Intrinsic Value and Instrumental Value

Instrumental Value means something is valuable for we have some use for it. For example, antidepressants, knives bread, etc.
Intrinsic Value means something is valuable whether we have some use for it or not. It is just valuable. It is valuable in itself. It is valuable for it is valuable. An example would be a baby. A stunning view is said to be an example. And a masterpiece of art is another. Anything having Intrinsic Value implies that I have responsibilities towards it. The responsibility might be to look after it if it is my job. Or if it is not my job, I have a responsibility to do what I can to protect it if I see it being endangered. And I have a responsibility not to hurt or damage it but to value it.
Incremental Value is when we want more of something valuable. For example, you taste the lovely stew. Then you want to eat more of it.
It is said that with something that is intrinsically valuable, you do not need to want more. For example, if you love your baby, it does not mean you would multiply your baby a million times.
Some will be disturbed to be reminded that if a newborn baby dies, it is not as painful as when the baby grows and dies say at ten years of age. The more we know the child and the more love we invest in her, the worse we will find her death. We tend to regard a person as more of a person when they are involved in social relationships. We seem to treat the person who isolates herself or himself as more of a thing than a person.


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