It is because we expect nature to behave in a certain way that we dismiss most paranormal claims, and miracles, that we hear about.  Many times we don't even investigate for we see no need. 

That does not stop Christianity in particular from gaslighting us to believe in the miracles that appear to prop up its theology or ideology.

Now a truly open-minded person will not be told what miracles matter.  You will get as many varied reports as you can.  If you can only check out three then check out three.  But make sure they are randomly chosen.  If miracles matter, this is the only honest approach.  Christianity is trying to make you think you are being careful when it in fact is pushing you to a pre-determined conclusion.

Remember, if too many people are examining and weighing certain miracles such as the resurrection of Jesus to the expense of other better miracle reports it may not say the resurrection is necessarily true, but says it is credible enough to warrant special treatment.  Imbalances like that will be exploited by religion.

Religion accuses those of us who agree with Hume of thinking that nature is more uniform than it is. Even if it were more loose, and startling magic-like things happen, it would not mean that miracles are involved.  And if the supernatural is involved, it does not mean it is their Jesus or their God.  And nobody invites testing to see what actually happened and may have caused nature to blip!  I press that point on you.  It says it all.  Religion wants to believe and bends everything in its favour.  It may even bring in science to tell you that the event was inexplicable.

Let us examine uniformity more.


Uniformity and absolute uniformity are not the same thing.

We are told that if nature is not uniform then miracles are possible. Is that true?

If nature is uniform and is a closed system then miracle claims are false. Natural anomalies make people think they witness them assuming the people are being honest and professional witnesses in the first place.

If nature is less uniform than we think, then that still does not mean it allows for miracles - as in planned events to give a religious or spiritual message. Natural anomalies will be more likely then and will make people think they witness miracles. They will virtually replicate what a real miracle would look like.

If nature is loose enough to let miracles happen that does not mean a miracle is a message from a God. Maybe the miracle of resurrection was to be Julius Caesar resurrecting to convert the world to peace and wisdom and harmony. But perhaps Jesus rose instead - the wrong man! If nature lets the miracle happen then the miracle is filtered and permitted by nature so there is no divine message. God would not make the effort!

If nature is not rigid then what if Jesus is appearing saying he has risen for us to be the message of God for us in human form?  We may think, "It's only one rare miracle and nature has not come apart".  But what if we are speaking too soon? We are assuming something is not unfolding.

We conclude then that we should stop trusting nature if we admit miracles happen. If miracles do happen but lie then we should abandon faith in natural processes. We must remember that religion claims that miracles that lie are just lies or mistakes but that is assuming that a miracle only tells the truth or it is not a miracle at all! They say the evidence must show us if we should believe not preconceived ideas. They accuse sceptics of such ideas when they have them themselves.


David Hume seems to contradict himself.

Religion says, "He holds natural law might change and yet he says the reason miracles are false is that it does not change."


"He contradicts himself as well by saying that experience can change. He says our experience is the sun will always rise but we have to admit we don't know if it will rise tomorrow for it might not. He cannot then say that our uniform experience refutes miracles for miracles contradict our experience. So if we say the dead stay dead for we experience that dead people stay dead that experience is subject to changing."

I would ask at this point, what if you have to choose between the uniform and the miracle?

What is real always overrides what you experience. You experience a pink elephant but if it is not there then reality is what counts.

If you then have a miracle experience, you have to do what you can to refute it or at least show nobody can know either way if it is a wonder or not.  You must come and face the case against and deal with that. We are not saying you must not believe in miracles ever. Only the evidence can direct you that way. We are saying what you do if you are a sensible reliable person. We have proven that miracle witnesses who go about trying to get others to agree with them or who suggest that others should think about their claims are unreliable. This is not bias but fact.

If nature changes, it can change enough to replicate/fake/simulate what you would expect a miracle to be like.  It might never do that though.  What if it does?  Then there is not necessarily any contradiction or challenge to nature in this. No it is the contrary. It is affirming. It makes a miracle no more special than a flower blooming.

Nature if it blips and you just know something happened you don't know what.  Perhaps the writer of Mark by a blip came up with a fiction about Jesus that has now passed for history and led to the foundation of Christendom?

A miracle being a change of nature would mean a new natural law albeit temporary has appeared.  Something changing natural law does not allow for miracles but new laws.  If dead men stay dead but Jesus rises then there was a specific law for him.  This matters for we cannot say scientifically that dead men stay dead except Jesus.  It wrecks scientific language.  And religion has to stop lying that science studies natural laws but miracles are its territory.   It makes no sense that a nation seeing an egg boil itself should just regard this as strange when it would appear to be a miracle.  That is how you show that religion does not truly respect miracles or the supernatural but just exploits claims to build up support for its pet doctrines.


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