The word Sabbath means rest.

Christians cannot say, “We must be allowed to have a day in the week to ourselves which we use to praise God. It is our right and we all need a day every week to ourselves. We choose Sunday. If Muslims want Friday let them have Friday. If Jews want Saturday let them have Saturday.” First of all, the Sabbath is not about human rights. It is about God’s rights and God commanded that the Sabbath day be kept holy. Second, what about those of us who do not need a day to ourselves. Many singletons would love to work every day in the week. Third, the fact that Sabbath keeping is made a Christian commandment certainly proves it is about law not about people. Jesus might have said that man is not made for the Sabbath but the Sabbath for man but he was responding to people who were too strict about resting on the Sabbath. The context is about how his apostles were passing through a field and plucked the corn on a Sabbath. To condemn them for something they were doing just as they journeyed through the field would mean
you should also condemn those who get out of bed at all on the Sabbath.


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