Patrick H Gormley


Objections to unconditional election

UKIP in the UK wants Muslims to repudiate violent scriptures

Ulterior motive for faith in God

Christians say eternal Hell is right for its ultimate justice

Nothing in the Bible says the Church is infallible

The Bible contradicts the doctrine of the Trinity

The Catholic Church is not Catholic

Incorrupt bodies happen in natural world too, not just a Catholic one

Is a miracle an uncaused event?

If nobody has certainty, does that include God? Berg says yes

The Reformed Doctrine of Unconditional Election

Unconditional love is pretentious bullshit and harmful

God loves me unconditionally? Can't happen without hurting others

Jesus resurrection is unpersuasive

Donal Anthony Foley - Understanding Medjugorje

I always do something self-interested under the circumstances

The uneducated and spiritually immature witnesses

The Bible God requires lighter judgment when a Christian does evil

Jesus lied that his coming was predicted

Jesus and the sin that will never ever be forgiven by God

Is unhappiness a negative and not a thing?

If there is a creator can we call it a unicorn or God?

Is it the same to say God is a unicorn or teapot as he is our Father?

UNITY IN CHRISTIANITY - it will never come to pass

Can Christians believe all will be eventually saved?

Universal Life, a German Cult

Universally preferable behaviour - a rational basis for morality?

Peter Atkins & the universe from nothing that is nothing

Univocal language about God shows you adore fantasy versions

No justification for loving God alone

Unmasking religion's doctrine of ultimate good

Why something, not nothing implies everything needed

Unpacking the "not all bad" statement on religion

When God believers care more about predictability than babies suffering

Exorcism is unsupervised by the state!

Can't be sure any person experienced a miracle

Untestable beliefs lead to oppression

Muslim Religion is untrue

Universally Preferable Behaviour - can it replace morality?

The papal schism over Urban VI proves Catholicism a false religion

Baptism is useless spiritually

Use satire to change the minds of the religious

Ustashi - a latter day Catholic killing machine

U.S. versus Ballard

Utilitarianism and atheism

Utilitarianism - one of the great moral theories?

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