When good and excellent ideas come to us, they just come. We cannot prepare for them or design them. We do not know where they come from. That does not support the view that we are creatures with inherent creativity. Incredibly, luck has to do the creativity for us. Even a person considered creative is only recognised as such for having done some some impressive things in public but they are not very creative aside from that. Who is?

Things just popping into our awareness seems to drive notions such as that there is a God or Devil or whatever prompting you. It seems miraculous.

Now it is silly to read too much into it.

# You get a bad idea the same way as a good one. And some ideas are in the middle somewhere.

# You cherry-pick what light bulbs turning on are miraculous and you forget and ignore the ones that do not impress you.

# It would be better if our best work was designed instead of coming to us in a flash and surely a God wants us to develop and be confident instead of relying on some kind of mental luck?

# You get a flash and you can think you have an idea until you realise it is just a false alarm and is essentially a non-idea.

# You get an arrogant buzz from thinking you have created this sudden insight out of nothing like a god or that you know a God has sent it to you.

# Incredibly we say that God gave us free will to help us make ourselves responsible agents and planners then we contradict this by saying our best and most important contributions just happen to us in a flash.

# To get a flash and to read magic or divine inspiration into it when we don't need to shows that we are likely to be projecting our God if we believe in one.  The things we want to be true, the love and support we want to be out there, we fulfil the desires by telling ourselves that there is a God making our wishes real for us.  So God says little about God but everything about us.  Prayer leads to the idea that flashes are responses to our pleas for guidance and by the power of suggestion makes us think that we have experienced that.

The first time people thought there was a God or higher power, it probably came to them in a flash.  This as magical, psychic and mystical as it sounds is still a God who is formed by human notions and needs and not all of them noble.  The flashes may not be designed the way a house is.  But they come from inner needs and perceptions and wishes.  They only seem to be the miraculous or near-miraculous opening of yourself to some truth.  They act like a higher truth coming from some enchanted realm but that is a deception.

It is clear from how people often enter dangerous situations that they expect some kind of sudden insight to get them out of it.  When they are in their graves it is too late for them to fix that mistake.  Those who endorse faith in sudden insight have to take the blame too.  They never do.


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