Link: John Paul 2 makes a fake saint
John Paul II, Karol Wojytla of Poland, reigned from 1978 to 2005. His lack of compassion for his own flock was evident in how he commanded them to avoid condoms even if it meant catching AIDS. Millions have died in Africa because of his command. And he made the command crueller by warning of the danger of everlasting torment in Hell if condoms were used.
Traditionalist Catholics have found clear proof that this pope makes saints not because they really are holy but for his own agenda and often to forge his own popularity. The unsuitability of Mother Teresa for beatification is well known but that didn’t stop the Pope. His men even schemed to make sure that it would look like she did miracles after her death to justify beatification and her future canonisation.
The Pope said nothing as his Church protected and sanctioned and covered up for the genocide of Tutsis in Rwanda (page 194, In Defence of Atheism). He never expressed any compassion for these crimes though he did considerable work and wrote to protect priests and nuns involved in the killings to dodge justice. Convents and Catholic humanitarian funds were used to smuggle the evil clerical monsters to justice.
Read PAPAL SIN, STRUCTURES OF DECEIT, Garry Wills, Darton Longman and Todd, London, 2000. This excellent book documents the lies and frauds and cynical manipulations of John Paul II in order to canonise Edith Stein. She was a Jew who converted to Catholicism and became a nun. She died in Auschwitz during the Holocaust in 1942. The Pope canonised her to make it look like the Holocaust victimised Catholics as well as Jews (page 48).
Stein following her conversion to Catholicism, despite the Church law of the time prohibiting assisting at non-Catholic worship, went to synagogue with her mother (page 50). She failed to do any miracles after her death so the Pope had to promote the lie that she died for her Catholic faith. Martyrs don't need to do miracles to be canonised. The truth is she died because of her Jewish parentage and not her faith at all. In fact she had tried to escape and attempted bribery to that effect (page 54).
The Pope then attributed a miracle of healing a child of an overdose to her and took it as evidence that the canonisation of Edith should proceed. However, the doctors studying the case said that the child had a huge chance of making a full recovery anyway (page 59).
The pope proclaimed Father Maximilian Kolbe to be a martyr during the canonisation ceremony. Father Kolbe did not die for the faith but did die to save a married man from death at the hands of the Nazis. It was a fabrication to make it look as if the Church was more victim of the Nazis than its friend.
John Paul protected Polish priest, Father Michael Zembrzuski from justice (page 299, Papal Sin). This priest had been guilty of fraud when he was raising funds for a shrine to the Blessed Virgin. The pope got it all covered up and ignored reports proving the priest's guilt. 
Even worse was the cover up for and sanctuary offered to Father Maciel the founder of the Catholic cult order the Legionaries of Christ. Fr Maciel was swamped with allegations that he had sodomised and raped young men brainwashed into following the Church through his order. Benedict XVI imposed some light penalties on him for his sins. Clearly this was because of Maciel's age. Presumably, then you should get away with child molestation and not be taken to court if you are of advanced age and the victims are the bad guys if they object! Vile! So child abuse should be legal if you are of advanced age! That is what these nuts are saying.


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