Patrick H Gormley


If good is replaced with a vacuum something will replace it - but what?

God cannot be morality if morality is unclear

When Christians say they can defend the faith - apologetics

Sacraments are what Jesus called "vain worship"

Gnostic Valentinus and the historical Jesus

Validity of ordination to the priesthood

Medjugorje and the Heresy Book

I value myself indirectly when I value anything

Why prayer is socially applauded vanity

Differences in reports about the Knock apparition 1879

Comparing the testimony of Knock witnesses

Varying accounts regarding Knock vision of 1879

Vassula Ryden, Jesus' spirit medium

Those who say Vatican II popes are not popes

Pope is not a head of state - but lies that he is!

Vatican guilty of unholy compassion for clerical child abusers

The Vatican Embassies - shut them down!

Book: Vatican Prophecies

United Nations - and the Vatican

Peter is not buried in the Vaticanus cemetery

The Vatileaks scandal

Blanschard on veiled revelation

Venial sin - does it make sense?

Venial sin doctrine versus the Bible

Verbal scriptural inspiration was part of Jesus' culture

Verbally Inspired Bible

Why something not nothing ?- is it about a verb or noun?

Bible Prophecies in Evidence that Demands a Verdict

Veridical hallucinations - might explain risen Jesus visions

Bible verses that command hate - specifically religious hate

The case against full apostasy in Christianity

Versus the Shroud of Turin

Vicarious reparation for sinners in Catholicism

The Pope is not the Vicar of Christ and neither was Peter!!

Vicka at Medjugorje nearly poked in the eye!

Jesus as the victim who is offered in the Mass? Macabre idea

Does teaching that the Devil possesses lead to victim-blaming?

Victimless crimes and sins - do they really happen?

Religion is victim-shaming nonsense

Victor Stenger refutes marriage of science and religion

Killing a baby in Vietnam - a thought experiment

Hell as in everlasting punishing is a vindictive doctrine

One violation of nature overthrows all natural law

Is a miracle a violation of nature?

A miracle is anti-science and unscientific if it violates nature or looks as if it does

When religion has had a violent history

Religion is violent in spirit if not in action

The violinist argument for abortion

What if violent or formerly violent religion is most convincing?

Violent Religion and Inherently Violent Religion

The Virgin-Birth of Jesus is a Fairy-Tale

Isaiah did not predict Virgin Birth of Jesus

New Testament is not clear that the Holy Spirit fathered Jesus

Mary - the Catholic idol and false role model

Am I a virtual me made by my own brain?

Why you need to be in a virtual world if there is a God

The virtue of pride - there is a good way to be self-important

Comparing witness accounts of Knock vision, it was unclear

Miracles - it is harmful and irrational to believe in them

The vision of Medjugorje cannot teach credible religion

Vision of Knock 1879 is based on lies

Visions and their alleged physical impact

Visions from Heaven are modern day myth making and lies

Visions of Mary - never of the same woman

Visions on Demand Video exposes Medjugorje fraud

How reliable are visions of risen people?

Visualisation - a form of magic?

Vitandus excommunication from the Catholic Church

Joseph Vitolo - Bronx "Miracle"

Vlasic and Medjugorje

Delusion that God calls one to priesthood or whatever

A short dictionary of void and false religions and cults

Voluntarism - when God is given the right to invent morality

Can a pro-life ever vote for an abortion law?

Verification Principle works against unverified paradox

God - why believers inherently exploit human vulnerability

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