JESUS AS A PERSECUTOR and the one who sowed the seed of the Inquisition

Hitler did not have to hurt anybody personally to be what he was.  Neither did Jesus.

There is a suspicion among scholars (eg Reza Aslan) that Jesus was involved in Jewish terrorism or zealotry.  Zealots used knives to destroy certain "sinners" such as homosexuals and perceived political enemies.  Jesus was slain on a cross as a terrorist.  That is how terrorists ended up.  The gospels give that away by claiming the death was made worse and more degrading than usual.  he had to be turned into a message for zealots.

Matthew 18:1,15-20 has Jesus saying to his disciples, disciples meant any of his followers not just the apostles, that if you have a complaint about a believer and he won’t listen to you bring in members of the Church to do it with you the next time and if he still won’t give in treat him like Gentile or a tax-collector – someone who is shunned and despised by society. Christians distort this to say he only meant just be distant from them to help them learn their lesson but be kind to them otherwise. Then why didn’t he say that? Why did he say Gentiles or tax-collectors who were treated with hatred and contempt? Nobody was kind to them to help them change. They got suspicion and dislike and abuse wherever they went and were regarded as unclean and dirty and not fit to be in the company of God’s people.
Jesus used violence in the Temple to put out those who were buying and selling there.

Psalm 45:3-5 is believed by Christianity to predict the coming of Jesus with a sword. The Book of Revelation says Jesus will return one day to earth and will butcher (19:11-16). Jesus said before his arrest in the garden that he had the right to set violent angels on those coming to arrest him.
Jesus gave authority then for the Church to persecute people who despise any of its “morals” or beliefs. Anybody who disbelieves any part of Church teaching is insulting the intelligence of the rest so they can go to him and persecute him for it. The purpose of the persecuting was to force. People who knew they could lose their families if they got on the wrong side of their God would have no choice but to give in to the Church. Matthew 18 is the reason Jehovah’s Witnesses are notoriously nasty to members who commit adultery or who consort with another faith. Any Christian cult that ignores Matthew 18 is not sincere even if it feels it is for how could it be sincere and ignore the words of the Son of God? It is stupid to use the excuse that it would be hard to implement now. Jesus warned that difficulty was not excuse for not doing God’s will. All unpalatable rules are hard at the start.
Jesus tried to use fear to get converts. He said that Sodom which was burned by fire and brimstone would have it easy compared to any town that would not welcome his messengers (Luke 10:12). He warned of everlasting punishment for unbelievers and those who had different moral beliefs to him.

Jesus used forgiveness in such a way to do harm with it.  He said that its purpose is reconciliation.  So you cannot say it suffices if you no longer let yourself be hurt by what another has done to you when you are always keeping out of their way.  That is not reconciliation and shows that you have not really put what they have done in the past.  He said that unless you forgive God will forgive you nothing.  This is moral blackmail.  Forced forgiveness does not work.  It will unravel too easily.  It is not forgiveness at all.
He believed he had the right to persecute himself and even embrace death on a cross that he knew was coming. This put faith before his own life meaning faith comes first and man is made for faith and not faith for man. This idea has spawned oceans of bloodshed.


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