does

Some things Christians are hypocritical about

The view that Jesus is not the shroud man is plausible

Religion is lies and atheism is liberation

When Jesus told his listeners they would see him return in glory

Something there when an atheist attends Mass?

Son of God means?

Jesus - the son of man or not?

Judas, Jesus and the sop

Sotah 47a accuses Jesus of idolatry and sorcery

Soul - a body hating and dehumanising religious fairytale

Is the Soul the Form of the Body?

Joanna Southcott, Shiloh, and her sect

Catholics selling religious souvenirs - what Jesus would say

Suffering and the Sovereignity of God by John Piper

Christians - a threat to children through corporal punishment?

Be out-spoken - silence is being out-spoken in the wrong way?

Speak the truth about miracles

Specified complexity


Religion twists around the evidence against Jesus being holy

Spinoza spindoctors the command to love God

Bible thoughts on the spirit of Jesus and how your body is his

Spirit God leads to intolerant concepts

Spiritualism - a false risky religion

Religion, faith and spirituality

Spirituality is a seductive psychological disorder

Pentecostalism is a worry

The apostle Paul didn't teach bodily resurrection of Jesus

Jesus - did not rise as man but as ghost?

Spiritual and verbal inspiration of scriptures such as the Bible

Is it true that spiritual people worse off than religious?

Spontaneous Remission of serious disease

Jesus' Empty tomb was NO Miracle!

Miracles ? When you should assume trickery

Francis Spufford and his stupid view of religion

Same sex marriage redefines everybody's marriage and that is good

Re same sex marriage rejected in Northern Ireland 2014

Stages of Evil - people lure you in bit by bit

Crowd didn't act like they thought Fatima solar miracle was real

Stand Firm Resisting the Self-Improvement Craze Svend Brinkmann

The Christian star attraction - Jesus is the only way to peace and God

Start with suffering if you want to defend God

The truth about the "most reliable" Knock witness, Mary Beirne

The Statehood Test - From the Case of the Pope

State or God, whose law potentially can assist liberty?

The state must not validate Church marriage

Did the apparition hoax at Knock involve statues?

Why stay away from Mass!

Why people stay in a man-made and wrong and bad religion

St Bernadette of Lourdes and her visions

Stealing commanded by God

Turek Stealing from God - a review

Thoughts on atheism in the book, Stealing from God by Turek

Frank Turek thinks atheists steal from God's science to debunk God!

Is Stealing from God right to say atheism is a worldview? No!

How belief in God leads to judging by stealth

The Revelations of St Elizabeth are revealing yes!

Stephen Hawking eliminates God

Religion when treated as a stepping stone to peace in the midst of sectarian strife

Stigmata replicated? Dr Lechler

Padre Pio - the dubious stigmata

Stigmata is not supernatural

Catholicism remains a threat to religious freedom

Stoics - and suffering, do they condone it?

Jesus stole the golden rule

John 8, did Jesus ban stoning the adulteress to death?

God's Bible and his stoning laws still do harm today

God commands stoning of innocent people to death

St Saul - what we can learn about St Paul from this book

Strawman religion must be avoided - there is a way to test for real Christian belief

Was Elizabeth Stride really a Ripper Victim?

Strobel The Case for Christ Refuted

Lee Strobel's lies in The Case for Christ

Strobel on the Resurrection of Jesus

Lee Strobel undermines other disciplines for the sake of theology

Religious structures are violent even if it does not seem so

St Saul book, did Paul think he had a vision establishing the eucharist?

A good overview of Bible history in the book St Saul

Studies showing religion is a potential and actual mental problem

Stupidity - the word must go...

The God role is played by your subconscious mind!

Subliminal or subconscious magical belief

Faith is "magical" knowledge and meant to function as knowledge

Sudarium - does it support the Shroud?

Religion should be sued for falsifying its scriptures

Right to sue those who inflict indoctrination on you?

Pagan historian Suetonius didn't mention Christ or did he?

Is there no such thing as innocent suffering?

Suffering when understood correctly cannot be training from God

Suffering is random and thus comfort from God is no comfort

Why suffering is a religious experience countering God

Suicide and religion

Summary of the Case for Humanism

Summary - Baptism and Indoctrination

Sunday the Lord's Day

Superiority/Inferiority Complex

A fatal flaw in religious attempts to argue x is probably a miracle

Who says the supernatural isn't mechanistic?

If a miracle happens and some hi

Superstition degrades people and truth and reason

From Skeptical Inquirer - can superstition ever help?

Support pro-choice legislation

Notion of a perfect God is about making you inferior!

Survival of the Fittest

Suspect apostles of knowing the truth about Jesus vanished body

Emmanuel Swedenborg, Church of New Jerusalem

Richard Swinburne's Principle of Testimony

Is it possible that the Shroud was switched?

Systematic theology - reviewed

Systematic Theology book says you hate sinner and sin

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