Popular Christianity which may or may not be the real deal or approved by Jesus if he is in a position to know what is happening, makes too much of intention. Morality is messy and people overlook that to concentrate on good intentions. They assume that others had good intentions with say abortions or protecting criminals. But there are no good intentions. There are understandable and okay intentions. And 51% per cent good does not qualify the intention to be called good. It's grey. There are no good intentions. The grading of intention is complicated and you never know if someone had more intentions than they admitted to and what they were.

The victim of your good intentions is made less important than you having the good intentions!

If a deed is intrinsically evil, it is evil even if the person does it with the best of intentions or is forced to do it. For example, it is still evil to murder vile John to stop his mob from shooting your baby twins next week. These things do not diminish the evil. They diminish your responsibility for it. They are not capable of really resulting in good or pleasing God. No matter what, an evil act is irremediably evil but that is not the same as calling the doer evil. But the person is certainly an ‘instrument’ of evil.

When it is obvious that it is not your place to say that all the horrendous evil and suffering that has taken place and is taking place fits a loving creator God for you cannot be fully informed of what it was like, an uninformed choice is not a choice, and you go and do a few good deeds for God, this is clearly in a narcissist fashion putting your intention before the truth.  The good intention matters and your inadequate and offensive assessment of suffering does not.


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